do you put detergent in before or after clothes
Kristina Davis

It may sound strange, but many people keep asking ‘do you put detergent in before or after clothes?‘. 

Laundry detergent is an essential part of keeping your clothes clean.

If you don’t put laundry detergent in before adding clothes to the machine and run a cycle without it, then your clothes won’t get clean.

If you add detergent after loading, then it can be difficult to know when your clothes are finished being washed.

Because they won’t smell as fresh after being soaked in water with no detergent present.

The best way to load your washing machine is by adding detergent before loading any clothes. This will help ensure that all of the items are clean.

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So, Which Comes First?

which comes first

Are you supposed to put laundry detergent in before clothes?

I know that you’re supposed to put laundry detergent in before adding clothes, but I’ve always been a little confused about when exactly this is supposed to happen. 

I’ve heard people say it’s better to put the detergent in first or last, depending on how much you need for each load of laundry.

But either way works for me.

  • So my question is: do you add detergent before or after clothes? 

Some of us may have grown up learning that you need to put your laundry detergent in the machine before adding your clothes.

This is a common misconception because it’s true that some detergents are more likely to clog the machine if added directly into the drum.

Technically you can do either order, although I recommend putting your detergent in first.

Putting the detergent in first will result in a more effective cleaning because it doesn’t have to dilute with water. 

Note: Laundry detergent is already thick, it won't stain your clothes as much if you put it in first. 

Which Way Works For You?

which way works

If you put the detergent in before the clothes, then it will be diluted when the wash is filled with water and your laundry will be cleaner.

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If you put the clothes in first, the detergent will not be diluted. And it might cause a ring stain on your clothing which is harder to get out.

Put the detergent in first but technically, both ways should work fine

The answer is: both ways should work fine.

If you’re putting laundry detergent in first, it’s best to use 1/3 cup of powder per load (or larger). 

If you’re simply adding water and soap, then 1 part powdered detergent to 2 parts water will suffice.

Well, Do You Put Detergent In Before Or After Clothes?

put detergent in

The best way to load your washing machine is by adding detergent before loading any clothes. This will help ensure that all of the items are clean and ready for the next cycle. 

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If you add detergent after loading, then it can be difficult to know when your clothes are finished being washed.

How, then, do you get it done?

Step #1: Add Detergent

Before you put the laundry in, add detergent. This helps clean and remove stains from your clothes.

Detergent is added to the washing machine before you load the wash. It will help break up any hard water spots or soap residue on your clothes. 

This is so that they can be properly cleaned by using an appropriate amount of detergent and water in large quantities.

Tip: Ensure to select a good detergent for your specific needs.

Step #2: Add Your Laundry

There are a few key things to remember when adding your land.

add laundry in washer

First, add clothes in the order they are listed on the care label.

This will help ensure that you’re not overloading your machine and causing it to break down. 

Also, do not mix brightly colored clothes with white ones. As this can cause damage to both fabrics as well as possibly make them discolored after washing.

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One shouldn’t mix cotton with synthetic fabrics like polyester. The heat generated during washing could melt some synthetic fibers.

It could even make them unusable for future washes, and no one wants that.

Lastly, don’t mix wool, silk, or nylon. Any combination of these three materials will result in uneven shrinkage between each type of fabric. 

Because they have different moisture levels when washed at high temperatures. 

Step #3: Set Your Washing Machine

When you’re washing your clothes, it’s important to know how your machine works and what cycle settings will give you the best results. 

set your washing machine

The correct cycle depends on the load size and type of clothes.

Choose one that matches what kind of laundry you’re doing. If it’s sheets or blankets, then set them up differently than if they’re jeans or shirts.

This is obviously because those items need faster rinses during their wash cycle so they don’t cause any fading on their own. 

Step #4: Wait For The Cycle To Finish

Once the cycle has finished and you’ve opened the door, wait a couple of minutes before removing your clothes.

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If you open the door too soon, it could cause damage to your machine. 

You should also make sure that there’s no water in the drum before turning it off.

This will prevent any damage from occurring when turning off the machine and allowing it to cool down completely. 

Tip: This could lead to serious issues later on if left unchecked until the next time comes around again! 

How Do You Put Detergent In Clothes?

how to put detergent on clothes

Detergent is a great thing to have in your laundry room. It cleans well and gets rid of stains, which means less time spent on the laundry. 

With these tips and tricks, you should be able to put detergent in clothes just as easily as you do with other items that need washing.

Note that, there are many ways to put detergent in clothes, but these ones should help get you started!

Option #1: Try A No-Spill Detergent Cup

The best way to put detergent in your laundry is with a no-spill detergent cup.

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No-spill detergent cups are a great way to make sure your clothes dry as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

These cups have a special compartment that allows you to measure out the amount of soap that you need, without having to pour it directly onto clothes or fabrics. 

Just fill up the cup with warm water and add your favorite brand of detergent before using it on delicate items like wool sweaters or silky fabrics. 

measure soap

If you want even more control over how much soap gets into each load, you can use an unmarked measuring cup instead.

Option #2: Measure The Amount Of Detergent

To measure the amount of detergent, you will need a marked cup. Measure the liquid in your detergent bottle by pouring it into the marked cup. 

You can use an empty plastic bottle as well if you don’t have anything else handy that is small enough to fit into your washing machine.

Get the right amount of detergent on hand before adding it to your clothes. Add 2 tablespoons per load (or 1 teaspoon per garment)

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This will give about one pound per load without overfilling your clothes with too much liquid!

Option #3: Don’t Pour Directly On The Clothes

When you buy detergent, it comes in a dispenser. You should add your soap to this instead of pouring it directly onto the clothes. 

don't put directly on clothes

A measuring cup is ideal for this job. But if you don’t have one available, then just use an empty bowl or container that’s small enough to hold the amount of detergent needed.

Tip: When adding your soap to the dispenser, make sure you don't pour too much on it at once.

Option #4: Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

You don’t want to use too much detergent, because it can cause suds. This is especially true if you have hard water or high mineral content in your laundry. 

To avoid sudsing:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using their particular type of washing machine because the instructions may vary by brand.

Tip: Some people prefer less suds when they wash their clothes, and others like lots of bubbles just see which works best for you.

Option #5: Use Cold Water & Gentle Cycles

gentle cycle

Use cold water and gentle cycles for delicate clothing. Don’t use too much detergent.

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Although detergent is great at cleaning your clothes, it can also damage delicate fabrics if you use it too often or in high concentrations. 

You should limit the amount of detergent that you put into each load to about 1/4 cup per wash cycle.

This will ensure that the delicate fibers in your clothes won’t be damaged by too much cleaning power. 

Also, don’t use fabric softener either…it’s not worth it! 

Fabric softeners work wonders on some fabrics but actually make other types feel stiffer than before.

So try avoiding these products altogether if possible because they’ll just mess things up even more.


The main thing to remember when it comes to ‘Do you put detergent in before or after clothes?’ 

You can make the best choice for your laundry detergent by confidently putting your laundry in the machine and knowing that it’ll come out clean.