turn old mattress into couch
Kristina Davis

The lifelong question most homeowners like us have is how do I turn old mattress into couch?

We’ve all experienced seeing a mattress that is not being used in the house. It could be a mattress of any size.

So, I did what I had to do to recycle it – I looked for ways how I can do so.

A mattress in itself is already a useful piece of furniture, what more if you transform it into something that’s better and more useful?

To make a couch out of an old mattress, first, measure the size of the mattress, then prepare all the materials you will need for it. After that, cut it according to the style and design you want, and then cover it up with a cloth before placing it onto the frame.

Whether you want to turn old memory foam mattress into couch, or if you have a regular type of mattress that you’re eager to turn into a couch, I got you!

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Before the process, let us first enumerate the materials you’ll need.

Materials You’ll Need to Turn Old Mattress Into Couch

items required

For every DIY thing, physical and mental preparedness is everything. Make sure that you have everything you need.

I would suggest securing the following materials so you can put your eyes more on the process of transforming it into a couch.

1. Frame or Wood 

This will be the main support or body of the couch you’ll be using. Without the frame, the piece of mattress will rest on the floor or the ground where you will place it.

Note: You can purchase the frame independently.

However, if you know how to do woodworking, you can create your own frame using different sizes of wood and plywood.

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2. Scissors

You’ll need scissors for cutting or for cutting cloth or string components of the mattress.

If you’re not fond of using scissors, you can also use a cutter as a substitute tool for it.

You can also use a knife if you think that it’s more effective for cutting through these types of materials.

3. Saw (Hand Saw or Power Saw)

For the cutting of the mattress (which in some cases you’ll need), you can use a hand saw for manual cutting.

You can choose to use an automatic power tool if you want to perform automatic cutting, whatever works better for you works fine.

4. Sewing Machine

You can use a sewing machine or plain needles and threads to cover your mattress. I suggest using a sewing machine for even and consistent sewing patterns.

If you don’t know how to use one, you can go and do the manual sewing process, although it will take you long hours to accomplish.

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5. Cloth/Cover

This component will be the cradle of the style and design of your sofa. Without a cover, your mattress will look like it was just refurbished. Make sure that you’ll put a cloth to cover the cushion.

6. Pliers

Lastly, I would STRONGLY recommend preparing a pair of pliers as a backup tool in case you need extra grip, strength, and functionality. Any type of pliers would do.

6 Easy Steps to Turn Old Mattress Into Couch

make couch steps

A lot of people find it daunting; they think of it as a complex assignment where they need to spend hours researching.

Luckily for you, I did the research! I will present the method to you in the fastest and easiest way for you to understand!

Step #1: Measure the Mattress

The first thing you want to do is measure your mattress. Knowing the length, width, and girth of your mattress will help you with the cutting, sizing, and framing of the couch you are about to create.

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If it’s too big for what you want, cut the mattress in half. On the contrary, if it’s just the same size, proceed to Step 2.

Note: NEVER EVER SKIP MEASUREMENT! Doing so can result in inaccuracy with the cover and frame of your couch.

Cutting the Mattress

I always recommend using a hand saw or a power saw in cutting your mattress.

Other than the fact that it can get faster results, it’s actually a lot safer compared to forcing a cutter through it.

Moreover, a regular cutter or a pair of scissors wouldn’t be strong enough to cut through the thick fabric.

Be sure to measure it out first before cutting; you don’t want an inaccurate couch, do you?

Once cut, it will be extremely complicated to glue and assemble the cut pieces back together, so it’s better to slice it accurately on the first try.

Step #2: Remove the Springs

remove springs

Depending on the mattress you have, there could be springs as well as other types of support. Now, what I’ll suggest in this step is to remove those.

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Apart from them being dangerous, the way it’s put up could change, causing inconvenience and uncomfortability after you finish the project.

So, proceed to remove it by cutting the mattress open, revealing the springs.

You can remove it using pliers; refrain from removing it by hand. These springs would usually be stuck with the fillers, and sometimes even the inner cover.

Note: You can also choose not to remove the springs if you want to.

It is just that, some people find it more comfortable without the springs attached to the fillers inside the mattress.

Step #3: Get a Frame For in the Size of the Mattress

Whether you have your own woodwork or if you’re planning on purchasing one, the next step you need to do is prepare the frame of your mattress.

Now, this is where the measuring part is crucial. In choosing a frame, you don’t want one that is exactly the same size as your mattress.

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Make sure that it’s slightly longer, thicker, and bigger so that the mattress fits right into the frame.

If the mattress is the same size as the frame, it could exceed the frame when it’s pressed against it (when you sit on it).

Step #4: Create the Cover 

After that, the next step is to create the cover of your mattress. A thin, simple cloth can serve as its cover, but you can also sew a thick type of cloth if you want to add a bit more volume to it.

The cover will usually be the exterior or the outer layer of the mattress. It’ll be what you’ll sit on, it’ll be what will touch the frame, etc.

Step #5: Sew the Inner Part of the Mattress

sew mattress

When you have the cover available, the next step is to sew the inner part of the mattress. This step will usually be applicable if you’ve cut or sliced the mattress.

But, if the inner part of the mattress is spoiled and you want to fix it, you can proceed with this step, too.

Note: Depending on the type of mattress you have, the inner portion (fillers) of the mattress could already be coated or covered. 

So, this is what you want to fix in this particular step.

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Step #6: Sew the Cover of the Mattress Over

Lastly, cover the mattress with a cloth to cover it up. The cover will be the exterior of the mattress.

Cover it up completely to avoid any piece of the interior showing – you don’t want that to ruin the aesthetics of your new furniture, right?

And that’s it!

That is the complete process of how you can transform your mattress into another piece of furniture you can add to your home!

Can You Turn an Old Mattress Into a Couch Without a Frame?

without frame

Yes, in fact, the type of sofa you can produce will usually depend on the design of the couch you’re looking for.

One of the best ways you can do this is by cutting the side edge of the mattress so that the mattress would have a backrest or a cushion that would support your back when you decide to sit back.

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For this, though, you won’t need a frame. However, it will be better to install a few pieces of plywood on the backrest to support it and for it not to lean and extend excessively.

To turn your old mattress into a couch, simply measure it, and then produce a frame that is of the same size.

Lastly, cover it with a piece of cloth, and fit the cushion into the frame properly.

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Final Verdict

When you try it out, you’ll find that it was never hard to turn old mattress into couch.

With the right tools and the right guide, you can finish it swiftly and accurately.

Save this guide so you have a go-to tutorial on how you can transform an old piece of the cushion into brand new-looking furniture.