do you tip garage door installers
Kristina Davis

The rules for tipping tradespeople have always been confusing, so do you tip garage door installers after doing their job?

In this article, we’ll dive into a variety of grey areas around tipping garage door installers and elaborate on the burning issue;

To Tip or Not To Tip...

If you feel like showing appreciation for a job well done, then anything like a percentage of the total pay or between ten bucks and twenty bucks would be fair game.

You can tip garage door installers. However, most people don’t tip them at all, while some might want to show gratitude for their work. In general, service professionals are paid hourly wages by their employers so tipping them isn’t necessary or customary.

What Garage Door Installers Think About Tipping

what garage installer door thinki

The job of the garage door installer is not the most exciting job. However, many employees are satisfied with their compensation for this type of position.

Even though it may seem like a hard life, there are a lot of perks that come along with being a garage door installer.

But that’s just an assumption!

The truth is most of them never really expect a tip from you, but they wouldn’t turn it down either.

It could be possible that small garage door companies invest more in their employees.

There may be more satisfaction among workers for these companies than those working for large corporations.

Large corporations tend to underpay their garage installers because loyalty and years of experience do not count as much with larger organizations.

Note: If you decide not to tip them, it is totally fine!

Tipping as a Tradition

tipping tradition

Here’s the deal. Tipping is expected in the US and other Western countries, so as much as you like to keep your money, you may find yourself tipping at least 10% of the service offered.

This means that the ideal answer to the question do you tip garage door opener installer is more of a cultural thing.

Since service workers and tradespeople make less than minimum wage and depend on tips, it’s pretty cold to stiff them.

Therefore, when in Rome, simply do as Romans do. When there is an ingrown tipping tradition, you should strongly consider tipping the garage door installer.

Do Some research

Don’t assume that how things are done in your home country will be the same everywhere; that could lead to awkward situations when you get there.

However, different parts of the world may not have these same practices.

While traveling abroad, do some research first and find out what is standard tipping practices for garage installers in the places you’ll be visiting.

Note: The bottom line: if you tip correctly in each place you go, everyone will be happy.

When You Should Probably Tip

when to tip

With tipping having many gray areas, in the following instances, inevitably, you should almost always tip your garage door installer:

A Regular Garage Door Installer

A really lovely way to make sure a tradie like a garage door installer does a good job is to tip.

If you have another assignment coming up and you know they could be the one, this will most likely pay off. A good relationship over time is always great.

The easiest thing you can do is say thanks and drop some coins. It’s common courtesy to show appreciation, especially when the tradespeople have done a great job.

Simple things like a thank you or leaving some snacks in their lunch break room goes a long way to maintaining goodwill between you and their crew and quality work on site.

Note: Home services are expensive. You may be tempted to tip your garage installer an additional amount, but don’t worry! If a garage installation cost you more than $1,000 a $20-50 tip is good enough.

Clean Up After Job Done

clean up

Some garage installers agree that cleaning up is part of their job. And so, they make sure to leave the place looking better than how they found it.

It would help if you tipped anyone who does their job wholeheartedly well.

After all, the tiniest act of kindness can go a long way in someone’s life – and even at work.

Although cleaning and other menial jobs are considered part of the job description and not worthy of a tip, garage door installers who go above and beyond their job description should be rewarded.

Going beyond the call of duty can include cleaning up after yourself and your mess and cleaning up after others. 

It’s in these moments that I feel tipping is appropriate.

When They Are Polite

Everybody smiles when they see people be courteous, so it’s always welcome to reward them in return.

There’s nothing nicer than a warm welcome and friendly service, so take care of those garage door installers who take care of you.

Note: A hint of a tip after work will likely boost the garage door installer's morale and make him even do a better job

When Not To Tip

when not tip

Here are some instances where you probably shouldn’t tip the garage door installer:

You Aren’t Present

If the garage installer did the job in your absence, it wouldn’t be wise to tip since you haven’t ascertained the quality of their work.

However, you can tip later after checking their work quality at your home or premises.

 Poorly Done Job

Different garage door installers will do different quality work. Always expect the job done to vary from impeccable to outright shoddy work.

It would be best if you never appreciated a shoddy job, so don’t tip.

Also, leave a negative review on review platforms for a job poorly done so that others don’t receive poor service in the future.

Note: If a garage door installer did horrible work, you could also raise a complaint with the parent company that employs them.

When You Don’t Feel like Tipping

dont feel like tipping

Let’s face it if you don’t want to tip, then don’t do it. Never feel obliged to tip under any circumstances.

If you’re frugal, saving, and are cash-strapped, giving a tip will make you feel bad later by putting a small dent in your overall financial targets.

Smoking Installers

If you aren’t open to the garage door installer smoking on your premises, you should clarify it beforehand.

If they go ahead and smoke anyway, it’s a show of rudeness and no respect for the client/customer. Ensure their employer gets to know this and doesn’t tip at all.

Taking Long Breaks

Tradespeople who take extended breaks are often dishonest or outright lazy.

They are usually paid by the hour, and stretching a lunch break beyond the required time means wasting time.

Remember, this might translate into paying more for the installation (including the hours they wasted doing nothing).

Alternatives to Tipping your Garage Door Installer

tipping alternatives

If you feel you received excellent service, you’re probably wondering do you tip garage door installers, especially after they’ve left your garage looking stunning.

However, it doesn’t have to be monetary.

You could also show your appreciation by bringing food or drinks for the contractor and his staff.

If he’s okay with it, you can get some pizzas or a six-pack of beer by halfway through the job.

If he doesn’t accept cash, consider leaving him good reviews online. They’re often more effective than an envelope full of money anyway.

Many contractors would even appreciate the opportunity to use your bathroom!

Fact: Reviews help your garage door installer attract new customers, consider that option if it works well for you! 

Mentions in reviews often increase profits for contractors and help other homeowners looking for reliable contractors near them.

Get a Good Garage Door Installer

get garage installer

When looking for a reliable garage door installer, don’t be afraid to shop around.

If a company has a strong history of treating its customers well, that’s something you can trust.

It’s pretty easy for installers to skimp on quality or not finish the job correctly.

But if you hire truly professional installers from the start, you can trust that they understand the importance of leaving your home in better condition than before they arrived.

Final Thought on Do You Tip Garage Door Installers

So do you tip garage door installers? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to tipping garage door installers.

But if you work closely with them, it’s always wise to tip generously.

An excellent garage door installer will remember clients who give good tips, and they’ll offer special deals to make sure they get your business time and time again.

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