how to clean sherpa chair
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to clean sherpa chair would help enhance the aesthetics that come with it.

There is no doubt the reason why sherpa chairs are all trending, their comfort and beauty are a force to reckon with. 

The fluffy nature, design, and color of the chair make it a good choice for your home, bedroom, and even office. 

However, like every other chair, they are prone to attract dirt and stains that would require the proper way to clean.

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The process is a very simple one, and in this article, I shall guide you through the entire process.

The best way to clean a sherpa chair is a spot cleaning. You’d need a mixture of either detergent or bleach and water. 

What Makes A Faux Sherpa Chair Special?

what makes sherpa chair special

Faux Sherpa sofas are made from a blend of cotton and polyester material in a unique manner.

This unique blend gives it a smooth and fluffy feel, providing you with the utmost cozy-chic comfort.

Sherpa chairs come in a lot of designs, creatively designed with the right color selections. Sherpa chairs are mostly purchased as single chairs and not as a set.

Due to their nature to attract dust easily and the delicacy it takes to clean them, purchasing a set would mean some extra work.

That is why they are mostly used as additional chairs in the home or office and not as the main set of chairs. 

But as it is with every room’s aesthetics, it entirely depends on the preference of the owner.

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If the beauty and comfort of a faux sherpa are what you want in your home, then why not? Just ensure to select a  beautiful set of sherpa.

Note: Sherpa chairs can be a great addition to your home and room furniture.

How To Clean A Sherpa Chair?

how to clean sherpa chair

You might want to purchase sherpa chairs but the major challenge you might be wondering about is how to clean a faux sherpa chair

Well, it’s a good thing you are reading this article.

Due to their delicate nature, you have to be careful when cleaning your sherpa chair as improper cleaning could damage the fabrics.

There are a few measures to take note of before attempting to clean your sherpa chairs.

Measures To Note When Cleaning Sherpa Chairs

There are a few measures to consider when cleaning sherpa sofas:

  • Avoid the use of softeners for cleaning sherpa; they tend to leave stains on the fabric.
  • Bleach can cause discoloration of the fabric, if you must, use a very minute amount with enough water.
  • Excess water, detergent, and constant washing will damage the fur in a short period.
  • Finally, always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the chair before trying it out on the overall body. 
Tip: testing the cleaning solution beforehand will help you avoid the use of damaging solutions

Methods Of Cleaning Faux Sherpa Chairs

cleaning methods sherpa

Now, we shall be exploring the different methods of cleaning your faux sherpa chairs.

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These methods are simple, easy-to-do techniques and don’t require any special cleaning skills.

By following these easy methods, just about anyone can adequately clean a sherpa sofa.

Use Of Detergent And Water

This method involves the use of regular detergent and some water to clean the chair. This is probably the easiest method.

The following steps will enable you to clean with detergent and water the proper way.

use a soft brush

Prepare The Surface

The first step to cleaning your sherpa chair is to prepare the surface.

First, using a dry rag or soft brush, dust the furniture for any excess dust or dirt that may be inside the fur.

Then using a slightly damp rag, clean the surface of the chair to remove lighter stains and make the surface a little moist.

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Prepare The Cleaning Solution

Once you are done preparing the surface, the next step is to prepare your cleaning mixture.

Simply add a reasonable amount of detergent into a decent quantity of water. 

Tip: Make sure to mix thoroughly until the detergent is entirely dissolved.
cleaning solution

Apply The Mixture And Scrub Gently

You can therefore apply the cleaning solution to the surface of the furniture. Using a toothbrush, apply a little amount of the mixture onto the chair.

Ensure it is spread evenly across all areas of the chair. 

Then using your palms or a soft brush, scrub the chair gently and slowly. Avoid vigorous scrubbing, as that can damage the fur of the chair.

Scrub in motions for 10-15 minutes across the entire surface area. This scrubbing process will remove the tough stains and dirt. 

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Clean Out The Solution

use a sponge

The next step after applying the mixture is to clean out the mixture.

Using a clean sponge or a clean rag, dip into clean water, and squeeze any excess.

Then use the sponge or rag to gently wipe the chair, do this in the manner as was done with the scrubbing. 

This rag will soak up the cleaning solution that was applied to the chair. Wipe the surface and then dip the rag into the clean water, squeeze and wipe again. 

Repeat this process for some minutes until the soap water has been completely cleaned off the chair.

Thereafter, squeeze out any excess water from the furniture fabric.

Spray, Dry, And Flush

use spray conditioner

A good tip is to spray the sherpa chair with a good conditioner. Simply mix some conditioner with water and then put it in a spray can.

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Spray the chair, ensuring to spray it evenly and not spray excess onto any area of the surface. 

Using a blow dryer, air-dry the chair. Air drying is one of the best ways to dry out the chair. Then place the chair outside away from moisture and direct sunlight.

But just enough for fresh air to blow through it. Leave it to sit for almost a day. Then use a brush to flush the fur. 

Note: Using a brush to flush the fur is necessary to restore it to its original fluffy form and give it that nice look. 
use spot cleaning

Spot Cleaning

This is a good cleaning method when it involves cleaning stains in specific areas of the chair.

Our chairs could get stained either from food, drinks, or any other type of stains. 

In situations like this, there is no need to wash the entire furniture as constant washing could damage the fabric.

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Plus, it is way easier to wash just the affected area.

Test Your Cleaning Solution

There are quite several cleaning agents and solutions that can be used in spot cleaning a sherpa sofa.

test the cleaning solutions

However, not entirely all of them are suitable for the fabric.

This is why you have to select the right solution for the stain to be cleaned, which should be tested first.

Examples of solutions that can be used are vinegar, baking soda, detangling oil solution, and other manufactured cleaning solutions.

Looking for an inconspicuous area of the chair, apply a little bit of the solution to the area and wait for confirmation of any effects that may occur.

If there are no damaging effects on the tested area, go ahead and use the solution.

Apply Solution To Affected Area

apply cleaner to the stain

Apply a reasonable amount of the solution to the affected area and use a soft brush to gently scrub the fabric circularly.

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Do this until the stain is completely gone. In the case of liquid solutions, a spray can be a very helpful tool.

Clean Out The Solution From The Chair

Use a clean sponge, dip it into clean water, then use that to wash out the solution from the chair, gently do this.

Dry The Cleaned Area

A blow dryer and a dry rag are two objects that can be used in cleaning a sherpa chair.

Your chair must be properly dried after being cleaned with these solutions and water.

use a blow dryer

Leaving moisture on any part of the sofa can cause damage to it as well as make it have a stench.


For the beauty of your sherpa chair to be maintained, you need to know how to clean a sherpa chair.

Sherpa chairs are a must-have chair in homes, offices, or bedrooms. And like all furniture, it requires its care.

This will help preserve its longevity and beauty.