does ikea sell california king bed frames
Kristina Davis

Have you ever gone into an IKEA store and thought, does IKEA sell California king bed frames?

Do they offer large-sized mattresses and frames?

In this guide, I’ll let you know whether IKEA offers California King bed frames or not. Other than that, I’ll also give you a couple of information about IKEA’s bed frames and mattresses!

Unfortunately, no, IKEA does not offer California King bed frames, as well as beds. Their typical large-sized bed frames are made for standard or Eastern-King mattresses, which are obviously different in thicknesses, lengths, and widths.

IKEA is one of the best stores out there. They offer good-quality products, they have excellent customer service, and they have delicious food, too!

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But do they offer California King bed frames?

IKEA California King Bed Frames

california king bed

Upon entering IKEA, I immediately saw a board that said, “Full King and Queen Frames.”

I got confused and wondered if it was the same as California King beds, and unfortunately, it was not.

IKEA’s lineup of king-size beds and frames fit standard or regular king-size, not California King. California King beds are a different breed of furniture, they differ in terms of size and thickness, and in some instances, the material as well.

Luckily, the personnel at the IKEA store I went to was accommodating enough to inform me of this!

But how are Cal King Bed Frames different from the usual or the standard king-sized bed frames?

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IKEA’s King-Size Bed Frames vs. Standard King-Size Bed Frames

ikea king bed frame

Here’s a quick table outlining the differences between standard king bed frames and Cal King bed frames.

MeasurementCalifornia King Bed FrameStandard King Bed Frame
Other NamePopular as “Western King Frame”Popular as “Easter King Frame”
Surface Area6,048 sq. inches6,080 sq. inches
Width x Length (W x L)72” x 85”76” x 80”
Price$1,200 to $1,600 on average$300 to $1,200 on average
What It FitsCan fit up to 3 people comfortablyCan fit up to 2 people comfortably

The differences could be subtle, but you’ll find them noticeable once you have them ready for use.

You’ll find them insanely similar to one another, especially because they are almost identical in the overall size and surface area.

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However, they still have notable differences and distinctions, making them rare and unique.

Does IKEA Sell California King Bed Frames?

ikea sell califonia king bed

To answer the question directly and concisely, no, IKEA does not sell California King bed frames.

So, do not run into the error of purchasing a standard King frame if your mattress is California King or vice versa.

Let me put emphasis on it…

Note: A California King bed is not the same as a standard or a regular King bed. 

They’re different, California King beds and bed frames are larger, bigger, and can give a large space for up to 2 people.

That being said, would it be fine to use a California King bed frame even if your mattress is just regular or standard King?

Can You Use a Regular or an IKEA King Mattress For a California King Bed Frame?

regular mattress on ikea bed

Since the former is a lot smaller, many people would think that it’ll just fit in a Cal King-sized bed frame, right?

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That is only because it’s just a specialized version, it will match the thickness and measurements of a standard king-size frame.

But that’s not how it actually works.

If you look at the table I made above, you will see that even if the standard king frame is shorter, it’s wider and it has a bigger girth than a California King bed.

So, even if it fits the length, the width of the mattress or the bed itself would not be the same. That being said, what bed frames can you purchase from IKEA?

What Bed Frames Does IKEA Offer?

bed frames in ikea

IKEA is known for its versatility and wide array of options – just not with California King sizes.

Kidding aside, you can purchase a whole wide array of bed frames from the company, namely:

  • King Size
  • Queen Size
  • Double (Queen Double, King Double, Etc.)
  • Full-Sized
These frames differ in style, color, as well as the material made to create them.

You’ll find hundreds of different models on their website, and the number of frames you’ll see will amaze you.

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They range from simple frames with simple headboards, to box-types, stylish and fashionable ones, and many more!

Now that we’ve discussed bed frames, let me talk you through the beds and mattresses.

Does IKEA Have California King Mattresses?

california king mattress

Akin to mattresses, the answer is no. IKEA does not offer mattresses or beds that are sized as California King, too.

The company neither manufactures nor distributes Cal King-sized mattresses and beds, too – they only sell the usual King-sized beds, as well as Queen-sized mattresses.

California King mattresses aren’t actually a part of their catalog.

But is it possible for you to fit a California King bed mattress into any IKEA King bed frame?

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Can You Fit California King Mattresses Into Standard King-Sized Bed Frames?

California king mattress standard frame

In my opinion, you will find it hard to fit a California King-size mattress into a regular or standard king-sized bed frame.

This is because of the simple fact that California King mattresses are lengthier and longer than standard Kings.

Not to mention that King-sized beds are also thicker in width than California King-sized beds, it really wouldn’t fit exactly to the style and structure of standard ones.

Try this: If you have a California King mattress, measure it, and then write it down. Then, measure a standard King-size bed frame in IKEA. 

Although you’ll notice that the differences are just subtle, it wouldn’t suit the bed frame naturally.

What about sheets? Can you purchase California King-sized bed sheets on IKEA?

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Can IKEA Manufacture California King-Sized Bed Sheets?

will ikea manufacture california bedsheets

Unfortunately, no, you can’t purchase bed sheets that are the size of standard King beds in IKEA.

They only sell beds, bed frames, as well as sheets in the sizes they’re offering.

I once tried asking them for the sheets of my custom-size double-queen bed, and they only gave me pre-made sizes that are the closest to the measurement I was looking for.

Of course, I knew that it would look bad, so I didn’t push with the decision.

This is a reminder for everyone to research and look for sizes online first, before going with custom-sized beds and bed frames.

I later found out that the custom-size sheets I was looking for needed to be customized as well.

That’s just about it!

If you’re looking for a California King bed frame, looking at IKEA wouldn’t be the best option.

You have many options in the market, several Target stores and outlets have Cal King bed frames and sheets. Try adjusting your options to that.

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popular questions

In case you have other questions, here are some of the other questions about IKEA offering Cal King bed frames.

What Size of Bed Frame Do You Need For a California King Mattress?

For a California King Bed or Mattress, you would need a frame that is at least 72 inches in width, and about 84 inches in length.

This is because the typical size of a Cal King mattress or bed is 72” x 85”.

Is an “IKEA King Bed” the Same as a Cal King Bed?

No, they are not. IKEA does not sell or offer Cal King beds. Their category of King-sized beds and bed frames fit the Eastern standard of King, not the western.


Before going into a store and asking, does IKEA sell California King Bed Frames, go back to this guide again and reanalyze the situation.

Not all stores are offering Cal King bed frames and mattresses. Don’t be like me – research your bed frame first before securing the mattress!

IKEA has a lot of different offers and options, so, be sure to check them all out!