what to do with old plastic lawn chairs
Kristina Davis

Knowing what to do with old plastic lawn chairs is the knowledge every plastic chair owner wants to possess. Especially when their chairs have aged and can no longer serve their purpose. 

Plastic lawn chairs are too huge and largely non-biodegradable. When disposed of blindly, they will take years to degrade and harm the environment.

That is why everyone has to figure out what to do with old plastic lawn chairs.  

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Stuck on what to do with old plastic lawn chairs? You can sell them, refinish them, give them away or break the plastics down to make something else. 

Are Plastic Lawn Chairs Recyclable?

are plastic lawn chairs recyclable

As aging sets in, and the fact that these lawn chairs are for all of their life left out in both the sun and the rain, they are bound to deteriorate.

They will lose their shine, survive a broken leg or two, and at the end of the day, may no longer be able to support you or your family and friends. 

But since the lawn in your home is the best place to start and end your day, you must regroup, refinish or refurbish your lawn chairs.

Do you think plastic lawn chairs could be recyclable? Of course, they can. On the face of the earth, almost everything is. 

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With the right drive, idea, necessary skills, and materials, you will always find something to do with your old plastic chairs. And this article is going to help you with exactly those ideas. 

Note: Plastic lawn chairs are recyclable.

What To Do With Old Plastic Lawn Chairs? 8 Mind Blowing Ideas!

lawn chair ideas

The choice of what to do with old plastic lawn chairs is a tough one to make.

You may find most of these ideas hard to initiate but that could be because you have not tried them.

Below, we have sampled a number of the best things you can do with plastic lawn chairs.

Because these plastics are non-biodegradable, it is going to be a bigger headache trying to dispose of them.

But with hacks, you can get your plastic lawn chairs recycled

Here is how:

Refinish And Repaint Them

refinish repaint chairs

At this point, you need to start evaluating all the options you have in the run-up of what to do with old plastic lawn chairs. 

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Just because they are old or broken doesn’t mean that they can’t be revived.

If your plastic lawn chairs are not old and broken beyond recognition, then consider refinishing and repainting them. 

Refinishing broken pieces might also not be as easy but you can get a professional to do it for you at a small fee.

Recall also that these chairs have been left out in the tough climatic conditions for a pretty long time. 

Therefore they are sure to be beaming with dust and discolor. Hence, consider coloring them with paint that will restore their shine.

You can repaint your old plastic lawn chairs by following these easy steps below.

Step #1. Prepare Them For The Paint

Since plastic lawn chairs have been out in the open for such a long long time, repainting them calls for some preparation.

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repaint chairs

Begin with sanding, then proceed to clean their surfaces with a solution of warm water and ammonia

Use a soft sponge that does not bruise the chairs to do the cleaning.

Use a nozzle to increase the cleaning pressure and to reach all parts then leave the chair to dry. 

Step #2. Apply The Paint

At this point, ensure that the old chair has been cleaned and has dried out completely.

Then you cautiously, skillfully, and evenly apply the paint in all areas and leave them to dry for a day or two before reusing.

Tip: Learn to protect plastic lawn chairs from the tough sunlight or too much rain. 
make something new out of chairs

Make Something New

If your plastic lawn chairs are extremely in bad shape, you can no longer refinish them. You can use the plastics to come up with something new.

All you need is a good idea.

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For instance, if both the four legs and the top sitting point of the chairs are all in good shape, you can come up with something. 

You may simply cut off the back and then add sponges to the seat to transform it into some stool or sofa table.

Or, use the four full edges to come up with a pet kennel for younger pets like cats or dogs. If you think this is not an idea, dare it and see how you love it. 

give chairs away

Give Them Away 

If you are no longer pleased with your old plastic lawn chairs, then consider giving them away.

Some organizations could be found in your area or your country that accept broken plastics as a donation.

Do not be afraid to give them out because they know what to do with them.

Reach out to them and ask if they would pick up your broken plastic lawn chairs. 

Note: You can find these organizations on Facebook or garage and second-hand groups. 

Use Them As Swings

use as swings

Another crazy but feasible idea of what to do with old plastic lawn chairs is to transform them into swings.

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If they are still in good shape and do not pose any kind of threat, most lawn plastic chairs are recliners.

Tie ropes to them carefully and strongly and hang them on a tree or rail, not so high above, just slightly below the ground so that they are used by children in the compound as swings. 

Tip: Be extremely cautious with this idea if you think that they are at risk of breaking then make sure that you refinish them first. 

How To Dispose Of Plastic Lawn Chairs

dispose lawn chairs

How to dispose of plastic lawn chairs is something else. Remember these are highly non-biodegradable.

Hence, if strewn around carelessly in the name of disposal, they will litter the face of the environment for the next hundred years. 

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Generations will come and go, but plastics will remain intact. And that is why it is proper that we dispose of plastic lawn chairs in the very best way.

Which way? Here are some of the ways you can dispose of plastic lawn chairs.

Contact The Local Recyclers

There is always a local recycling facility in the vicinity. And if not, get hold of their contacts and they will show up to pick up the plastic lawn chairs. 

By doing so, you played your role in preserving the environment.

They will play theirs by ensuring that they employ the right mechanisms to handle the plastics so that the environment is not affected. 

Can Old Plastic Lawn Chairs Be Sold?

old plastic lawn chairs sold

Ideally, you could still ask around in your locality or browse the internet for broken plastics buyers.

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Lately, recycling companies are on the rise. They buy the broken plastics and proceed to melt them down in their industries to make new items.

This is, therefore, a good idea if you have several old broken plastic lawn chairs and you want to make something out of them. 


What to do with old plastic lawn chairs is as simple as you have learned in this article.

Plastics tarnish the face of the earth if disposed of carelessly, and lawn chairs with their sizes are worse. 

To preserve the dignity and the face value of our planet, it is in order and our responsibility that we take care of our plastics.

So, if you are contemplating disposing of it anyhow, reconsider and follow the guidelines in this article to either revamp or dispose of your plastic lawn chairs properly.