how to clean wooden staircase
Kristina Davis

I’m sure you’re here because you want to know how to clean wooden staircase.

Well, cleaning hardwood is easy, however, it requires persistence and a little hard work when on a flight of stairs. 

Like hardwood floors, wooden stairs are inclined to denting, scratching, and other harm.

This article contains step-by-step instructions on how to clean your wooden staircase.

Keep reading to find out more.

Before you clean your wooden staircase, identify the wood finish, select the cleaning agent and remove any obstacles on the stairs. Then sweep, mop, or vacuum your stairs and allow them to dry.

How To Clean Wooden Staircase?

Maintaining and cleaning your wood steps is straightforward if you know how to do it.

The steps on how to clean wood stairs have been explained below.

Step #1: Identify The Wood Finish

identify wood finish

The initial step to take when cleaning wooden staircases is to sort out the type of wood finish the stairs have. Because each kind of finish requires individualistic and unique care.

For example, wood that is surface-sealed is easier to clean. It only requires sweeping and mopping.

Penetrating seals, however, drench and get absorbed by the wood, hardens to form the finish. This will require waxing, mopping, and sweeping.

Unfinished wood requires wax too.

Wipe a finger on the surface to sort out which type of wood finish your steps have.

On the off chance that you now see a smirch where your finger touched, the floor has unfinished or a penetrating seal.

Assuming no smear is seen, then it is surface sealed. 

Tip: Assuming you are as yet uncertain, check your floor's installer or your builder.

Step #2: Select The Cleaning Products

select the cleaning products

The next step in knowing how to clean wood stairs is to know the kind of cleaning item you ought to utilize while wiping your wood steps.

This relies upon the wood finish, so search for a product that suits your wood finish. 

Furthermore, you can likewise utilize a diluted dish cleanser, as it is a somewhat gentle cleaner. Do not utilize brutal or rough cleaners.

This could destroy the wood finish, reducing its elegant look and making the color dull and dormant.

You will require a wax if the stairs have protective seals or if they are unfinished.

Materials you’ll require include:

  • Vacuum cleaner (assuming that you half covered tracks)
  • Firm broom or brush
  • Carpet cleaner (assuming you have covered tracks)
  • Mop
  • Wood cleaner

Step #3: Remove Objects And Clutters

remove clutter

Things, for example, youngsters’ pet toys ought to be gathered up from the stairs before cleaning them.

Additionally, make certain to eliminate anything that might be holding tight to the rail like coats, handbags, or rucksacks.

Step #4: Sweep

Use your brush or broom to start sweeping. Begin from the first staircase, clearing each step.

It’s ideal to clear this way with the goal that it can clear the debris and residue to the following stair. 

Make certain to remain on the side when you clear the dirt, as you won’t clear dust and dirt onto your legs.

Step #5: Vacuum Your Stairs

vacuum stairs

Assuming your steps have treads, use your vacuum to vacuum each step, beginning at the first staircase, and utilize the extended connection to work down the stairs.

On the off chance that there is a vacuum, go down each of the steps by vacuuming from side to side of each stair tread

Note: If you do not have carpet, you can skip this step.

Step #6: Utilize Carpet Cleaner (Discretionary)

You might want to clean your carpets manually.

If so, make certain to keep the can of cleaning solution right on the first set of stairs and go down till you get to the last step. 

Utilizing your brush, go from side to side of each tread, focusing on the center (which is generally the filthiest). Likewise, you might have regions that need spot cleaning. 

Perchance you are utilizing a portable cleaner, begin from the first staircase and go down in a similar way working from side to side.

Tip: If hand-cleaning, do not utilize the excess solution for the carpet treads, this will require more time to dry.

Step #7: Allow Floor Covering To Dry

allow floor to dry properly

Assuming that you manually wash the treads, they’ll require time to get dry (somewhere in the range of 30 to 60 minutes).

If you’re utilizing a portable/versatile rug cleaner, stand by for like 15 to 20 minutes. Do this before continuing with the following stages.

Step #9: Mop Your Stair

Empty your wood cleaner into a pail of water that is warm.

Be certain not to use excess water on your stairs and squeeze the mop completely before plunging it out of the pail.

Excess water on the staircase can make it swell up, this is extremely important.

Step #10: Fix Scratches Or Dents

Assuming there are scratches in your steps, apply an additional layer of wax to the impacted region.

It will occupy the space in the scratch, making its surface smooth by and by.

For scratches, you’ll have to use an extra finish to close the break so dampness can’t soak into the wood.

Check the steps for imprints and scratches routinely so you can fix the harm immediately.

polish stairs

Step #11: Polish The Stairs

The most ideal way to use wood finish is to utilize a terry material mop that is microfiber-covered to wipe the stair down.

Just apply as needed and follow the guidelines of the application.

Do not use it if it’s not required.

Ensure that you utilize the best polish given the type of wood finish on your wood (you would rather not need to finish them again).

If you are utilizing a mop, make certain to just apply a limited quantity as you would rather not need to wipe up the overabundance. 

Tip: It's ideal to polish little regions all at once to ensure that they are adequately covered.

What Are The Best Cleaners For Wood Stairs?

best wood stairs cleaner

A modest bunch of regularly utilized cleaners has been suggested by flooring experts. Some of the best cleaners for wood stairs are listed below.

Method Squirt Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Products by Method have been gradually yet consistently becoming famous in the cleaning company.

This specific floor cleaning item is biodegradable and plant-based.

It is safe for your wood surfaces. It additionally fills in as extraordinary floor polish. It can be used straightforwardly and does not need a rinse.

This cleaner can likewise be utilized to seal the hardwood floors. It does not leave remnants of buildup behind, and it’s affordable.

Bona Floor Cleaner

bona wood cleaner

For over 100 years, Bona has been a leading industry hardwood floor cleaner. This makes it the most believed name in the market.

It is water-based, simple to utilize, and extremely powerful at disposing of soil and grime. 

Also, it’s additionally eco-accommodating, and that implies that it’s possible to utilize it securely in homes that have pets and little kids.

It makes the wood floors shine, notably leaving no streaks.

Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner

This type has existed for more than a hundred years. It is part of the most outstanding cleaner for standard floor cleaning.

This cleaner is not too cruel. It can be utilized on sealed and finished wood. 

You mustn’t use excess, as it causes buildup and a sleek oily feel to the wood.

Numerous shoppers love this item since it works brilliantly and also has a charming fruity fragrance.

It can likewise be utilized on floor tiles.

Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner

pledge wood cleaner

In the States, Pledge rocks the market and is an admirable wood floor cleaning option.

Its gentle lemon-smelling fragrance can be recognized when you open the way to your house.

This cleaner needn’t bother with being weakened, and it is applied straightforwardly on the hardwood floor to get rid of soil and dirt.

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

Orange Glo floor cleaner is another successful, wood cleaner that adds color and pomp to your staircases.

It is known for its citrusy aroma and its simple application.

It is also not harsh. This cleaner gets dry quickly and leaves no streaks simultaneously.

It tends to be utilized on wood floors, cabinetry, covers, and wooden furniture too.


Have you noticed dirt and build-up on your wooden stair, and you have been confused about how to clean wooden staircase?

I hope the guidelines contained in this article were helpful.

This article also provided additional information on the best cleaners for wood stairs. Regular cleaning will make your staircase look elegant and shiny.

Now you’ve figured out how to clean and finish your wood steps. Therefore, you’ll have the option to keep them up for quite a long time in the future.