is bernhardt furniture good quality
Kristina Davis

A question that has been asked a lot but never enough when selecting good quality brands is; “Is Bernhardt Furniture good quality?”

Hi! Welcome to another Furniture company review. This time, we’ll be looking at the Bernhardt Furniture company.

Since its inception, Bernhardt Furnitures has carved out a solid spot in the furniture industry. With beautiful artistry and astonishingly unique styles, Berhardt furniture brings the classic era to your modern living space.

But you might be wondering; “why all these questions about the quality of this leading furniture company?”.

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Well, when selecting furniture, these questions need to be answered. Because your furniture speaks volumes about your style.

So, let’s get this review started. Hopefully, we could get answers to your questions.

Does Bernhardt Furniture regularly produce beautiful, luxurious furniture with beautiful finishes that bring your living spaces to life, but are they of good quality?

Well, let’s find out.

Brief History On Bernhardt Furniture Company

history of the bernhardt

Yes, another history lesson would be required. But don’t worry, this would be brief. Bernhardt Furniture was started by Mr. John  Mathias Bernhardt in 1889.

Back then he started the company, with the dream of producing quality, durable furniture for your homes and offices.

Fast forward 130 years later, Bernhardt Furniture is still a leading furniture maker in the great old United States of  America.

How do they do this?

Honestly, maybe it’s because each successor tries to maintain the same vision and goal as John Bernhardt. But hey, that’s all speculative.

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Is Bernhardt Furniture Still Good Quality?

Bernhardt furniture good quality

When trying to answer questions like that, a few key points have to be looked at.

The furniture specifics, material quality, and top picks are just a few examples of such key points.

Specifics of Bernhardt Furniture

Some of the few notable design specifics for Bernadt Furniture that truly give it a unique classic/modern feel are;

  • The frame, like some hardwoods, uses designed multi-layered hardwood plywoods.
  • Using the traditional tension and mortise structure, that firmly secures the piece of wood and creates a stronger connection for maintaining stability.
  • Using a hidden metal lock to reduce the gaps in leafy tables, gives a smooth, clean look to the table and as well improving durability.
  • English dovetail structures are located on the back and front of every drawer.

These are some of the design specifics for  Bernhardt Furniture. (Honestly, the list is long, but let’s keep it short, thank you).

Tip:  Avoid exposing your Bernhardt Furniture to direct sunlight, as it might cause finishes to fade.

Quality of Berhardt Furniture Materials

quality of bernhadt furniture

So, Is Bernadt good quality furniture?

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The quality of materials used by Berhardt also speaks volumes about the quality of their furniture (I mean, they wouldn’t have built such a high reputation with poor quality materials. Or would they?).

Bernhardt uses a diverse collection of high-quality materials when producing Furniture.

These materials are imported from all over the world and each furniture collection contains design elements that tell beautiful stories.

Bernhardt Furniture places particular importance on the wood finishes quality.

It uses a multi-step process to improve the wood grain pattern and create a variety of excellent finishes, from a high-gloss shine to a naturally aged appearance.

The veneer is hand-selected and made of premium wood that matches the color and wood grain, giving each piece a consistent look. 

To add a decorative detail unusual veneer patterns are used often.

Performance Fabrics

varieties of fabrics

Also, Performance fabrics have been developed for a  variety of applications where fabric is the most important parameter.

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Designed for easy care and long-lasting beauty, these fabrics are ideal for family use.

These performance fabrics usually offer the following benefits: fading / UV resistance, durable, washable, pet, and family-friendly, a wide range of materials, structures, and colors.

Top grain leather and several other types of leather provide the highest durability and quality available for upholstered furniture.

So generally, Berhardt Furniture strives for only the best when it comes to quality.

The Top Picks for Bernhardt Furniture collections

When  trying to find answers to questions like “Is Bernhardt Furniture good quality?

Going through their topmost sought-after furniture by customers is a great resource.

Bernhardt Furniture boasts a very large collection, perusing through this very large collection could take you years if not light-years (just kidding), to finish.

