how to stick photos on wall without frame
Kristina Davis

Learning how to stick photos on wall without frame can save you a lot of hassle.

So many people have a treasure cove of photos that need to be displayed, but they do not have any frames. Who needs them, anyway?

That is why we have searched high and low (online) to bring you some inventive ways to learn how to hang pictures on wall without frames.

The best part is that you probably already have the materials sitting around the house; all you need is a little creativity.

From using washi tape, binders, and clipboards, to hangers, string lights, and command strips, you can utilize a number of techniques to stick or hang photos without a frame. 

Using the Artwork to Uplift Your Space

using unframed art

Using unframed art to enhance the overall feel of your space is nothing less than art.

The unframed art usually includes:

  • Drawings on paper
  • Printed pictures
  • Creative Lettering
  • Painting on a page of a sketchbook
  • Poems are written on a napkin

The good thing is that if you have any of these lying in your home, you can certainly stick or hang them on a wall to help you relieve some memories. 

How to Stick Photos on Wall without Frame?

sticking photos

Using photos is probably among the best ways to uplift any space in a stylish way.

But those spontaneous works of visual beauty and joy may seem defiant, as they defy the constraints of a frame.

However, there is no denying the fact that they are works of art in their purest form, begging to be hung up so everyone can see them.

Prepare to break the mold and let your creative juices flow with these novel approaches to showcasing your photographs. 

Go with Sawtooth Adhesive

We are starting this list off with a bang, so hold on to your hats and get some sawtooth adhesive!

The sawtooth picture hanger is a miracle of adhesive peel-and-stick technology, waiting to become your artwork’s faithful sidekick when you hang it on the wall.

This adorable accessory has your back (and your light artwork) with a weight capacity of 3 pounds.

It is ideal for various masterpieces, including:

  • Art panels
  • Foam boards
  • Canvas Artwork

Sawtooth picture hangers are available in:

  • Plastic (Sawtooth Adhesives)
  • Foam (Kwik Foam Board Hangers)
  • Metal (Metal Foam Board Hangers)

You can pick any varieties to meet your specific requirements. But, hey, why not give yourself a break and get a bundle that has all three? 

Try Some Washi Tape

photo with washi tape

Did you know washi tapes were originally created in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun? Well, we all know we can trust a Japanese product, can’t we?

These tiny miracles have countless applications, including making stylish fake photo frames for your most precious possessions.

What is even better? Washi tapes come in a rainbow of colors and patterns, each certain to inspire your heart.

With so many options, you will quickly become the Michelangelo of washi tape art. 

Utilize Clipboards

Clipboards provide an original and eye-catching option for anyone looking for a means to exhibit their artwork.

Clipboard displays are not as common as other types of exhibits, but their originality draws in viewers and gives any room a more artistic vibe. They are a practical and visually pleasing option that will prevent any damage to your artwork.

In addition, they offer a straightforward method of use, permitting easy changes between prints, photographs, and posters to renew your interior. They include using double-sided poster strips, nails, or screws.

Tip: Clipboards can be mounted to the wall in a variety of ways, depending on the user's desire and needs. 

Try a Simple Photo Hanger

hanging photos

Sometimes, you really have to keep it simple, and that is when a photo hanger will come in handy.

Really, putting your artwork on the wall does not need a frame to look great. A print hanger can improve a room’s decor by providing the sophistication of a frame and the particular allure of minimalism.

Just be sure to choose a favorite large-format print and display it proudly on the hanger. 

Utilize Binder Clips

Looking for a stylish way to show off your artwork without breaking a sweat? The binder clip is your new best friend.

Those with works of art they want to preserve will find these tiny miracles indispensable. Make the switch from mounting tape to a clip and see the transformation take place.

The tape can be used to secure the clip instead of the paper. Nails or simple hangers make it easy to rearrange or replace artwork quickly and easily.

Tip: Be sure to choose clips with a metallic finish to match the rest of your room's chic decor. 

Use String Lights and Clips

photos with light

Using string lights is a great idea and can easily turn into a gorgeous and cozy show-stopper!

It is a wonderful wall decoration that, especially at night, warms up and illuminates your room with its combination of string lights, photographs, and clips.

Keep the weight of the lights down by just using light materials, such as paper.

Do not worry if you do not have enough string lights. Yarn or jute strings are fine alternatives! 

Stick with Cloth Hangers

The next item is one that you probably already have: hangers.

Yes, those convenient hangers for pants and skirts, known as skirt hangers can help you hang your photos with ease. This may seem strange, but you will be surprised to see how it works.

And when used properly, it becomes one of the coolest suggestions for displaying artwork such as:

  • Large posters
  • Huge sketches
  • Regular photographs

It is interesting in a novel and refreshing way.

Tip: Take your time and consider going for a simple, understated hanger design that works well with the room. 

Put Your Money on Corkboard

a corkboard

When you have unframed photos and want a way to hang them, an old-fashioned corkboard is here to save the day!

When displaying your artwork, pins are your best friend (even if you have to make a hole in the wall to use them). If that does not bother you, you have discovered a great option to showcase your work.

Simply take some pins and start pinning your little masterpieces everywhere. 

Remember that you may always add more! Postcards, magazine cutouts, mementos, and prints are all great additions. 

Try a Geometric Photo Display

A geometric photo display will be a delight to your eyes and will win your heart.

You only need a few nails, rope, and photo clips to start. The spectacular result is well worth the extra effort and planning that is required as compared to simply draping the string across the wall. 

Make Use of Command Strips

photos sticking on the wall

Prepare yourself for the most popular method of hanging pictures, canvases, and other wall decor without damaging your walls.

Because of their basic adhesive nature, command strips excel in securing lightweight items such as:

  • Paper
  • Posterboard
  • Smaller frames

Do not forget the Command picture-hanging strips, which are like velcro but are made especially for hanging artwork.

If you want your wall hangings to be completely undetectable, these are your best bet because there will be zero visible gaps.

Tip: Several strips can be used for a more secure grip, but pick the right size to accommodate a wide range of weights. 

Hang from Your Molding

Even if picture rail molding is not trendy now, you should definitely make the most of it if you are lucky enough to have it in your abode.

Get some hooks the same diameter as your molding, some neat-looking rope or string, and get to work decorating that wall! 

This approach is quite adaptable, allowing you to easily switch out your artwork whenever the fancy takes you.

It is also a great technique to create visual harmony despite the use of disparate frame types and media types in a single wall display.

Mold away, and make those walls seem great in pictures

Use Space on Bookshelves

picture frame on bookshelves

Of course, it is not all about hanging those photos – sometimes, you can simply use those bookshelves to the best effect.

The use of bookcases is not limited to displaying books. It is time to think outside the box; these also make excellent art display shelves.

Simply place your favorite frames on open shelves or among a smattering of books to highlight their beauty.

They will certainly look better than those ancient books you may not have opened in ages.


Discover how to stick photos on wall without frame to ensure you display your artwork like a pro. What works for you depends on your unique circumstances.

It could be something as simple as using washi tape or binder clips. Or it may require some work like with string lights and photos.

So, pick what works for you to make your rooms look awesome!