can i wash black and red together
Kristina Davis

Can I wash black and red together? You may ask this question if you accidentally mixed your white clothes with darker shades.

🤔 But does that make any difference when you combine red and black?

The truth is that turning all your white clothes into blue or pink could lead to undesired consequences.

Washing dark colors with light ones can discolor your whites. Having been in a similar position before, I can attest to how annoying it can be.

But is it different for red and black? Can I wash red and black clothes together?

Yes, you can wash your red and black clothes together, but follow proper guidelines to ensure your red clothes do not bleed color. 

The Color Bleeding Fiasco

the color bleeding

Color bleeding after washing is a common problem with many different types of fabrics, but it is more common with black and red fabrics.

As soon as you remove them from the machine and observe the damage, it will be too late to make any repairs.

✅ Lighter-colored fabrics can take on a pinkish hue from red cloth and grayish hues from black fabric.

Naturally, there will always be a mix of dark and light items in your laundry, as this is the norm.

If you are like most individuals, you have probably wondered if it is safe to wash a red shirt with darks.

Tip: Always flip your garments inside out before throwing them in the washer, as it lowers the possibility of dye transfer. 

Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors for Laundry

laundry mixing colors

As the dye from one item of clothing can transfer to others, it is essential to wash items separately.

When I finally got around to doing my laundry one winter day, I bundled up all my socks and sweaters and threw them into the washing machine.

🤔 And I wind up destroying all of my clothing, you know why?

Because I accidentally washed my white sweaters with my red socks, and all of my white sweaters became pink.

It was distressing. It set me on a research expedition to find out why color bleeds

The Mystery of Mixing Darker Clothes With Lighter Ones

mixing colors mystery

How often have you heard experts say you should not wash darker clothes with lighter ones? A lot, right?

However, there is more to this than simply avoiding mixing dark and light items in the wash.

✅ Yes, you should not wash brand-new clothes in the laundry right away because the dye may run. 

Why Bleeding Happens When Washing Clothes?

why the bleeding happens

The excess color causes bleeding on the garments after production.

That is why the dye is more likely to bleed in newer and darker-colored garments.

Because new garments retain a substantial amount of excess dye after the maiden wash, so, it is always recommended to wash new garments separately from items with lighter colors.

The darker-hued garments also contain an excessive amount of dye.

A small amount of this dye washed off, but their effect is more pronounced on lighter-hued garments due to the darker hues. 

Likewise, lighter-colored clothing loses its color, but it does not affect the color of other fabrics.

Tip: Using a small quantity of slats and vinegar will help prevent color from bleeding through, but remember, vinegar can deteriorate some fabrics. 

Can I Wash Black and Red Together or Not?

black and red together

The short answer is “yes,” you may toss that red shirt in with your darks. The red shirt will not spoil your other garments if you follow certain steps, though.

If both materials are already rather dark, any stray dye in the water probably will not affect the other much.

It is still a good idea to avoid any unwanted color runoff by washing them in cold water.

consider this one

Similarly, you need to check if your detergent contains bleach or not. If it does, ensure that it is “color-safe” bleach, or else you will be in trouble.

If you do not take precautions, you can end up destroying your expensive red shirt by accident. 

Note: You may prevent your red shirt from fading by soaking it in a solution of white vinegar and cold water for at least half an hour before washing. 

The color will be set and will not run if you do this. 

Washing a Red Shirt With Blacks

black shirt with red

Can I wash red and black together?

So long as you use the delicate cycle and cold water on your washer, it is okay to wash a red shirt with blacks or other colors.

If you want to keep the colors true, you should also stay away from chlorine bleach.

Proper washing can make your red garments look good for years. Hand-washing is a great idea, but machine-washing works just fine too.

If you want to keep your reds from bleeding, wash them in cold water. In fact, the finest results for your clothes come from using the coldest setting.

It is essential to give your washing machine a good cleaning before you use it to wash your clothes.

To get rid of the last traces of soap and grime, wring off the excess water.  

Tip: Consider adding a tablespoon of salt in the wash when washing your red shirt with black to help maintain the color of your garments. 

Washing Reds With Other Colors

washing others with reds

Now that you have figured out that it is possible to wash reds and blacks together, what about other color combinations with red?

Knowing what colors can be washed together is essential so you do not accidentally fade your items.

Automatic washing machines have made it easier to keep up with laundry, but they are not always effective.

Therefore, you should know the do’s and don’ts when sorting laundry.

Tip: Do not overload your washing machine; it is vital to determine how much laundry can fit inside before loading the washer. 

Washing Red With Whites

washing whites with reds

While washing your red clothes with darker shades is possible, you need to think twice when combining reds with whites.

Do not wash your whites with your colors if you value their integrity.

In contrast to hot water, cold water is a much better choice, but it might cause color transfer even then.

Strict guidelines must be followed when washing whites with other colors. 

what you need to consider

For instance, you need to separate your clothes into three piles:

  • Whites that can be washed in bleach
  • Lights that can be washed together
  • Darks that won’t bleed

So, what is the trick to sorting whites and colors in the laundry? Any rule has room for a few outliers.

But still, never, ever, should a load consisting entirely of bright colors have even a single white item added to it.   

You can treat a load of colorfast products the same way you would a load of whites. 

Note: Just be sure to use colored detergent when washing items that either include spandex or have a colorful pattern. 

Washing Red and Blue Together

washing blue and red together

Assuming both the blue and red fabrics are sufficiently dark, they may be washed together.

You can safely wash dark colors like navy blue and red together, but you should use a cold wash cycle to minimize the loss of color.

The blue and red can be washed together if they are both quite light in color.

However, the red fabric is notorious for leaking dye into the wash water, so be wary of washing any light reds with whites or other light colors.

what the conclusion is

A pale red is more of a greyish or drab red than a bright, vibrant red.

Light red fabric with a lot of vibrancy should not be washed with other colors since it may likely bleed and discolor the other clothes in the wash.

Tip: If you plan on washing a variety of hues and tints together in the same load, be sure to wash all dark fabrics in cold water. 


Can I wash black and red together? In most cases, yes, you can. But you must be careful and ensure you do not use a hot cycle in the washer.

While you can mix dark colors, it is still a good idea to avoid mixing colors like reds with others because they are more likely to bleed.

Remember, being cautious is much better than being sorry after you damage your clothes.