how to build a free standing pallet wall
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to build a free standing pallet wall will help you to partition your room appropriately.

It will also help you use it as both a bedroom and a workspace.

First, you must select the pallet you want to make use of. Afterward, you ascertain the length and breadth of your pallet wall, grab your tools and install.

What Is A Free Standing Pallet Wall?

pallet wall

A pallet wall is a sort of wall constructed utilizing flat wooden ply with wooden studs.

A free-standing pallet wall is a pallet wall that doesn’t require support from the roof and is steady on the ground.

Free-standing pallet walls can be worked with reused wooden pallets.

You can use a variety of materials depending on your creativity. What’s additionally extraordinary is the way that you can organize the pallets in any way you like.

You can put them at any point or any level that seems ok for the space where they will be introduced.

This article will be discussing tips on how to build a free standing pallet wall.

Tip: Knowing how to build a free standing pallet wall is quite different from knowing how to build a free standing pallet backdrop.

What Are The Uses Of the Free Standing Pallet Wall?

pallet wall uses

It can be utilized in various ways. You will require a couple of instruments to make a valuable and stylish pallet wall.

You could improve and paint the pallet wall to give it a dynamic look. Below are some of the uses of the free standing pallet wall.

  • These walls can be utilized as room dividers.
  • It can likewise be utilized as a banner holder.
  • It very well may be utilized as a presentation wall, to show data, menus in eateries, to show photographs, and so on.
  • These pallet walls can be utilized as impermanent fencing walls.
  • It can as be used as a photo backdrop and video wall
  • It tends to be utilized to light up regions and to brighten any occasions

How To Build A Free Standing Pallet Wall?

building free standing pallet wall

Pallets are made out of wood. You can make a fascinating piece for yourself if you have time.

Just a couple of pallets, a screwdriver, a drill, screws, nails, a hammer, dowel poles, or something almost identical to help support numerous boards in front.

Below are step-by-step processes on how to make a free standing pallet wall.

Get Free Pallets

Before knowing how to build a free pallet wall, the first step is to get pallets. It is very important to consistently ask before taking any pallets from any place.

Avoid large business and production organizations. This is because most of them usually plan to recycle their pallets.

Focus on nearby stores that get a little yet consistent inventory of pallets. They are typically glad to offer their pallets. 

They usually get untreated, single-use pallets and little delivery cartons. And these are perfect for reusing. 

Tip: You can also check gardens, niche stores, new business openings, and new building sites.

Choose Only Safe Pallets

choose safe pallets

Some pallets are most certainly more secure to work with than others! Never utilize stained or painted pallets.

The exhaust and residue from these pallets can be incredibly risky to work with.

Cutting wood with paints and sealants delivers their substance compounds very high. And this can all be hurtful to individuals and pets.

Pallet makers are currently expected to check their pallets with a two-letter code.

This recognizes how they were made and treated. Make certain to choose just pallets with the HT image brand.

Heat Treating (HT) is a protected strategy that includes taking wood to a high temperature preceding use. 

Keep away from pallets stepped with the letters MB. MB represents Methyl Bromide fumigation.

This is showered on pallets by certain producers to assist with staying away from decay and bugs without heat treating.

Note: Heat treating obliterates microorganisms and bugs in the wood, preparing them for business use.

Gather Other Vital Tools And Supplies

tools and supplies

In knowing how to build a free standing pallet wall, apart from pallets you need other tools and supplies that include the following:

  • A Saw & 80-Grit Sandpaper
  • Bolts, Nails, And Screws
  • Pine Wood & A Screwdriver
  • A Protective Sheet
  • A Power Drill & Wood Glue
  • Wood Finish, Shelving Feet

Cleaning The Pallet Wood

cleaning wood pallet

Regardless of how clean pallets could look, they ought to be continuously cleaned and disinfected before being brought inside.

Make use of adequate protective wear, while working with pallets for individual security. For example, use gloves, goggles, and sunset veils

The most straightforward method for this cleaning task is while the wood is as yet connected in a pallet structure. Utilize a basic power washer.

You will be astonished at how effectively soil, oil, and grime can be removed from old pallet wood just by utilizing a high-pressure splash of water.

Splash in even strokes with the wood grain to hold back from causing furrows or splinters from the high tension water. 

Tip: Abstain from utilizing direct and cruel nozzles that can chip and harm the wood.

Take Apart The Pallets

Prior to constructing that wall, you want to dismantle those pallets. You need a reciprocating saw with a construction blade.

Twelve inches is awesome for this with an elastic hammer and you are good to go.

Lay the pallet on one side, and put the sharp edge between the sheets – cut down and cut off the nails.

If the nails in the pallet are truly close – you can utilize an elastic hammer to hit a couple of the boards too lax.

Repeat on the opposite side. Chop down the center – and that is all there is to it!

You can eliminate the loose pieces of the nail heads with a level head screwdriver by popping them out is genuinely basic.

Ascertain The Length Of The Free Standing Pallet Wall

pallet wall length

Normally, the pallet walls should be built like the level of entryways. Don’t make it longer if there’s no need.

After deciding on the level of the pallet wall, cut a couple of bits of wood. Use a wood saw for this stage.

Slice two bits of pinewood. Use it to make the base and top of the free standing pallet wall.

Install Some Studs And Smoothen The Sides Of The Wood With An 80-Coarseness Sandpaper

You should introduce a couple of studs.  Make a hole of no less than fifteen inches.

Count the number of studs to put. Make the cuts depending on this quantity.

To eliminate rough edges in the wood pieces, use 80-coarse sandpaper to streamline the wood pieces.

Make A Drill On The Plates And Place Openings To Put The Screws

drill the pallets

At this stage, you will require an electrical drill alongside a 1/16 inches boring tool.

Place the plates in a manner to the larger surface of the plates. Drill the spots you marked for studs.

For a stud, make two openings. Introduce the screw into the openings and screw tip.

Use wood gum on the studs. Do this stage for all stud marks.

Organize The Pallets

Carry a plate, and utilize it as the top one for the pallet wall. Presently, take a layer of the paneling and keep it on top of the studs.

Should any additional paneling be left, eliminate it. Organize the pallets and arrange them together.

Use a hammer and a 3-inches bolt to organize the pallets.

Increase The Breadth And Length

pallet breadth and length

On the off chance that you are intending to hide part of your home with a free standing pallet wall, you can utilize this as a wall.

You should expand the length and breadth of the free-standing pallet wall. You can involve this as a wall too.

You will just have to make the entire free-standing pallet wall a piece bigger.


Add little subtleties to the free standing pallet wall to embellish it. You can as well paint it but ensure that the variety praises your room.

You can also utilize the wall as a showcase wall. Just construct a couple of additional segments on the wall, then put little masterpieces.

You can likewise balance photos on the pallet wall. 

Tip: You can print a couple of photos of your loved ones and balance them on the pallet wall to beautify it.


A free standing pallet wall is an extraordinary expansion to your home or office, furnishing you with various advantages.

It’s exceptionally simple to construct and can be produced using different materials. Its advantages additionally can’t be undervalued. 

This blog has explicitly explained the steps on how to build a free standing pallet wall.

If you follow the stages above, you can build your pallet wall to your taste and save cost.