how to clean faux fur chair
Kristina Davis

In this article, we would be looking to know how to clean faux fur chairs.

Faux fur chairs are spectacular bits of decoration and add excellence and style to the room. It carries warmth and color to the home.

This is on account of the bristly design, which is delicate and soft.

Although it can become tangled and dirty. And because of numerous reasons that might cause this, you might need to inquire about how best to clean it.

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This article will explain all the vital steps on how to clean faux fur chairs.

Using a cleaning agent, brush and clean the surface of your faux fur chairs. Then rinse it off and dry properly to clean your faux fur chair.

Materials Needed In Cleaning A Fur Chair

cleaning materials needed

Getting the exact materials is fundamental when learning how to clean a faux fur chair.

Read on to discover simple tools needed to bring color and sparkle to your chair again.


Selecting a brush to use to clean your faux chair is one of the basic steps involved.

Generally, a carding brush is what proficient cleaners would use to cushion, clean, and restore the fur. 

Yet they are really costly and there’s an entirely cheaper option to pick: a slicker brush.

These are sold in pet stores and pet stock offices when compared to card brushes.

While you can purchase one for around twelve dollars, carding brushes and wire-prong slicker-style dog brushes are basically the same.

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use a brush

The slicker brush works since it has handles firmly divided and deep down bent flimsy wire prongs. 

These prongs dive into the fur strands, fixing them, detangling, and adjusting the filaments.

Other materials needed in cleaning a fur chair include:

  • Cleaning solution/detergent
  • Water supply preferably with a showerhead or a hose
  • Electric pressure washer
  • Air dryer
Note: Brushes can make fur chairs become rich, delicate, and comfortable with a couple of swipes.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Clean Faux Fur Chair

guide to clean faux fur chair

Step #1: Use A Brush To Clean The Surface Of The Faux Fur Chair

When cleaning a tangled and dirty faux fur chair, start with the evacuation of enormous bits of dirt, trapped in the design of the chair.

To clean, you will need to use an enormous strong brush that is solid so it doesn’t break easily. 

Try to allow the prongs to accomplish the work. Try not to press too hard at first or pull too forcefully.

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Stay away from extremely lengthy strokes. To clean the faux fur footrest, utilize one hand to settle the ottoman. 

After which, you use the other hand to rake the slicker brush across the outer layer of the fur.

Interestingly, you will see the fur start to lengthen and soften.

Tip: Rake the slicker brush on the fur in speedy and short strokes for best results.

Step #2: The Stained Areas Should Be Cleaned

clean the stained areas

After the untidy faux fur chair is transformed, you will notice ruined regions that should be profoundly cleaned out.

These regions will show up in an unexpected color in comparison to the fur.

This is especially so on the off chance that it is light in color, for example, yellow or white.

The next step is to use some dishwashing cleanser or cleansing powder and get a more modest brush with slender wires.

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Prior to brushing, make sure to combine the cleanser with little water. When the chair sucks or absolves too much water it will not dry up rapidly.

Next thing is to begin brushing regions that are stained for quite a while until you accomplish a fantastic degree of cleanness.

You can likewise utilize a mesh or your hands to  the dirty areas on the top and sides until you are satisfied with the result

Note: Washing with hands is vital with regards to faux fur saucer chairs since you basically can't place them in your washing machine

Step #3: Use Water To Rinse

use water to rinse off

To pleasantly clean the chair, utilize a hose or a showerhead, and dispose of the washing solution.

Brush the furs with your hands to assist with eliminating all the cleanser.

There might be some remains in the fur. In such situations, it might be impossible that when it dries up you will get a delicate and smooth touch.

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To get a 100 percent happy result with the flushing, clean with an electric strain washer. 

Tip: This may not be necessary, but you can procure a pressure washer online from Amazon.

Step #4: Squeeze The Chair Furs

The faux fur chair will be flooded with water after the last step.

You want to press it however much you can yet delicately, to eliminate excess water.

Note that this step is exceptionally fundamental since it will assist your chair with drying more quicker.

With firm clenched hands, apply a strain to dispose of the water.

Step #5: Dry The Faux Fur Chairs

dry it off

In the event that you are fortunate, it might be an extremely radiant day outside.

For this situation, place the chair outside and let the sun air dry it for a whole day at least. Air-drying is generally recommended.

However, assuming it is not sunny, it will require a long period to dry. It might take days; given that it doesn’t rain.

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For this situation, consider utilizing a hair dryer that will help to eliminate the dampness from the fur.

The hair dryer is likewise extremely successful in not only drying the chair but also making the furs roughen up.

The warmed air fixes furs that are wrinkly. It also reestablishes the first delicate, original and charming feeling, which is the sweet ultimate objective.

How To Clean White Faux Fur Chair

clean white faux fur

Assuming that the color of your fur chair is white, the smallest of stains tend to be noticeable.

The following are a few materials that can be used to best clean white faux fur chair

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is a generally utilized washing tool. It additionally works really hard in making your faux fur white again.

However, it isn’t recommended for colored faux chairs.

Below are the tips on the best way to wash white faux fur chairs utilizing hydrogen peroxide:

  • Be careful- wear gloves, safeguard your eyes, and guarantee you wash in a very ventilated region.
  • Mix 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 500 ml of water.
  • Move it to a spray can and shake it to completely mix.
  • Spray it on the region with stains.
  • Allow it to dry in a space with natural air yet away from it.
  • Once dried, brush the strands appropriately.
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Corn Starch

use corn starch

One more approach to re-establishing the whiteness of your faux fur chair and eliminating stains is by utilizing starch.

This technique can be very tedious and has blended results.

Below are the tips on the best way to wash faux fur utilizing starch powder:

  • Sprinkle the regions with stains with a layer of corn starch
  • Rub the starch into the texture utilizing material napkins.
  • Allow it to stay for about 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Wash off, rinse and dry.

Alcohol And Baking Soda

use alcohol and baking soda

This combination is the ideal technique to eliminate the yellowish staining on the faux fur chair.

Below are the tips on the most proficient method to clean faux fur utilizing baking soda:

  • Mix 5 ml of liquor, 15 g of soda, and 300 ml of warm water.
  • Plunge a delicate brush into the blend you made.
  • Delicately brush the mixture on the fur chair. Rinse off and dry
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This article has explicitly explained how to clean faux fur chairs. Rather than burning through cash to get new furniture, these simple tips outlined above will assist you.

They will help with reestablishing your furry chair to its unique sparkle.

And in addition, you will receive a reward for a new cleaner smell and more featheriness.

Washing faux fur is definitely not a troublesome undertaking. Yet you need to give great consideration to the suggestions and steps on the most proficient method to use.

Ensure that whilst cleaning to keep the material from any damage and you make it stronger and extend its life span.