how to strip paint from garage door
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to strip paint from garage door is quite an essential skill. It comes in handy, especially during home refurbishment.

Bringing back a fading painted garage door to its original appearance can sometimes seem to be a herculean but unavoidable task.

As I bet, you are tired of its continuous irritating look. Especially when you come home every day, and a faded painted garage door is the first thing you see.

Not to mention when people drive or walk past your house, they notice the garage door first.

As a result, this often-overlooked door reveals a lot about your home and overall image. 

So, how do you strip paint from a garage door and replace it with a shinier new one?

You can strip paint from your garage door by preparing the surface you are going to work on. Clean it and scrape off the paint. Afterward, add the right paint remover to round the process off.

Why You Have To Strip Paint from Your Garage Door

why have to strip paint

The appearance of your garage door can tell a lot about your home. 

And you do not want your neighbors or strangers to get the wrong impression about your home.

Or do you?

A clean, immaculate, and sparkling garage door communicates that you are in control of your affairs.

Whereas a dirty, damaged and peeled garage door detracts from the aesthetic attractiveness of your home, it rather communicates neglect.

Nonetheless, exposure to elements such as wind, rain, and sunlight can cause your garage door to lose its paint over time. You will need to it scraped off and replaced.

This is why it is critical to understand how to properly remove paint from a garage door. 

Let’s look at some expert advice so you can strip paint from garage doors.

Preparatory Steps for Stripping Paint Off Your Garage Door

preparatory steps

Step #1. Prepare Your Work Environment

Make sure your working environment is safe and easy to work in before you begin your task of stripping the paint off.

You need to consider space and ventilation as stripping paint off a garage door is an exhausting task.

You should also remove delicate items that can get destroyed or damaged during your work.

Most importantly, keep children and pets out of your workspace.

Step #2: Wear Protective Gear

wear protective gears

As you make efforts in ensuring that your workspace is safe, also do well to protect yourself.

You can wear a long-sleeved shirt, closed shoes, and overall on top and pants to cover your body.

Wear safety glasses or goggles also to protect your eyes.

Wear a respirator or face mask to minimize the rate at which you inhale toxic fumes that come from the paint and paint remover.

These chemicals are usually found in a few paint strippers and removers.

Additionally, do not begin work without your hand gloves.

Step #3: Apply the Recommended Paint Remover 

apply paint remover

In choosing the right paint remover, check to see whether it is oil-based, acrylic, water-based, or latex.

Bear in mind that there are differences in paint strippers that are made for each type of paint.

And using the wrong one can lead to frustration while trying to strip off the paint off your garage door. 

So, getting the right one can make the process of stripping paint off easy.

To use a paint stripper or remover, you have to put the chemical solution in an empty bowl.

The quantity should depend on the exact amount of paint that you wish to strip off.

Then make use of a disposable brush while carefully applying the solution to the garage door.

Make sure to apply on every corner you want to strip off. Once this is done, you need to give it some time for the paint remover to relax and do its work.

How to Strip Paint From Garage Door?

how to strip paint

The following guidelines are easy-to-follow DIY steps in order to properly and completely strip paint from garage doors.

Step #1. Remove Dirt from Garage Door Surface

This is the first step to take in the process of removing paint from a garage door surface.

You are to make sure all dirt on the door surface is cleared off.

It is crucial to initially use a hose or a power washer on low settings to remove any loose dirt or debris that may be present.

Not only will you be working with a relatively clean surface, but the mechanical action of the water may also aid to loosen any paint that has already started to chip.

 Tip: Give the garage door at least 24 hours to dry off before stripping off old paint.

Step #2. Strip Old Paint from Garage Door Surface

strip old paint

The second step requires you to get your hands a bit dirty. So you can get prepared by wearing gloves.

When you are set to work, get a putty knife or equivalent scraping instrument. These instruments can be used to remove loose paint.

Although the procedure of peeling metal paint is very simple, still you can’t afford to take any chances.

Fortunately, you are in a much better position if you need to scrape paint off an aluminum door.

Metal is a nonporous surface that does not allow for robust paint adherence. Furthermore, its toughness enables harsh abrasion-based stripping procedures.

Still, be cautious, else, you risk damaging the underlying surface.

Tip: Make sure to get rid of any sticky paint from nooks and crevices as well.

Step #3. Look Out For Remaining Bits of Faded Paint

look for faded paint

It can be quite impossible to get all of the faded paint out on the aluminum surface at once.

Therefore we advise you to apply mineral spirits to any remaining bits of paint.

You can do this using a rag. Then remove the paint by scrubbing it with steel wool.

Make sure to repeat the process until you are satisfied with the outcome of your garage door appearance.

Tip: If you don't have mineral spirits, you can make use of white vinegar. It is also proven that vinegar works wonders on stubborn paint stains.

Step #4. Clean the Garage Door

clean garage door

Mineral spirits will usually remove the majority of the remaining paint. This is factual, especially with the added effort of scraping.

The next step is to wash the door down once all of the paint has been removed to eliminate any dust or debris that may have remained.

Note: Make sure to leave the air dry before repainting.


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How Do I Strip Off Paint From A Wooden Garage Door?

To remove dirt and grime, use a garden hose to spray the garage door. With a nylon scrub brush, remove any tenacious debris.

Allow for total air drying of the garage door. With a paint scraper, scrape off any loose, peeling, or chipping paint.

The wood grain should be followed. Scraping intact paint will cause the wood to be harmed, so don’t do it.

To remove any residual paint on the garage door, sand it with 30-grit sandpaper. Following the wood grain, rub back and forth. 

What Tools Can Be Used To Remove Paint From Metal Garage Doors?

To remove paint from metal garage doors, you need to assemble the following tools; 

Paint Scraper, Heat Gun, Angle Grinder with Strip Disk,  Paint Stripper/paint remover,  Drop cloth,  Plastic sheets, newspapers or cardboard to protect surfaces, and Heat-resistant gloves.

Others include; Chemical-resistant gloves, Safety goggles, Long sleeves, Dust masks, Hearing protection (when using the angle grinder), and a Putty knife.

You can also make use of other tools like:

  • Chip brushes
  • Disposable pots or pans,
  • Hard-bristled brushes,
  • Paint strippers,
  • Disposable containers,
  • Clean rags,
  • Mineral spirits, and
  • Water.


In conclusion, it is essential you learn how to strip paint from a garage door. This is because it contributes largely to the overall outlook of your home.

It stands where it can be seen, thus critical to keep it in good-looking condition.

The paint of your garage can quickly fade due to exposure to wind, sunlight, rain, or over time.

However, you can still give your wooden or metal garage door a new coat of paint, but not without stripping off the old.

Regardless of the state of your current wooden or metal garage door, you can effectively remove flaky paint from it.