Luckily, from our very lovely hearts, we did this for you. Here are Berhardt’s most sought-after furniture picks.

Tip: You can purchase your Bernhardt Furniture through online stores like Wayfair.

Bernhardt Marquesa Collection

marquessa collection

If what you are looking for is a more sophisticated look while still maintaining casual comfort, you need the Marquesa collection.

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A collection that combines a modern finish with a more classic form.

The European elements are definitely recognizable, but the collection generally is shaping a modern path. A unique blend of finishes and materials produces an attractive rustic palette that exudes luxury.

The delicate and slender form is the hallmark of Marquesa’s elegant silhouette. The decorative metal grill is made with a Hearthstone finish and is used throughout the collection through wood, glass, and antique mirrors.

Key shapes have a graphite-coated metal.

The hardware is available in black-painted silver finishes that blend with unique accents perfectly such as fretwork details and Moore’s tile-motif metal rosettes.

 Bernhardt Loft Collection

loft collection

Inspired by the urban living space, the loft is a collection of upholstery coordinated with case goods.

The work is eclectic and has a unique charm. Clean lines and simple, modern shapes blend with a diverse collection of materials, including rustic metal, recycled wood, and textured and concrete fabrics.

Everything is done with a soft neutral color and a palette of natural leather. Bernhardt Loft is stylish and sophisticated, with an appearance that reflects attitude, lifestyle, and personality.

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Open frames, designed structure, clean lines, and asymmetrical composition are combined with organic shapes, raffia, and natural rattan, texture details, and the distressed pine of the Cinder and Sable Brown palette.

Geometric patterns, herringbone, and diamond patterns accentuate the contrast of the wood, and metal or cast concrete reveals a cosmopolitan landscape.

The upholstery is modest with a rich selection of leather. It looks chic and edgy, with a sleek silhouette, curved shape, tufted details, and a simple frame.

Bernhardt Profile Collection

profile collections

The profile collection conveys a casual atmosphere with a combination of materials and finishes.

The warm taupe-finished walnut veneer has a  crossfire, an unusual flash or speckle effect under the grain, and the tapestry gold finish hints at a brilliance without overdoing it.

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The collection also offers piece-to-piece luxury, but it’s the perfect package for our time.

The profile pieces also have accents such as travertine, gold paint, and metal mesh. The metal plate acts as hardware sculptures for the selected pieces.

The collection does find harmony in different pieces, whether it’s a fusion of subtle curves and clean lines, or showing the effect of two-tone metal and wood.

Gold-colored parting rails, cantilever shelves, and geometric shapes add the final touch.

Bernhardt Axiom Collection

axiom collection

Following meticulous attention to contemporary craftsmanship and charm, the Axiom collection changes expectations for what the migrating furniture collection can achieve.

Veneer fuses with metal and acrylic accents to create a sophisticated statement. Axiom’s modern lines are warm, charming, and completely unforgettable.

Two distinguishing finishes, linear gray and linear white, perfectly complement the linear wood grains of these pieces.

The hand-painted plaster with a white linen finish is a bold expression.

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The Axiom Collection provides sleek shapes and clean lines, while other elements of design such as triangular veneer patterns, ellipses, and inverted pyramids provide a beautiful look.

The metropolitan taste is supported by brushed silver hardware and stainless steel accents.

Tip: Contact a professional if cushions or upholstery require thorough cleaning. 


So, Is Berngardt Furniture good quality? Well for me, the answer is definitely YES!

If you are searching for a particular beautifully styled piece of furniture, then Bernhardt Furniture is a wonderful choice.

I mean they have been making furniture for over a century so I’m pretty sure they must be doing something right.

Bernhardt Furniture’s superior quality can be felt in every piece of its collections.  A perfect mix of beauty and durability is very hard to accomplish in modern production. But Bernhardt Furniture still remains on top.

That’s about all we could do for this review article on Bernhardt Furniture. We hope you enjoyed reading. Do check out our past articles, You might learn something.