how to keep tablecloth from blowing away
Kristina Davis

When having a party outdoor, it is natural to ask how to keep tablecloth from blowing away. 

No doubt, the wind feels great but it can sometimes make spending time outdoors unpleasant.

A gust of wind can whip off your fancy tablecloth and throw it in the mud, or worse, on a jagged edge. And it can occasionally transport it to uncharted territories.

So, when the wind blows, you will need to devise a plan to keep the tablecloth in place. But, what is the best way to keep a plastic tablecloth from blowing away? 

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Well, there are a number of options for you to consider, actually. Let’s find out more about them. 

How To Keep Tablecloth From Blowing Away?

table cloth blowing away

A picnic is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family while also getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors. 

Yes, a breeze is welcome on a hot day, it can become a minor nuisance if it keeps blowing the tablecloth off the table.

Here are some techniques to avoid dealing with such an issue: 

Make Use of Tablecloth Clips

You can get tablecloth clips that are reusable and suitable for use with different materials

Most of these clips work just fine with any of the three common types of tablecloths— paper, plastic, and fabric.

You can use a stainless-steel tablecloth clip or opt for ones made of plastic.

They typically come in sets of four from the factory, but you may need at least six of them for a really large table.

table cloth

The best thing is that they can be set up and removed quickly and easily.

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They are specially designed to prevent damage to your table or tablecloth.

Tip: Consider buying tablecloth clips with an adjustment knob to make them work on any table thickness. 

How Do You Save Money On Homemade Tablecloth Clips?

Buying commercially available tablecloth clips is a good way, but you can save money by going with homemade clips.

  • Use fine-grit sandpaper to lightly scratch the surface of the binder clips.  
  • Use newspaper to cover a surface outside or in a room with good ventilation.
  • Clip or C-clamp the paper together at regular intervals of at least half an inch.
  • To paint the clips, keep the can 8 to 10 inches away and spray in overlapping bursts.
  • Make sure the paint has dried well before proceeding.
  • Now turn the painted clips over.  Keep spraying until proper coverage.
  • Let them dry properly, and use them as you may. 
diy binder clips

Make Use Of A Non-Slip Table Protector

A good idea is to use PVC rolls to keep your tablecloth from blowing away.

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You can find these rolls on the market and get them in standard tablecloth dimensions. All you have to do is lay this down before draping the tablecloth over it.

When you do it correctly, your tablecloth will not slide about as you eat. Simple and inexpensive, isn’t it? 

Try Double-Sided Tape

You can secure your table with double-sided tape; alternatively, you can also use any adhesive Velcro for the task.

This is yet another quick and inexpensive way to get things done.

Tip: Be careful when using adhesives on wooden tables because the residue may take away from their aesthetic value. 

Go With Rubber Shelf Liner

Sometimes, it makes sense to place a grip pad between the tabletop and your tablecloth in order to prevent it from sliding about.

rubber liner

Putting a rubber grip pad on tabletops, like a shelf liner, will reduce sliding by increasing stability.

These can be used to cushion the tabletop from damage from hot plates and to prevent the surface from shifting.

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The good thing is that investing in these rubber grips offers many other benefits as well.

For instance:

  • You can use them to create stable ground for appliances.
  • You can place them under pet bowls to ensure they do not slide.
  • You can use them next to your doors to create a space for wet shoes.
  • You can place them between pans, pots, or fine china to prevent dents. 

Use A Simple Rubber Band

It is a simple yet effective way to keep the tablecloth in place. All you need is a few rubber bands to make this method work.

To secure the rubber band, gather the four corners of the material in your hands and twist them together like a ponytail.

rubber bands

These techniques can be used on any material, from cotton tablecloths to vinyl and more.  

Buy Tablecloth Weights

Simply placing some weight on your table would definitely help keep the tablecloth in place.

A huge range is available to choose from, as you can find various designs, materials, and styles.

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Some of them work more like pegs and are heavy. Standard tables only need four tablecloth weights, but extra-large outdoor tables can use up to six.

Cast iron was commonly used for tablecloth weights in the past. However, you can purchase plastic versions now. 

use table cloth weights


One drawback of using heavier tablecloths is that they can rip thinner table covers, such as paper or plastic.

Additionally, you need to take extreme caution when taking them off the table, lest you rip the linen.

Try Heavy Rocks

When you do not want to invest in heavy pegs and similar items, you can get the job done using heavy rocks.

This is an old technique that serves the same function as standard tablecloth weights. The tablecloth can be used as a makeshift sash. 

You need to place a small but heavy rock in one corner, fold over the rock, and secure the fold with a string.

Treat each of the four corners in the same way.

You can use a cord to suspend the rock above the table, but this will leave the stone exposed, which may not be to everyone’s taste. 

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heavy rocks

An Important Consideration

Tip: Be careful when using a rock as weight on your tablecloth or else you might end up tearing the table linen.

Invest In A Heavy Tablecloth

This is the most effective method to avoid blowing off your tablecloth any time you use it.

Manufacturers of table linens now often produce heavier options, weighing in at a kilogram or more.

A tablecloth of this size would require a very powerful wind to blow away.

While these tablecloths may be pricey, they will ultimately save you money by eliminating the need for clips and weights. 

Is It Necessary To Leave Your Tablecloth On All The Time?

leave table cloth all the time

Not really, but you need to consider a few important points first.

An aged, worn table might benefit from always being covered by a tablecloth. Do not worry, this is fine.

The only thing to remember is to watch out for crumbs and spillage.

Remember, your wooden table may be stained or damaged if you accidentally spill liquid on it. If there is a spill on your tablecloth, you should wipe the area underneath it as soon as possible.

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You should also prepare to pick up crumbs. You might also go with vinyl placemats and a cotton tablecloth. It shields the vulnerable space beneath your dinner plate.

Tip: Consider buying Vinyl tablecloths because they can be easily cleaned with a sponge and some water. 

How Can You Keep A Picnic Tablecloth In Place?

keep table cloth in place

Outdoors at a picnic table, you may need a way to secure your tablecloth to the table. You could, of course, add some weight to it.

A second option is to use clamps to fasten it to the table’s legs.

These clamps are designed to fit easily over the table and securely fasten the tablecloth to the tabletop. With these helpful tools, you will not have to worry about any movement.

What To Consider When Buying A Tablecloth?

Ideally, you need to invest in a heavier tablecloth so it can maintain its place on the table even when it is a bit windy outside.

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Selecting a tablecloth that can be easily washed in the event it gets dirty is a smart option. It is simple to wash and dry most polyester blends.

When you set them back down on the table, they will look as good as new.

Similarly, a PVC tablecloth typically has a flannel backing. In case you want to rest something soft and undamaging against your table, the flannel is the way to go.

picnic table cloth

Moreover, the upper PVC is resistant to spills and stains and can be wiped with a moist cloth or sponge. 


Learning how to keep tablecloth from blowing away can save you from a lot of hassle while having fun with friends and family outdoors.

Sometimes, you can prevent the problem simply by putting some weight on your tablet. 

But, it is also possible to find heavier tablecloths to avoid the issue in the first place. So, decide on what works for you and give it a shot!