can you add scent to crisco candles
Kristina Davis

Can you add scent to Crisco candles? You may have this question if you consider yourself a DIYer at heart.

Some people just love doing it in their spare time. Others find it attractive because crafting things on their own is always a more cost-effective alternative.

And when it comes to making scented candles, there is certainly more than one way to achieve your goal.

making scented candles

To make candles is a piece of cake. You simply need to get wax, acquire wicks, melt the wax, and then allow it to harden.

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Maintaining a central position for the wick while the candle cools is the most challenging part, but certainly doable.

But then, you must answer the most important question about what to use to add scent to candles.

And if you have to do something special to add scent to Crisco candles.

You can definitely add scent to Crisco candles and do it while making it from scratch or even when you have already made it, with the help of essential oils. 

The Art of Making Scented Candles

art of scented candles

When you decide to make candles on your own, you will obviously have to look for hydrogenated oil first.

While fully hydrogenated soybean oil has enhanced melting capabilities, its delicate texture prevents it from being used in most candle applications.

But this should not discourage you because you can manage with something else, something like Crisco, which is a famous brand of vegetable shortening.

Since it does not melt at room temperature, it can be used as candle wax.

And interestingly, paraffin wax sold on Amazon is far more expensive than the six-pound tubs sold in retailers. 

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What Should You Know About Crisco?

about the crisco

As Procter & Gamble sought to expand the market for Crisco, they developed Vegetable Shortening, which they promoted as a meatless substitute.

How incredibly elated they must feel to have introduced the world to Crisco, the first Imitation Food, which led to the development of another Imitation Food, Margarine.

This shortening is not made from vegetables, of course.

In the beginning, it was created using cottonseed oil. Actually, “Crystallized Cottonseed Oil” is where the word “Crisco” originated.

not made from vegetables

They employ highly refined and often genetically engineered seed and grain oils derived from plants.

Even though it contains different chemicals, it is still considered safe for consumption.

And this makes it a lot more suitable choice for those interested in crafting some candles at home.

At least, this means you do not have to worry about melting it in your pan when trying to make a candle. 

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The Joy of Making Crisco Candles

joy of making crisco

Why should you consider making Crisco candles? Simply because it costs less!

A homemade Crisco candle will typically cost far less than store-bought alternatives.

The cost of a 48-ounce container of shortening is around $5, while the cost of 200ft of the wick is about $8.

That is enough to make two hundred candles.

To obtain 45 days of illumination for under 10 dollars is a steal.

The smoke from a Crisco candle is far better for your health to inhale than that of a petroleum-based, chemically perfumed store-bought candle. 

Can You Add Scent to Crisco Candles or Not?

add scent in crisco

Yes, it is possible to make scented Crisco candles, and you can do it the same way you would make scented candles using paraffin wax.

You do not have to face many issues when using Crisco to make candles.

There is no risk of burning or waxing your cookware because it is a food fat.

It behaves similarly to butter in the microwave and can be melted.

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No longer will you have to endure the horror of melting wax on the stove just to watch as the sticky substance drips into your carpet or floor. 

Adding Scent to Crisco Candle When Making From Scratch

making candle from scratch

If this is not your first attempt at making candles at home, using Crisco would be a breeze.

  1. All you have to do is get a candle jar.
  2. Now carefully scrape out the old wick and remove any leftover wax.
  3. Then, refill it with as much Crisco as you can fit into the jar.
  4. Now, place it in your microwave for a couple of minutes.
  5. Place the wick inside the jar and allow it to cool.
  6. Voila! You are done, guys!

But wait, when should you add some scent to make it feel even better?

You can add apple blossom fragrance and food coloring when you get it out of the microwave. Now let it cool, and it will be ready to use.

Tip: Replacing paraffin wax with Crisco is an excellent idea because it burns cleaner and is always cheaper to make.

How To Deal With a Fragrance-Free Crisco Candle

fragrance free crisco candle

As mentioned already, it is possible to add scent to your Crisco candles while you are still making them.

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But if you have already made a few “fragrance-free” candles, do not worry, as you can still make them smell nice.

If you have already made your Crisco candle, you should simply light it up and wait a while.

After a few minutes, there will be a small melted wax puddle around the wick or the flame area.

Now take a dropper and add your favorite essential oil to it. Carefully add a drop or two of that oil to the wax puddle.

Ensure that you do not place the oil on the flame. Now, just wait a few minutes, and you will notice the scent spreading in your room.

Tip: Be sure to add essential oil only to a fragrance-free candle, or the mixing may lead to something overpowering and unwanted. 

What Can You Use To Add Scent to Your Crisco Candles?

use the crisco candles

Now that you have understood that adding scent to your Crisco candles is possible, you may wonder what scent options you have at your disposal.

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Again, you can try to be as creative as you like here, but options work better. 

For instance: 

Go With Fragrance Oils

fragrance oil with candles

While not designed for candles, these scents typically work quite well when added to candles.

However, you may have to deal with the same problems you witness when using commercial fragrances.

For instance, most of them are very potent, so they should be used cautiously.

Tip: Be prepared to use at least 10-15 drops of fragrance oil for every pound of molten wax you have. 

Try Essential Oils

use essential oils

Using essential oils is probably a better option. The reason is that they are extracted from flowers and herbs.

You may learn more about their individual qualities by conducting an internet search or reading a book dedicated to essential oils.

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If you want to use essential oils, you may need to try them out beforehand to see if they are compatible with wax. 

Try Natural Scents

use natural scents

It is also possible to try natural scents, which are obtained from powdered or crushed spices, plants, or herbs. 

Crushed lavender flowers, powdered cinnamon, and finely ground lemon zest all perform admirably when combined with molten wax.

However, different waxes and wicks may not blend as well, and using the wrong one might prevent the wax from hardening and the candle from burning.

Most of these scents work well when making Crisco candles, but be sure to know how much is enough.

For every pound of wax, you can count on using around a tsp of ground herb, spice, or zest. 

Try Commercial Candle Scents

use commercial candle scents

You can try commercial candle-making scents when unsure of what to use and not overly concerned about finding a natural alternative.

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You may find them liquid at any shop selling candle-making materials.

Keep in mind that fragrance intensity will change from product to product. 

Moreover, the availability of a comprehensive list of components will rely on how transparent the producer is about their formula.

selling candle-making materials

Nevertheless, if you opt for this route, you are likely to use an ounce of liquid perform for every couple of pounds of wax.

Tip: Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients when buying a candle scent from the store to ensure it does not contain anything harmful. 


Can you add scent to Crisco candles? In most cases, you can, and it works pretty much the same as any other type of candle you make at home.

Ideally, you can add some scent when making the candles, but it is also possible to make it smell nice afterward.

Be careful when selecting a scent because not all are the same and may not work for your Crisco candles.