how to make plastic tablecloths look nice
Kristina Davis

Learning how to make plastic tablecloths look nice can instantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your dinner table.

You can make parties look more exciting just by showing your style sense.

Simply using a tablecloth is an economical and convenient way to avoid boring fabric options. It is easy to clean and available in an extensive range too.

The best part is that you add your own flair to a plastic tablecloth and use it for a more formal event.

With the help of some table decorations, you can give a classy effect to any ordinary plastic tablecloth.

 So, how to make plastic tablecloths look elegant? Let’s find out now in detail! 

How To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice And Elegant?

how to make table cloth look nice

There are many inventive ways to spruce up your home’s decor, including using fashionable and beautiful plastic tablecloths.

Feel free to use your creativity and think outside the box to make eye-catching handmade decorations that exude a unique, artistic flair.

From upbeat entryway and wall art to attractive plastic tablecloth crafts, the options are unlimited.

Tip: Invest in a weather-resistant tablecloth if you want to use it outdoors and do not want to worry about water damage. 

What Are Some Simple Ways To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice?

You can be as creative as you like, but sometimes, it is better not to overdo it. Instead of being too flashy, you can stick to a minimalist look and make your table look more elegant.

Here is how to do it: 

Use The Right Tablecloth

The kind of tablecloth you choose will always greatly impact how your table looks in the end.

use right tablecloth

For an elegant feel, go with white tablecloths. White is unpretentious and timelessly elegant and goes well with almost any other table centerpieces.

A white tablecloth is the epitome of sophistication and makes for a beautiful showcase for other decorative accents.

But, you can use ornamental plastic tablecloths to enhance the aesthetics of your outside space and the elegance of your patio table.

Moreover, you can also cover your outdoor table with a plastic lace tablecloth for a beautiful touch of opulence and sophistication. 


Proper storage will prevent creases, but it is still a good idea to unfold your tablecloth a day before using it to ensure it is clean and crisp. 

Tip: Decorating your table with rich artificial flowers and greenery that is resistant to UV light is a terrific way to create sophisticated tabletop decor. 

Choose The Right Centerpieces

Look for an appropriate focal point for your table.

For example, a sculpture, fresh flowers, or a colorful display of fruits and veggies can all be used to decorate your table beautifully.

right centerpieces

When planning for a formal occasion, keep the centerpiece uncomplicated. You can use a combination of small and large centerpieces, depending on the size of your table.

For a larger dining table, you can opt for large centerpieces no more than 24 inches and smaller ones that stay under 12 inches.

For a smaller table though, it is better to skip the taller centerpieces. 

An Important Consideration

Based on your gathering, it is sometimes better to go with gender-neutral centerpieces.

For example, a bouquet of bright balloons is a foolproof, gender-neutral centerpiece option.

Neutral colors like silver, white, and grey are nice additions if you do not want to use a lot of colors. 

Make Use Of Candles

A common technique is to arrange a lush bouquet of flowers in a vase and then light two candles around the vase.

use candles

Candles and plant arrangements in odd numbers can give a room a more modern feel.

You can always achieve an intimate and refined table setting with the help of a few modest vases and flowers. 

Consider Layering It Up

Using multiple layers of disposable table covers is a great option if you are looking for creative plastic tablecloth decorating ideas.

Wrap your table in an enticing printed plastic tablecloth for an elegant look. Now top it off with a cool white plastic vinyl lace tablecloth to give your table a more refined look. 

Do Not Ignore The Table Setting

No matter how much effort you put in to make your tablecloth look nice, it will never work unless you set the table properly.

And thankfully, it does not have to be tricky either. 

table setting and design

Here are few tips to remember:

  • Serve food in bowls and plates of contrasting colors.
  • Prepare the main dish by placing a serving plate beneath the dinner plate.
  • Forks should be placed on the left side of the plate, and knives/spoons on the right.
  • Be sure to store glasses to the right of the cutlery.
  • Place the napkins to the left of the flatware.
Tip: Find a vibrant plastic tablecloth and use it as a party backdrop to spice things up in a unique way. 

What Should You Consider To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice?

what to consider plastic tablecloths

No doubt, you can find all sorts of plastic tablecloths these days, but not all of them may work for your dinner party.

To find the right one, and make them look elegant, you need to consider the following: 

What Is Your Theme?

Remember that the tablecloth is only one component of the entire atmosphere.

Other factors, such as the shape of the table, might make or break the arrangement, like centerpieces and placemats.

Tablecloths are used to cover dining room tables, so picking one that goes with the event’s aesthetic is crucial.

Moreover, it is important that everything fits together properly. 

Ensure It Looks Crisp

Plastic tablecloths are versatile and offer many benefits, yet they show creases quite quickly.

When not in use, tablecloths should be folded and stored properly. Whenever plastic is folded, creases become immediately visible.

You may easily iron out the creases, but it can take some time.

ensure tableclothh looks crisp

Interestingly, you can use a hair dryer to fix the issue quickly though.

But, you should only use the dryer on the plastic tablecloth for around 5 minutes at a low heat setting.

To avoid melting, plastic should not be left in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes at a time. 


Be sure to place your plastic tablecloth on the table soon after ironing it to smooth out any wrinkles. Apply pressure using your palms to get rid of wrinkles.   

Is There A Fool-Proof Way To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Elegant?

fool proof way make tablecloth elegant

While no one stops you from using your creative side, you can always stick to the basics when setting your table using a plastic tablecloth. For instance: 

Use The Tablecloth Properly

To start, know the half-width of your plastic tablecloth for your round table. For this, you can measure it from the floor in the middle of a circular table.

Make two smaller rectangular tablecloths from a single extra-large plastic one. Mount a string through the fold of the tablecloth and secure it.  

Attach a soap to it and use it to draw a line for cutting. Then, use scissors to snip the tablecloth along the halfway line.

Use A Second Tablecloth

Get another plastic tablecloth and cut it into 5-inch squares. Arrange the squares in fours. Create accordion folds at every half an inch using the stacked squares.

Wrap a twist knot tightly around the hub of the folded squares. Now, make the rosette by bringing the upper corners of each square plastic piece together with the twist tie. 

Do this a hundred times to make a hundred rosettes. 

set tablecloth

Place The Tablecloth On The Table

Cover the round table with the plastic tablecloth. Now, use double-sided tape to attach a row of plastic rosettes to the tablecloth.

Attach it just below the table edge, so that the rosettes’ edges meet.

If you want to cover the entire tablecloth with rosettes while still having access to the tabletop, just keep attaching them in horizontal rows.

Tip: Tassel garlands look stunning and you can make them easily using your plastic tablecloth. 


Learning how to make plastic tablecloths look nice does not have to be very tricky. 

You can always experiment a little or follow some tried-and-tested ways to make your tablecloths look elegant.

You can use clear plastic tablecloths, last tablecloths, and other ornamental options to instantly add a touch of elegance to your dinner table. 

Otherwise, you can keep it simple and go with traditional methods to make your table look stunning.