is macy's furniture good quality
Kristina Davis

Hey you! I know what you’re doing! You’re probably looking to buy new furniture for your new home and are seeking answers to a very important question like, “Is Macy’s Furniture Good Quality?”.

Well, seek no more because you just found it. The answer to the question.

Shopping at Macy’s is super convenient, as you can find a variety of offers that suits your taste and pocket comfortably.

Macy’s gives you access to the best deals for your pocket when looking for furniture items that suit your style and need, but are they of good quality?

Does Macy’s meet the Buyer’s Expectations?

buyers expectation

Although Most buyers are satisfied with the furniture and shopping experience at Macy’s, oftentimes buyers mention their individual problems with the quality of items they had purchased.

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Saying the items bought were of inferior quality, as well as the warranty not being able to cover the way they had expected.

Without wasting much time let’s get this review started and get the answer to our million-dollar question.

A Little About Macy’s

about macy

We don’t talk about retail stores in the US without talking about Macy’s. But for you who are reading this article and wondering what Macy’s is, well you’re in luck!.

I’ll give you a brief introduction to Macy’s, but please, do not sleep on me, this will be short, I promise. Well, here we go.

Macy’s is a  well-known chain of departmental stores in the United States of America. It was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in the year 1858 and has since earned a huge reputation in the United State.

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When it comes to department stores, Macy’s is royalty, having a departmental store in over 500 locations in the United States, 92 of which are in California, and boasting over one hundred thousand goods from over a hundred different brand names.

Macy’s Quality of Materials

macys quality materials

Told you it would be brief. So, to understand just how good the quality of furniture at Macy’s is, we have to look at the various materials they work with. 

Now a lot of Macy’s furniture is being manufactured and imported from outside the country and with the huge selection of products they offer.

They cover a diverse range of possible materials like foam, particleboard, engineered wood, solid woods, and other man-made materials like plastic, leatherette, metals, marbles, and leather (Yes, you might also be asking, “is Macy’s leather furniture good quality?”).

While a lot of buyers are happy with Macy’s furniture pieces, other buyers have reported concerns about the perceived quality and durability of some of their furniture pieces.

Tip: Shop online, but pick up at the store

Macy’s Top Furniture Picks

top furniture picks in macys

Another important part of this review article is the top furniture requests made by Macy’s shoppers. As this gives a general idea of what’s hot and what’s not.

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So we’ll talk about the type of furniture Macy’s offers, and their pros and Cons all based on the general collective reviews left by Macy”s customers.

1. Beddings From Macy’s

A top pick requested and searched for by Macy’s buyers is bedding, and this includes pillows, comforter sets,  comforters, and sheets.

Macy’s offers their customers hundreds, if not thousands of choices for beddings.

Just for sheets alone, Macy’s customers have access to over 1700 types (Of which many are offered in different pattern and color variations) from a huge collection of different name brands.

beddings from macy

As for their no-name brands, well,  Macy’s has over 2,400 options for customers to browse through, from nursery collections to luxurious duvet sets with traditional and seasonal patterns and prints.

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A wide range of choices allows most buyers to find that one item that suits their particular design style, but some customers may be a little overwhelmed by the incredibly large number of items to choose from.

Pros – A massive amount of beddings to choose from with different prices

Cons – A massive amount of beddings to choose from (Yea!, because the overwhelming number Is a gift and a curse).

2. Mattresses From Macy’s

mattress of macy

Some of the very popular requests made by Macy’s shoppers are new mattresses for their bedrooms.

And being departmental store Kings, Macy’s offers more than  3,500 mattress models, ranging from a small crib mattress for just under $ 100 to a luxury mattress for over $ 15,000.

Macy’s Mattress collection boasts of very popular name brands like  Stearns & Foster and Serta, but they also offer some not-so-popular-brand names and even possess a special line of comfortable mattresses made for Macy’s specifically.

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This mattress line is called the “Hotel Collection” and is made by Aireloom, we can all agree that the name “Hotel Collection ” sounds pretty decent.

And what if the mattress you bought does not meet your desired taste or quality?

Well,  Macy’s offers buyers a one-time return or re-selection of items about 120 days from purchase (a 15% priority return fee might apply).

the mattress of macy

Although some buyers were happy with their mattresses from Macy’s and the shipping experience, others mentioned they had issues with the mattress deliveries.

Some buyers were dissatisfied not only with how bad the durability of some mattress models was but also with the customer service and sales they had received.

For these buyers, purchasing directly from the Same Mattress brand would be advised. But hey, that’s just what they think.

Pros –  A large collection of mattresses and funding options for those who buy over-the-counter and are qualified.

Cons –  A lot of mixed reviews on sales and customer service. Also, durability and delivery issues were reported by some buyers.

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3. Sofas & Sectionals From Macy’s

selecting sofa

I like my sofa to stand out in the space it’s occupying so if you’re like me, Macy’s is offering over 800 styles of sofas,  seats, and sofa beds.

Macy’s sofas are made both internationally and in the United States from materials like microfiber, engineered wood, fabric, solid wood, metal, and genuine leather. 

Overall, Macy’s customers are generally happy with the service they get whenever they purchase a sofa or sectional from Macy’s.

But still, some customers brought up issues regarding the delays in deliveries or complaints about missing parts from their purchases. Some even reported issues with the warranty not covering what they expected.

Pros –  A huge collection of Sectionals and sofas available,  with possible finance options for holders of Macy’s cards.

Cons – A lot of complaints about the comfort level of some models and the delivery style.

Tip : Use your Macy’s gift cards wisely

4. Bedroom Furniture From Macy’s

bedroom furnitures

Looking for where to get furniture for your bedrooms to give it that Wow! Look, look no further. Macy’s gives you access to over 4500 bedrooms Furniture to choose from.

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Including items like headboards, bed frames, chests and dressers, nightstands, and a whole lot of other bedroom furniture.

And as we all know, Macy’s offers a wide range of bedroom furniture at different prices.

When it comes to bedroom sets, the cheapest Macy’s options begin at $450 for standard double bed frames and single bedside tables, to nearly $5,000 for a beautiful set that includes a king bed frame, two bedside tables, and chest of drawers.

This might come off to some as a bit too much but Marcy’s promises to be worth every dime.

Macy's bedroom furniture styles tend to follow a more classic aesthetic or traditional pattern, so buyers who are looking for a contemporary design will need to dig a little deeper.
furniture of bedrooms

Customers can easily find satisfying bedroom furniture at Macy’s, but the reviews about the durability of some furniture are mixed.

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Also, a few customers have also brought up issues with deliveries and customer service.

Pros – Access to beautifully styled bedroom furniture, at different price ranges.

Cons – And yes, some customers reported Issues with delivery and furniture quality. Again.

Is Macy’s Furniture Good Quality – The Bottomline

So Is Macy’s furniture good quality?. Well, judging from the pros and cons that we’ve gathered from customer feedback and reviews, I’ll say they aren’t there yet. But then again, no one is!.

What is established though is that Macy’s offers a wide range of furniture, and the best part is they suit your pocket and style.

There might be a few sour grapes in the mix but that doesn’t mean you cancel the whole bunch (analogically speaking of course).

Hey!, if you’ve had a bad shopping experience at Macy’s, you could tell us about it. We’ll love to know.