how to remove lily pollen stains from countertop
Kristina Davis

How to remove lily pollen stains from countertops is a walk in the park if you are conversant with the cleaning options. Countertops have a bevy of activities throughout the day.

From the kitchen, the office, the police station, banks, laboratories, to bathrooms.

They offer a raised surface ideal for easing activities at the wherever place of work. Nonetheless, they provide a boundary between the client space and that for workers to carry out their tasks.

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Countertops are made from different types and qualities of material. Some are constructed from stone, wood, or even granite, while some are tiled.

Because of the series of activities countertops serve, mixed with leaning on, these surfaces may become dirty, staining you or your customers in the long run.

It is thus essential to remove stains, be it Lily pollen, from the countertops in good time before the stain sticks.

Ways To Remove Lily Pollen Stains From Countertops

ways to remove lily stains

Although flowers add beauty to the countertops, their pollen stains the countertop surfaces, and cleaning becomes necessary.

Cleaning these stains as soon as the staining occurs saves you the headache of cleaning the stain when it becomes a nasty stain.

This blog post highlights how to remove lily pollen stains from countertops using the most straightforward and best options.

Using sticky tapes, bleaching agents, usual washing, vacuum cleaners, and solvents will help you remove the Lily pollen stains.

Note: Sink into this article and learn a few tricks and tips on how to remove lily pollen stains from countertops.

Use Sticky Tape

a sticky tape

Removing Lily pollen stains from countertops using a sticky tape is one hack that has proved to work.

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Unwrap it with a few fingers and then gently and carefully lay it on the surface with the Lily pollen.

Leave it for about ten seconds, then gently remove the sticky tape from the surface. You will only need a robust sticky tape.

The tape should be able to come out with sizable pollen dirt from the surface. Repeat this over and over again until the countertop is entirely cleaned.

The sticky tapes are made of adhesives sensitive to pressure.

Tip: They are soft, but solid polymers blend to attach to the surface via van der Waals' forces when only a little pressure is exerted. A little chemistry there, folks.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

use the vacuum

With tens of brands of vacuum cleaners in the stores around you, purchase one to have the Lily pollen stains removed.

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Vacuum cleaners are undisputedly one of the most successful stain removers.

Using your vacuum cleaner, power it on, then put it in the position of the countertop the lily pollen stains are.

Push the vacuum cleaner hence and forth gently to ensure all the stain on the countertop is driven out. These vacuum cleaners are easy to use and save time and energy.

Tip: It is a low-cost tool and has settings depending on the extent of the stains.

Wash as Usual

wash countertop as usual

Washing off lily pollen stains from countertops doesn’t have to be so sophisticated. Washing off the stains as usual works well too.

With this method, you will need water, in this case, warm water, for the best results. Get a soapy detergent that works best for you, then mix it with the water.

Use a bristle brush, a sponge, or a soft cloth to cautiously rub away the marking of the lily pollen stains from the countertop. And this should work.

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Now, depending on the fabric of the countertop, use a detergent that does not make it lose its color.

Lastly, rinse the countertop twice to wipe out any soapy or pollen remains.

Tip: Leave your countertop to dry, or use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it.

Use a Solvent on the Stained Area

clean with solvent

Some little aggression while cleaning lily pollen stains may too help. These are nasty stains, probably due to having been left, not cleaned, or accumulating for a while.

Now don’t be doing that. Clean off these stains immediately to save yourself the pressure.

Solvents will dissolve the lily pollen stain, making its covalent bonds weaker, thus enabling quick cleaning.

Solvents such as alcohols, isopropyl, and trichloroethylene can be used to clean the countertop.


Tamping involves hitting the stain with a brush. Hit the area on the countertop with the stain.

try tamping

Hitting the spot allows the stain to blot into fragments. With tamping, you may not necessarily have to scrub the countertop.

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Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Using white vinegar and baking soda to remove lily pollen stains on your countertop works best.

When mixed, they form a fizzy chemical reaction that dissolves and loosens the stain making it easier to clean.

You will have to apply the vinegar on the spot with the stain, then rub it gently until the stain is finally out.

Tip: You can also mix the white vinegar with a cleaning agent such as soap in case the stain persists, then wash and rinse.

Bleach the Countertop Surface

bleach the surface

While many people defy bleaching as a method of cleaning stains, it comes in handy if the Lilly pollen stain is terrible and can’t move.

Bleaching will remove the color of the countertop on the spot with the pollen stain. A chemical known as sodium hypochlorite, also called liquid bleach, is used.

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Only dilute a little bleaching agent in a bucket of water, thus creating a weak bleach solution to wipe off the stain.

Although the stain might not just disappear once, brush it using the bleach mixture repeatedly until the stain is gone.

Although bleaching interferes with the color and texture of the countertop and also has a strong smell, it is not as bothersome as the lily pollen stain might be if left unattended.

Countertops, as stated earlier, can be built from different shades of material. They could be tiles, wooden, quartz, or granite.

Note: We will have a quick look at how to clean lily pollen stains from quartz and granite.

How to Remove Lily Pollen Stains from Granite Countertops

removing pollen stains on granite

Granite countertops are made from granite itself, a decorative igneous plutonic rock.

You can remove pollen stains from a granite countertop by making a quick paste of baking soda mixed with water or a diluted solution of ammonia.

Repeat scrubbing the countertop surface with a soft brush until the stain is entirely gone.

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How to Remove Lily Pollen Stains from Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth; it’s a beautiful crystalline mineral used in decorating countertops.

Mix hydrogen peroxide with ammonia then wipes off the lily pollen stains from the countertops using a clean cloth.

Stains build up makes it almost impossible to restore your countertop to its original color.

The above methods are the most probable ones for you having stains from lily pollen off your countertop.

removing stains on quartz countertop

And now, here are basic steps you can follow while driving lily pollen stains off your countertop.

Remove the Stain Immediately

Get it cleaned as soon as the Lily pollen stain drops on your countertop. Delaying to clean the stain makes it harder to remove.

So, immediate reaction saves you the stress of having to do it some other time.

Remove Any Solids from the Stained Area

If the Lily pollen stains drop on solids at the countertop or vice versa, remove any solids from the stain.

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The solids will stick to the pollen dirt if not removed in good time, making cleaning challenges.

Use an Absorbent Cloth to Extract Liquid from the Stain

absorbent cloth

Use an absorbent cloth to remove any liquids from the spot with the stain. Be careful while absorbing the liquids so that the stain does not spread to other areas on the countertop.

Clean and Rinse the Spot

Finally, clean the area with the stain using a brush or soft cloth with a washing detergent. Rinse the spot severally until the stain is gone.


How to remove lily pollen stains from the countertops is as easy as explained above. Lily pollen stains on the countertops make the countertops look awful.

A working space with stains is uninviting and pathetic. That is not what you want. Be quick with dealing with stains for the best results.