how to make a bed frame stronger
Kristina Davis

Have you ever experienced lying peacefully in your bed waiting to drift to dreamworld when your bed frame suddenly collapses with a loud bang?

Did this incident lead you to wonder how to make a bed frame stronger?

This is an all too common scenario for many people. After years of use, the material in your frame can become weak and breakable.

Fortunately, this article will show you how to make your frame sturdy, so you no longer have to worry about it slumping on you while you’re peacefully sleeping!

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How to Make a Bed Frame Stronger Easily

Bed frames are used to support the mattress and provide a place for sheets, blankets, pillows, and other bedding.

They come in many styles, including metal, wood, or even Ikea platform beds.

You might be thinking that you don’t need to worry about your bed frame because it seems sturdy enough, but don’t let this catch you off guard or else, it could be too late!

Luckily, we have here a few tips on how to make your bed frame firm:

Method 1: Install Plywood to Strengthen Bed Frame

use plywood

Plywood is the epitome of all things firm. Therefore, it is the ideal material to use when you want your frame both stable enough to handle any weight on it and durable for years of use.

Plywood is by far the most cost-effective solution to strengthen your bed frame. 

It works by providing an extra layer of strength without having to pay for too many other materials.

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The best way to make a frame sturdy by adding plywood is to follow the steps below:


Step #1: First of all, determine how much you’ll need with a tape measure or set of carpenter’s squares, then go buy some plywood at your local hardware store.

Step #2: Once done, cut the wood into manageable pieces so that they fit around all four corners or support points where there are no posts underneath.

Step #3: If needed, drill holes through these areas and secure them together using screws or nails. Keep in mind, the more plywood you use, the better!

Step #4: Remove any plywood droppings after installing the wood into your bed.

Pro tip: If you have leftover plywood pieces, you may use them to create additional supports under the bed frame.

New Discoveries

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We all simply want a chance to get that nice night’s sleep we’ve been craving, and a piece of plywood can help us do precisely that.

So far, we’ve discovered that a faulty bed frame is caused by the timber being too weak. We also know how to reinforce a bed frame with plywood.

However, if plywood doesn’t seem to be enough for you, don’t worry because we’ve got other methods coming your way!

Method 2: Use Metal Slats to Make Frame Durable

use metal slats

A piece of wooded bed will become weak over time, with minor bumps and collisions here and there that eventually lead to its breaking point.

When this happens, people experience a lack of sleep because they’re constantly waking from discomfort or, even worse: injury.

So in order to make your frame stronger, you need to replace these wood slats with metal ones instead.

Metal slats are great at supporting the weight of your mattress, and they're also more durable than wood. 

In addition to that, metal slats are less likely to warp or break over time– giving you a more robust frame overall!

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If you want to install metal slats, then follow these steps:

  • Remove the old slats by unscrewing them to loosen their nails.
  • Put in place your metal slats and tighten them with screws where needed.
  • Check the newly installed slats to make sure they’re secure and don’t move.
  • If you discover one that does, make the necessary adjustments.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re sure to enjoy a good-night-sleep without the worries of your bed giving up on you!

Section Summary

When it comes to strength, nothing can ever come close to metal because of its durability and the way it’s able to support the weight.

In this section, we learned that metal slats are a fantastic alternative to wooden slats, which are ineffective at supporting both you and your mattress.

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We’ve also identified the easiest way to secure metal slats to your bed frame, so they don’t easily fall off.

Method 3: Add a Short Box Spring to Your Bed Frame

box spring

Adding a short box spring that will be positioned under your existing one is a good option to make your bed base firmer!

This way, it’ll not only ensure that you don’t wake up with no mattress but also that there’s more support for a sleeper who likes to keep on moving!

Installing a short box spring is pretty easy to do and won’t even require the help of a professional.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: First, take your existing mattress off the frame and measure out how much space you need to add for it to support your new box spring.

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Step #2: Then get your short box and put it on top of the frame with some protection underneath like carpeting or wood boards which will help avoid any damage from friction as well.

Step #3: After, place one side into its intended position, then secure them together using screws or nails according to their type of material.

Step #4: Afterward, repeat these steps until all four corners are installed– making sure they line up nicely without any gaps between panels.

Step #5: Lastly, put your mattress on top. You may hold it in place by applying some screws for more support. Once done, you can enjoy!

The best part about this solution is how affordable it is because all you need is the box spring and some screws or nails– which will only cost $25-$30 total!

And even better? It takes less than an hour to complete!

Life Hacks of The Day

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We have discovered that box springs are great at making your bed frames durable and more substantial, thanks to the added support they offer.

So for those who don’t have the time or money to spend on a new bed, adding short box springs will be your best option since it’s pretty affordable and quick to install too.

Method 4: Reduce Slat Gaps For Bed Frame Support

reduce caps

Do you need a strong bed frame? Are there gaps between the slats that weaken your support system and make it difficult to sleep well at night?

This is all just one household problem that can be easily solved.

All you have to do to fix this is:

Simply rearrange the slats in your bed frame to fill any gaps, or add more if needed for support.

This solution is pretty effective because it eliminates any gaps in the slats and will give you a more stable frame to sleep on.

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This method is by far the quickest and easiest way to make your bed frame as strong and stable as possible.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you just need a quick fix, then this method would be your best choice.

In this section, we’ve discovered you only need to adjust or add slats to your bed frame and close any gap to make it more strong to carry your mattress.

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The Final Sayings

This blog post was meant to provide the best guide on how to make a bed frame stronger to finally give you that peaceful sleep you truly deserve.

Remember, when it comes to bed frames, your frame’s weight distribution and support is a crucial factor in ensuring that it lasts for years to come.

Be sure to keep this article for the next time you’ll be needing some extra help!