should shower curb match floor or wall tile
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While there is a lot to consider when putting together a decor style for your bathroom, you might wonder, should shower curb match floor or wall tile of your bathroom or should you play around with colors?

Bathroom decor is an important part of the home as it not only adds to the beauty of your home but also speaks of style and class.

These are important questions to ask as a homeowner.

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Because the appearance of your home has a lot to say about you and your sense of style so you do not want to pass across an inappropriate message to your visitors.

In this article, we will go over the most important things you should keep in mind so you’re prepared for the job ahead.

The tile on your bathroom floor does not have to match the tile in your shower or that of your shower curb. You might want to vary things up a little by selecting different tiles for each room.

Things To Consider For Bathroom Decor

bathroom decor

To understand how best to blend colors to produce that dream bathroom you would love and feel super excited about when showing off to friends and family, the color combo for your bathroom floor and wall tile is very necessary.

Bathroom decor can be one of the most confusing aspects of home decoration because there is a lot to consider, from safety to quality, comfort, and most importantly, hygiene.

Note: These are some of the various factors to consider when decorating your bathroom.


Most homeowners, during home modeling or finishing a bathroom consider tiles as one of the most common materials to employ.

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It’s simple to keep clean and available in a surprising number of colors and patterns.

Tiles are so adaptable that you can use them on your bathroom’s floor and walls.

bathroom hygiene

However, you might be wondering about the importance of matching your shower curb with your wall or floor tile, especially when your hygiene is concerned.

Shower scrubs are very important to your hygiene because choosing the wrong shower curb can cause you skin irritations or result in poor skin care.

It is thereby not seen as a thing of importance to match your shower curb with bathroom tiles to achieve aesthetics when your skin hygiene is at risk.

Tip: The state of your bathroom's hygiene should be of utmost importance.


Finance is one very crucial determinant during home modeling.

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It is advisable not to go beyond your budget so as not to incur unnecessary debts or unplanned expenses.

A simple budget can help you achieve beauty and comfort, so it’s not all about drawing up an over-the-top budget.

Try to work within your means.


style of bathroom

Bathrooms are undoubtedly the second most significant room in your house, right after your bedroom.

After a long day, they provide a respite.

Taking a shower allows you to escape the bustle outdoors for a brief period of time.

As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the way you style it reflects your personality and is a location you’ll want to retreat to.

Tip: Various design combinations can be used to create a coherent effect with your floor and wall tiles.

Availability of Materials

One disappointing occurrence during home decoration is the unavailability of desired materials.

Sometimes, home decor stores or websites can announce some of your choice materials as out of stock and this can be very frustrating.

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However, in order to avoid finding yourself in such a fix, it is advisable to have more than one decor or styling option so you can easily go on with the next.

So, Should Shower Curb Match Floor or Wall Tile?

shower curb match tile

The tile on your bathroom floor does not have to match the tile in your shower or that of your shower curb.

You might want to vary things up a little by selecting different tiles for each room.

How do you then choose a different color for tiles now that you know they don’t have to be the same as your shower curb?

The number one trick with all designs is to start with a color scheme. If you know you’re going gray and white, then stick to those colors for your tile.  

It’s not difficult to choose more than one type of tile, despite the fact that it may appear daunting.

Tip: Many tile sellers will allow you to bring home samples to try out in your bathroom. Take advantage of this.

Choosing The Right Match for your Floor/Wall Tile

choosing the right tiles

Most significantly, for an aesthetically acceptable effect, floor and wall tiles should combine monochromatic hues, harmonizing patterns with colors, or putting complementing solid colors together.

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Some key points to remember when choosing bathroom walls and floor tiles include:

  • Consider the overall design of the bathroom and how the bathroom tile will fit in.
  • Select a tile that blends in with the bathroom’s overall design.
  • Take note of the color scheme on the ceilings and walls to determine whether the bathroom tile color should be bold or neutral.
  • Consider tile textures.
  • Pick a shower-safe, slip-resistant material.

Choosing a single color and shade does not have to be monotonous, especially if the color contrasts with the bathroom fixtures.

You can also go with a neutral color and let the bathroom’s decor or fixtures take center stage.

But Why Is It So?

bathroom decor and style

This is because tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and textures, mixing and matching is a great way to add some unique design elements to your bathroom.

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Choosing a pattern for one type of tile and a complementing color for the other type of tile is one approach to combining patterned tiles.

Another alternative is to choose two patterns that are absolutely distinct but have complementary color schemes.

Colors offer consistency to a design, so make sure your bathroom tiles match.

Consider utilizing one solid color for the walls and the second color for the floor, whether you choose one specific hue like dark gray combined with light gray or wish to add a vibrant, strong color to pop against neutral colors.

bathroom tiles color

Should My Tiles Match Perfectly?

Any of these combinations will give you a pleasant overall appearance.

The possibilities for harmonizing wall and floor tiles are endless.

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The most important thing to remember is that while your tiles don’t have to match perfectly, they should function together to create a unified aesthetic.

Note: Styling the bathroom can be a herculean task and so it is necessary to get all the facts right before venturing into it so you can achieve maximum results.


shower curb faqs

Can I Do A Single-themed Colored Bathroom?

Yes, you can. Remember, your bathroom is your safe space and you get to choose what you want it to look like.

Feel free to explore your options in decor designs and styles until you find what suits you.

Can’t Find Your Choice of Shower Scrub From the Color You Want for Your Bathroom Tiles?

Your shower scrub and tiles do not have to match, but if you still desire a form of uniformity in your bathroom.

You can consider getting a shower scrub case or your hand soap dispenser in the same color as your wall or floor tiles.

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So, do not die looking to ensure that your shower curb matches your bathroom tiles, if you find one that does well, if you do not, then well, use what you have.

shower tiles

Must I Blend the Colors of My Bathroom Tiles with Bathroom Essentials?

No. It’s totally up to you to decide which color preference you want your bathroom to be.


Should shower curb Match floor or wall tile?

If you are keen on home decor, then you notice that the smallest and slightest things matter the most.

Your bathroom defines who you are, it is where you recline at the close or the start of the day to cool off, and the environment within it must be inspiring.

The bathroom works magic in relieving you of stress and cooling you off.

And one of the most important aspects here is, should shower curb match floor or wall tile?