Should Shower Glass Go To The Ceiling
Kristina Davis

This article is here to discuss the question “should shower glass go to the ceiling?”

While home building, you will be asked whether or not you want your shower glass door towering to the ceiling. That is if the roof above is tiled.

In home decor, the bathroom holds a premium position. Join in! You are guaranteed to learn much other vital shower room intel.

No, your should shower glass should not go to the ceiling? 72 - 78 inches work out well for a standard shower room door.

Best Picks For Shower Glass

shower glass best picks

From the onset, you are most likely to browse around for the various types and qualities of shower glass doors available.

And because you ain’t no loser, you will regret settling for poor-quality shower glass. Therefore, you will probably be looking for the best picks.

In the run-up to determining how tall your shower glass should go, so is it necessary to determine what type of shower glass it is

Don’t worry we have you covered. Hold on as we introduce to you five of the most lucrative shower glass ideas. Ones that won’t be a letdown. 

What are they? 

The Low Iron Shower Glass

low iron shower glass door

When shopping for shower glasses, the low-iron shower glass is a good place to start. It is a clearer glass compared to its peers. It provides you with unmatched clarity. 

If you are in search of a clearer glass that will paint the picture of a lovely shower room interior design, then this is it.

It lets more light dazzle through it, magnifying your shower handsomely. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to show any, even the slightest fingerprint that may make it appear dirty.

As well, cleaning it is much of a hassle. Regardless of that, it stands out as a shower glass premium option. 

Clear Glass Shower Doors

clear glass door

This speaks for itself, clear glass shower doors are clear.

They are transparent and lavishly adorable. They pimp your bathroom with unmatched glamour. 

You might like the interior of your shower noticeable, then settle for clear glass shower doors. They are magic, make a moment out of your bathroom experience. 

See, you already love them, but their greatest drawback is, that being clear, they are prone to spots.

So you need to be quite keen to keep them spotless. 

Tip: Clear glass showers are tinted with a slightly greenish pimp, although it is quite unnoticeable, unless before a very keen eye. 

Tinted Glass Shower

tinted glass shower door

If you cherish a little privacy, then there’s this one. The tinted glass shower door. This one comes in a wide range of colors, all depending on how you like it. 

These tinted glass shower doors do not completely lock out the visual of your shower room. However, they block most light from getting through the shower glass. 

Most are designed in a manner that from the outside, you can hardly see anyone or anything on the inside.

But on the inside, the exterior view is interestingly clear. No magic, just science.

Tinted glass showers might therefore be your best pick if you like some hues. 

Tip: However, make sure that the colors match well with the interiors. 

Rain Glass Shower Room Doors

rain glass shower door

Raindrops, when used in some works of art, provide a very impressive picture. Rain glass shower room doors make use of this aspect. 

They are designed with raindrops that can only be seen from one side of both faces.

This shower glass provides a lot of privacy for you while in the shower room.

Such that you can see whoever is on the other side while inside the shower, but the person on the opposite side cannot spot you. 

Tip: This pattern is distinguished from other types of textured glass by its small size, which does not draw attention away from the neighbouring aesthetics.

Textured Shower Glass

textured glass shower door

The rain pattern is one type of textured glass, though not the only one.

There are many different designs of textured glass doors from which to pick. You can find a texture to augment your home’s décor.

Because textures differ, the opacity of the doors will vary. Some will allow more light in than others.

Most textured glass, like the rain pattern, has the structure on only one side.

Speak to your designer about the unique textured glass you want to use, including how much light it would let through and where the texture is located.

The pattern you choose for the texture, like tinted glass, can influence the overall appearance of your bathroom. 

Should Shower Glass Go To The Ceiling? 

shower glass reach ceiling

With all that said, you probably are making up your mind fast enough on what type of shower glass goes down well with you. 

Once you do, this is something else, more and more important, that you need to know.

Should your shower glass be installed from floor to ceiling?

What is the minimum distance between shower glass to ceiling?

You may notoriously want it that way, that your shower glass runs from the floor to the ceiling.

Professionally, it is not okay. And with time, if you go on with it, you might start noticing that you made a mistake. 

And planning to revert might become quite costly and unwanted when you could have avoided it from the start.

Good for you, you came looking for the answers in the right place, so you won’t make a mistake.

Tip: There must be a gap between the shower glass door and the ceiling for a couple of reasons. 

There are many reasons we advise you to drop your ambition of a shower glass that runs from the floor to the ceiling. But instead, allow for some space. 

Here is why:

  1. A towering shower glass door doesn’t create room for ventilation.
  2. Allow space for steam and moisture to be let out.
  3. To control and avoid the growth of molds and mildew. 

Therefore, it is impractical to have shower doors at such lengths.

You can envision that, a tall, glass shower door. No, not for classy people like you. 

How Tall Should A Shower Glass Door Be?

shower glass height

Contractors and I will tell you boldly that shower glass that runs from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling is an impossibility.

Especially when they are glass, they are greatly endangered. So what are the right cuts for a shower glass door?

72 – 78 inches of height are an ideal length for shower glass doors. Anything short or tall is undesirable and awful. 

Tip: To make much out of it, the location of the shower and shower door counts. The shower door position should be a safe and comfortable location. 

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Should shower glass go to the ceiling? In this article, we have pointed out to you, the desirable length of what a shower glass door should be. 72 to 78 inches. 

We have gone a notch more to present to you the best picks for shower glass doors to choose from.

Till then, we believe you are quickly figuring out, considering, and re-consider. 

The ball is in your court. Make that bold decision now and then and see your bathroom transform and become a sight to behold for your interior.

Shall you? Then start now.