how to dispose of patio furniture
Kristina Davis

You are here because you are wondering how to dispose patio furniture right? Patio furniture is a useful furniture piece as they have a lot of uses and versatility.

But they can get old and dirty and we are left wondering how to dispose of patio furniture?

There are numerous reasons why people want to dispose of their furniture but are left in a dilemma because they do not know how to go about it.

If you are caught in such a situation. Well, then this article is just right for you, as we will be exploring what patio furniture is.

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We will also be exploring its benefits and how we can dispose of them when they are old, worn-out or when we obtain newer ones.

Patio Furniture

the patio furniture

Patio furniture can also be referred to as garden furniture or outdoor furniture.

These are sets of furniture mostly made from reusable and recyclable materials used majorly for outdoor activities.

Patio furniture is usually eco-friendly and is weather resistant which is why they are mostly used for outdoor activities.

Why Patio Furniture?

I love to have the same ambiance in my living room replicated outside so that I can relax and be comfortable.

Whether I’m in my living room or in my garden, my patio furniture has to be the best.

Although Patio furniture is mostly for outdoor uses, they are very versatile in design and style. They are mostly used as garden furniture and also for outdoor events.

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Durability & Comfort

patio durability and comfortability

Another benefit of patio furniture is its durability and comfortability. Due to their various versatility, they give extra beauty to our gardens and the exterior of our homes.

Garden furniture is as old as indoor furniture, probably older as they can be dated back to ancient Greek and ancient Egypt which they used in their gardens and sometimes in their homes.

A good example of ancient patio furniture is wicker furniture made from reeds and furniture made from concrete.

Note: Unlike regular upholstery, patio furniture is made from different materials ranging from metal, plastic, synthetic fabrics, and also wood itself.

Types of Patio Furniture based on Materials

types of patio furniture

All patios have similar benefits but some are more used in certain situations than others.

It is important that one knows how to select the right furniture depending on your style and what you intend to use it for.

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Selecting the right furniture will determine how to dispose of old patio furniture when you no longer need them.

Below are some of the most popular types of patio furniture by materials;

Aluminum, Plastic, And Synthetic Patio Furniture

This type of outdoor furniture is lightweight furniture made either from aluminum, plastic, or synthetic-based materials.

They are most cost-effective, versatile in style, and can be multi-purpose.

plastic furniture

They are also easy to clean and maintain. But are affected by certain weather conditions, such as over-exposure to sunlight, and would require storage during stormy and cold weather.

Steel And Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Patio furniture made from steel and iron is one of the most durable sets. As they can fully withstand any weather condition.

The only downside to steel furniture is its weight as it tends to be very heavy making moving it around difficult. 

They are also prone to rust when exposed to moist and salty air and would require occasional painting.

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Rattan and Wicker Patio Furniture

wicker furniture

This is regarded as the oldest material used for patio furniture, they are woven and can be styled into numerous designs.

They are obtained from stalks and branches.

Although there are modern synthetic resins that are very durable, lightweight, cost-effective, weather-resistant, easy to clean, and require no painting or treatments.

Note: It is resistant to frost, water, and even UV rays from the sun.

Wood Patio Furniture

Natural wood can also be used in making outdoor furniture, they are also one of the oldest and most widely used materials for making patio furniture.

They are lightweight and can last for quite a long duration of time.

They can as well withstand certain weather conditions aside from excess moisture or dry air.

the wood furniture

They come in a variety of numerous designs and styles. Who wouldn’t love a sturdy rocking piece of furniture to relax in, sitting pretty on your Patio?

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I would, lol!

Note: Outdoor wood furniture will require constant maintenance from UV rays and water.

Tips For Selecting The Right Furniture

When looking to purchase your patio furniture, there are a few tips to consider which will be helpful in selecting the right furniture for your garden and home.

choosing patio furniture

Tip #1: Material selection

When selecting, a good rule of thumb is to select a material that is quite similar to your home design.

Let’s say, you have a modern home design, it will suit you well to select furniture that is modern in design.

And if your home is quite of an older design, like an English cottage, do so well to purchase a design that suits your home.

Tip #2: Climate consideration

Consider the climate and weather conditions of your state or country.

In doing this, you are preparing yourself, as certain weather conditions can affect the lifespan of your furniture.

And this will reduce the amount of moving and storage of your furniture during unfavorable weather.

Tip #3: Maintenance consideration

consider the maintenance

Go for easy to maintain and clean furniture. This might not seem like a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of time if you get furniture that is easy to clean and maintain.

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While it is a general benefit of patio furniture to be easy to clean, some of them are quite easier to clean.

Tip #4: Go for double purpose garden furniture

A lot of patio furniture is built in such a way that they aren’t easily movable and quite defined for just a single-use.

It is a good idea to opt for outdoor furniture which is multipurpose such as furniture used for relaxing in the garden and can still be used as guest seats during little outdoor events.

Method of Disposing Patio Furniture – Best Options!

furniture disposal methods

Depending on the type of material used in making the furniture, disposing of patio furniture can either be easy or challenging.

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While materials such as plastic, synthetic fabrics, and aluminum are easy to dispose of, steel can be quite a bit of a headache.

Very shortly we will be looking at the various methods of how to dispose of patio furniture.

Majorly, there are three ways of disposing of patio furniture and they are;

  1. Recycling
  2. Refurbishing and donating
  3. Hiring the service of a hauling company

#1. Recycling

A lot of garden furniture is made from recyclable materials such as plastic, aluminum, or steel.

And can be recycled to make either a new set of furniture or something entirely different.

try recycling

You can visit recycling organizations in your community or anywhere in your state and give it up for recycling.

#2. Refurbishing And Donating

Old outdoor furniture can be donated to charity organizations or to friends and families.

Old Patio furniture such as wood and wicker which cannot be recycled can be refurbished if they aren’t too damaged, giving it a newer and presentable look.

That way they can be donated to charity organizations which in turn give them out to persons in need.

#3. Hiring The Service Of A Hauling Company

hire a hauling service

Perhaps you do not desire to go through all these long processes of looking for a recycling company or a charity organization.

Especially when the furniture is heavy, too old, or too damaged.

Note: There are hauling companies we can call to move our old furniture for us and will do either of the above-mentioned disposal methods.

In Conclusion

I believe you have learned how to dispose of patio furniture and I hope this article was helpful. Instead of leaving that old patio furniture to occupy your home and spaces.

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It is best to dispose of them in proper ways such as stated above. And also consider buying new ones because what’s a garden without patio furniture?

Ensure to follow the tips when buying new furniture as it adds style to your home.