is huntington house furniture good quality
Kristina Davis

Is Huntington House Furniture good quality? Why is good quality furniture important? Good quality furniture in your home is imperative for your well-being.

Your home is meant to be your place of peace and calm at the end of the day. If the quality of your furniture is poor, it can cost you in more ways than one.

Furniture that’s good quality ultimately withstands the test of time and will compliment your home.

Furniture at Huntington House only uses the highest quality wood, materials, fabrics, and leather on our furniture.

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Having furniture that is valuable & resists everyday wear and tear is something every home needs and what we provide.

Hunting House Furniture takes pride in going above and beyond throughout the process of making its furniture. They believe in making an impact and truly ensuring their customers are satisfied with their work.

What Makes Their Furniture Good Quality? 

what makes huntington good quality

Huntington House good quality furniture is defined by their unique creation process.

The amazing quality of their materials and their proven methods of ensuring their furniture will last you for years to come.

Easy Clean Performance Fabrics

Huntington House takes the quality of your living spaces and how you live in them very seriously, which is why their furniture collections are made from a variety of easy-to-clean performance fabrics.

Performance fabrics make the furniture much easier to care for while providing the ultimate protection and sustainability.

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Several characteristics of performance fabrics contribute to a piece of furniture’s longevity.

performance fabric

For example, these fabrics are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. Where other fabrics have to be specially cleaned with chemicals, performance fabrics don’t.

Typically you can wash them easily with soap and water. Another great feature of performance fabrics is they are fade-resistant. This is especially beneficial if you have furniture outdoors.

You won’t need to worry about the sun destroying the color quality of the fabric.

Performance fabrics also have some green-friendly materials. They aren’t made with chemicals, the fibers are upcycled, and they have a minimal carbon footprint.

Tip: Performance fabrics are designed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew

Stylish Leathers

stylish leathers selections

Their selection of leathers is diverse and among the finest. There’s something for every taste, with each offering a certain level of protection from light to medium and heavy security.

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Both fabric furniture and leather furniture have their benefits for owning them. Leather furniture, for instance, is effortless to clean, which alone makes maintenance hassle-free.

Because leather is smooth, you also won’t have to worry about food, hair, or other objects getting stuck in it. Sometimes stains and such are very, very difficult to remove.

One of the best benefits of leather furniture is its lifespan. It's important to note that taking care of a leather piece is vital to upkeep and durability.

On average, a leather piece of furniture can last between 15 and 20 years. 

Of course, you want to purchase genuine leather only. Cheap leathers will not last very long and will only cause issues. Also, leather from the animal hide is better if you’re looking for your money’s worth.

Vegan leather tends to break down since they are typically made from plastic.

It’s essential to know how to care for leather. Huntington House’s leather is of the highest quality and withstands everyday use.

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It comes in various styles, and they also provide ways to care for it so that it lasts longer appropriately.

Maintenance Tips 

maintenance tips from huntington

At Huntington House, they provide lovely tips on maintaining your furniture. Taking care of furniture is vital.

Failing to do so can lead to potential health hazards and the furniture breaking down.

In addition, if you ignore cleaning up spills and stains, they can turn into mold, which is toxic and harmful to your health.

Another part of maintaining furniture is being gentle.

Tip: Treating your furniture with lots of care is crucial for how long it will last. Mistreated furniture can easily lead to breaking, wearing, and tearing.

Depending on the piece and how badly it’s been broken, this could lead to injuries.

So, being gentle with care is essential, especially if you intend to keep any piece of furniture around for years and years to come.

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Sometimes, it may not be easy to know where to start, so Huntington House provides specific care for their materials.

Their furniture care tips can help guide you on how to clean and treat spills, teach you about various cautions regarding the furniture, go in-depth regarding cleaning codes, and much more.

Tip: When cleaning performance fabrics, make sure you use a soft-bristled brush.

Is Huntington House Furniture Good Quality?

huntington house furniture good quality

Huntington House allows you to customize your furniture. You can choose from thousands of fabrics and hundreds of leathers.

The best part about their customizations is that they are free.

Pillow Treatments

They have an array of pillow decor style options to choose from. In addition, you can pick from our list of pillowcase decor sewing styles.

There’s a sewing style and color combinations perfect for every room.

Trim options

have trimming options

You can also decide between trim options. They have three unique trim options that help bring out any style of furniture you choose.

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These stylish options include bias or contrast welt, changing caster colors, and accent nails.

Wood Finishes

Their complementary finishes add the perfect final touch to any piece that features wooden parts.

They have numerous finish options that pair perfectly with any of their fabrics or leathers.

A beautiful wooden finish is among the best features of any furniture. 

Tip: When ordering custom pieces, make sure to double-check your order's specifications

Why is Huntington House Good Quality Furniture?

reason why huntington is good quality

Hunting House’s cushion options include all-foam cushions and foam & feather cushions. Each is carefully designed to tailor to your support needs.

If a cushion is designed correctly, it can aid better health. One of the significant benefits of a quality cushion is it aids in good posture.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, maintaining good posture is extremely important no matter where you are.

If you’re in an office or at home, you want to foster proper posture. A cushion of lousy quality will have an extremely negative impact on your back and ultimately cause you to slump over.

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Slumped posture can lead to neck problems, migraines, and severe back pain.  Taking the time to ensure you keep good posture can lead to many health benefits.

You will breathe better, have sharper focus, improve your mood, and even improve digestion.

Proper posture can also improve your energy levels and your circulation.

Detailed Craftsmanship

handicraft details

Every one of their pieces is uniquely handcrafted. Each part is carefully and neatly placed with the goal of durability and a sturdy structure in mind.

Their webbing technique, paired with the coil springs, helps supply the highest relaxation level.

This technique is known as eight-way hand-tying, and it's been used by artisans for generations.

Kiln-Dried Wood

Kiln-dried wood is used in the construction of our chair frames. Each piece is closely and accurately cut and firmly fitted.

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The wood is hardwood lumber and guaranteed to hold up for quite some time.

use kiln dried wood

Kiln-dried wood is better as the moisture within the wood is controlled. This process helps decrease the chance of defects occurring, allowing it to remain durable.

Kiln also helps tackle more severe problems that can occur in wood.

Tip: Because the wood becomes stronger without moisture, it holds up much better against use.


Huntington House knows its furniture helps make memories and brings families together by creating endless special memories. So when you ask, is Huntington House Furniture good quality?

Understanding the various components of any piece of furniture is essential when buying it.

Huntington House knows these factors and applies them when creating their top-quality, sustainable, beautiful furniture.

They also have a deep understanding of how meaningful and important furniture is within a household.

You will know, without a doubt, that they are a few steps above the rest.