can bissell crosswave be used on carpet
Kristina Davis

Can Bissell Crosswave be used on carpet is a question that most people who haven’t used it before ask.

When it comes to flooring, lately carpets are indisputably admirable. But like all other flooring options, they are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, debris, and stains. 

You may be contemplating cleaning your carpet but aren’t sure as to whether you can use Bissell Crosswave on the carpet.

Then, read this to the end for more inspiration.

Bissell Crosswave can be used to clean carpets but for only minor issues. This includes fast clean-ups and touch-ups. 

Does Bissell Crosswave Work On Carpet?

bissell crosswave work on carpet

Knowing if a Bissell Crosswave can be used on the carpet might have been one question that has been bothering you.

Then read this blog to the end to get answers. This is going to be an engaging and informative blog.

We will be furnishing you with all the relevant information you would want to know about carpets and Bissell Crosswave.

Ordinarily, carpets are installed in homes as flooring options on top of others, maybe tile, laminate or vinyl, etc. Bissell Crosswave works like a vacuum cleaner but with little force.

This tool is only ideal for floors such as those made of tiles, wood vinyl, or laminate.

Yes, It Does!

bissell crosswave carpets

So, would a Bissell Crosswave be used on carpet?

Of course, nothing should hinder you from trying this out. Bissell Crosswave will work on carpets. 

Unfortunately, it does not have the force and the power to drive in deeper and remove any tough and bad stains.

If you only intend to clean smaller areas of the carpet with dirt that has not grown into stains, then this tool is your best guard. 

However, your home may be full of activities, including playful children, a lot of cooking and littering, playful pets with overgrown fur, and a lot of human foot traffic.

In such cases, Bissell Crosswave can’t do much to clean your carpets. You should try other cleaning options. 

Tip: Bissell Crosswave can be used on carpets but for only mild dirt and debris.  

Can Bissell Crosswave Be Used On Carpet? 

use bissell crosswave

By now, you should know that it can. You would also get to know how and what regulations you must keep in mind as you use this item.

But again, comes another question of equal importance that I’ve realized seems to disturb most people.

And that question is, “ can I use Bissell Crosswave on carpet as a vacuuming machine?”

Can you? 

Just at the press of a button, you will do little as your Bissell Crosswave does a lot in cleaning the carpet for you.

But with our interest now drawn to its vacuuming abilities. I must say that although it can, it is not a really good option. 

cleaning carpet

Although it is used for vacuuming surfaces, such as those tiled, in vinyl, or laminate, Bissell Crosswave is not a good vacuuming option for a carpet.

So think and rethink and decide whether you want to be going ahead with that, or if you thought otherwise. 

But as far as I can recommend, drop it, find a different means to do it.

However, you can find many options for the best vacuuming machines on this link here.

Tip: Only use Bissell crosswave for less intense carpet cleaning and not for vacuuming. 

How To Use The Bissell Crosswave On Carpet

how to use bisell crosswave carpet

For the record, keep in mind that Bissell Crosswave should only be used to clean non-sticky dirt.

It is best if only used to clean off dirt as soon as they occur on the carpets.

Nonetheless, manufacturers of Bissell Crosswave have never branded nor marketed it as a carpet cleaner. 

But out of anxiety, we have realized that Bissell Crosswaves can still come in handy in cleaning the carpet, only mildly.

Do you want to know how?

Below is a step-by-step guide that should take you through the entire process of cleaning your carpet with Bissell Crosswave.

Step #1: Assemble The Bissell Crosswave 

assemble the vacuum

To begin with, merge the parts of Bissell Crosswave to make it ready for use.

It is not a hard task and should take you five minutes or less.

Here are the steps that you are required to take to fully assemble this tool.

  • Slide the handle into the machine until it is held tightly in position. 
  • Fill it with water in the tank in only the right amounts. 
  • Slide the water tank behind the machine to get set. 
Tip: While sliding both the handle and the water tank into place, ensure you hear a clicking sound as a sign that they are in position. 

Step #2: Power It On

power the vacuum on

Once you have assembled all the relevant tools, it is now time to get going. And what are you required to do in the step? Power on the machine.

Check whether everything is in place to be sure, then hit the power on button. 

Since this is an electric machine that uses water, you need to be extra vigilant. You need to be careful just in case to ensure that you do not sustain an electric shock. 

Make sure there is only the right amount of water in the water tank.

Make sure also that there are no leakages that might be running into the electric components. 

Tip: Very important, while using Bissell Crosswave on the carpet, ensure it is set to the Rug setting option and strictly not to the hard floor option. 

Step #3: Recline The Machine

recline the vacuum machine

Next in line, get the machine in place and the rug underneath rolling and spinning. How?

Simply recline the Bissell slightly and slowly towards your body and you will hear the rug roll. Do not start moving with the machine while cleaning asap. 

Hold it for about 20 to 30 seconds to get the water and the cleaning solution you will be using to prime the machine.

After which, Bissell Crosswave will be ready for use and get going. 

Step #4: Clean The Carpet

start cleaning the carpet

Unlike all other manual carpet and general floor cleaning options, using Bissell Crosswave is a less strenuous way.

Thanks to technology, it is much more suitable for those with back problems who cannot bend a little. This is because it gets you to do your work without straining a lot. 

Clean the carpet at this juncture while leaving it to stay in areas with serious stains a little bit longer.

But always keep in mind that although you are using it to clean the carpets.

It has never been marketed as a carpet cleaner, nor is it recommended. 

But out of curiosity like that of a cat, we are all aware that this machine works well to clean mild dirt and stains off the carpet. 

Step #5: Rinse The Floor

rinse floor

Once you are content with your cleaning, look at the carpet again to be sure that you are “ leaving no stone unturned.” 

Remove all the dirty water now in the tank and replace it with clean tap water for rinsing.  


So, can Bissell Crosswave be used on carpet?

As far as we have come, it is now evident that nothing should stand in your way between Bissell Crosswave and the carpet. But something should while thinking of vacuuming it.

In this article, I have provided you with clear strategies for using Bissell Crosswave to totality minus bothering your carpet. 

But as I have repeatedly said, and I will do it, here again, be cautious and be mindful of how you do it.

Be cautious, no matter what, no matter the pressure and the drive to try things out. It is best that you only use this tool to clean simple dirt off the carpet.

Thank me later.