how much is henry link furniture worth
Kristina Davis

Have you ever wondered how much is Henry Link furniture worth?

Whether you are shopping for bedroom furniture or other vintage pieces of furniture for your home, you will want a piece that brings your living area to life.

Pieces range from headboards to sofas and outdoor furniture sets. 

There are additional significant reasons for the worth of Henry Link furniture. First, the constructions show the brand’s honor to the South Pacific. It gives you the impression of island life.

Reasons Why Henry Link Furniture Is Expensive 

henry link expensive

Here are some of the main reasons why Henry Link Furniture tends to be on the more expensive side: 

  • Features wicker construction and bamboo caning
  • A French Provincial style
  • New styles feature embossed leather, pen shell, and marble

In-Style Furniture

furniture in style trend

When you are ready to make purchases for your yard, you want them to stay in style for years to come.

Henry Link Furniture is elegant and stylish furniture that gives your home or yard more life than it previously had.

Lexington’s Home Brands combines with Henry Links Trading Co. to create over 180 bedroom, dining room, accent furniture, and upholstery pieces.

Everything included in this new set will range in the Lexington Home Brands prices. 

Note: This high-end furniture designs its pieces keeping in mind the price. Pricing this furniture is based on how their pieces will fit into each new fashion trend that shows up. 

Worth Of High-End Materials

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Some of the more expensive sets made of materials such as solid hardwood, Wicker, wrought iron, or steel are materials made to last for years.

Their durability is why you need more money than with furniture created for temporary use. 

Here are some quality high-end materials that make your indoor and outdoor furniture expensive: 

Synthetic Wicker 

Synthetic wicker is a product made with aluminum frames that remove the chance of rusting.

This product costs more when it is first purchased; however, it becomes less expensive over time.

In addition, synthetic wicker looks better and lasts longer over time, which means you won’t be exchanging your furniture. 

This product is sometimes referred to as rattan and is most often made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The HDPE is made of durable plastic that resembles natural wicker to keep your furniture safe from weather conditions. 

Synthetic Wicker is more expensive than steel furniture due to the making process. 


bamboo chair and table

Henry Link makes furniture made from exotic natural fibers that are ecologically correct. 

The richly woven look of these fibers is more costly than most indoor and outdoor furniture.

However, it leads to a functional and contemporary design perspective for homeowners decorating their living space. 


If you are wondering how much is my Henry Link furniture set worth, you’ll want to think about the different types of wood that can be made. 

Note: Typically, the type of material determines the price, not the brand. 

With that being said, you’ll want to look at the types of woods that Henry Link uses for its furniture. 


cedar wood floor

The perfect classic look while maintaining a modern look for any home. Cedar wood is textured with bright colors.

It’ll make your furniture stand out on your home’s porch, patio, and even poolside outdoor furnishing. 


Acacia wood is the most lightweight option for your furniture.

However, this wood is more costly because it comes from eucalyptus, which contains natural oils and textures for the furniture. 

This extra cost leads to durability and protection, so you’ll be able to keep this furniture for many years without replacing it. 

Build Quality 

quality of build

Build quality is a determining factor for both outdoor and indoor furniture pricing.

Mostly, the better the build quality, the more expensive the furniture. Everyone wants their furniture to be exceptionally built.

No one wants their furniture falling apart underneath them, but uniquely shaped pieces of furniture can go a long way in the selling process. 

With the South Pacific and island vibes aesthetic that we mentioned earlier, you’ll be excited to know that Henry Link makes uniquely designed chairs for any home. 

Whether you’re buying Henry Link furniture brand new or used, you’ll see the build quality is unmatched by competitors. 

Most objects are made from either wicker or wood and are designed with extraordinary care.

Most Henry Link products are made in homes and small workshops. 

The craft artisans have been learning to perfect their craft by learning from their ancestors.

These artists’ time and effort put into these works of art are sold with their talents and action in mind. 

Note: Henry Link Furniture was founded in 1964 by the co-founder of Dixie Furniture, Henry Link. Over the years, Henry Link has stayed true to its original Bal Hai collection that featured bamboo-edged designs. 

Types of Henry Link Chairs

henry link chairs

Here’s a list of some of the unique chairs designed by henry Link made mostly of Wicker: 

  • Vintage Wicker Peacock Chair.
  • Vintage Coastal Cerused Pencil Reed Dining Chairs. 
  • Rattan Wicker Swivel Chairs. 

How Much is Henry Link Furniture Worth?

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Many things need to be considered when looking at the price ranges for Henry Link Furniture. 

Looking at how much Henry Link furniture is worth can vary depending on size, period of the product or set, and other attributes to the design and build of the furniture. 

Prices can start at $489 depending on if you need bedroom furniture, living room, or patio furniture.

The top pricing for Henry Link furniture is $5,800, depending on how many pieces are in the set. 

Note: Wood furniture built to not suffer damage from the elements costs more money due to the extra care that gets put into using, building, and selling this better wood. 

Is The Price Worth It?

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Of course! 

All furniture that is crafted from quality materials and built to stand up to wear and tear is worth the extra money. This is because they are explicitly made to last for a long time.

So you won’t need to spend money every year on new furniture, because your furniture will last you from one season to the next. 

Luxurious furniture for both indoor and outdoor use is an investment, and it’s worth every penny. 

Henry Link furniture is more pricey because it’s meant to last you a long time than furniture only designed for temporary use.

Lower build quality furniture isn’t meant to last a long time. 

Henry Link furniture is worth more because it is made from durable materials and comes with a more extended warranty than most products on the market. 

The types of materials that the furniture is made out of also contribute to the prices.

You’ll notice that the wicker products cost more because they take longer to complete.

The synthetic wicker makes this product more long-lasting than traditional wicker products. 

Note: Look out! A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean better quality furniture. However, buying from a brand you know, and trust is worth paying a little extra for, knowing that it will last you years of use. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many answers to the question, “how much is Henry Link furniture worth?” 

Nearly all Henry Link furniture is pricier than others because it is more of an antique style.

However, this antique style can be bought at a lower price if you are purchasing used furniture from another person. 

Make sure you take your time and learn as much as you can about the different materials before choosing one for your home.

These materials are made to look beautiful indoors and outdoors, helping you set up your home for casual events and poolside lounging.