do you keep cleaning carpet until water is clear
Kristina Davis

Do you keep cleaning carpet until water is clear? I believe every homeowner who has a carpet must have pondered on this one time or the other.

A clean carpet gives a testament that you and your family lead a healthy life.

This article will tell you why you keep getting dirty water in your cleaner and of course possible solutions to that.

You would want a clean carpet as well as clear water whilst cleaning. Getting this while cleaning signifies that your carpet is grime and dirt free.

Do You Keep Cleaning Carpet Until Water Is Clear?

It is only natural and normal for your carpet to collect dirt, dust, and grime. It will be impossible to stop it even if you seal up the room.

Dirt and dust will be collected (it’s the law of use and disuse), so don’t be overly worried when you collect dirt.

Undoubtedly whenever you clean, you’d want to keep the cleaning water as clear as possible.

Why Does The Carpet Remain Dirty After Cleaning?

carpet remain dirty

You may have been paying keen attention to your carpet but whatever you do seems to go “under the carpet”.

It never stays clean even after yet another round of cleaning.

Water from the cleaner remains extremely grime. You’ll get nothing but answers in this article.

These are some of the reasons why your carpet cleaner keeps pulling dirty water.

  • Mould in the padding
  • Fast cleaning
  • Missed spots
  • Excess foam

Mold In The Padding

carpet molds

The thing about molds is that they can go unnoticed until it has caused a lot of damage.

This is factual, especially if you’ve not been cleaning as you should. Molds form from dampness or wellness caused by spillage (of liquid) left unattended.

It can also be formed from over-wetting the carpet periodically during cleaning without proper drying. 

This, if not checked, can cause serious damage to your carpet. Once a carpet has been overridden by molds, dirty water will continue coming up.

Even after you may have washed and thoroughly rinsed out the carpet severally, the water will remain dirty.

You Clean Too Fast

fast cleaning

Talking about superheroes, I’ll name mine Kleen Article writer (please come up with a better name for me).

I can only guess that you want your powers like that of Sonic the hedgehog, the speedster.

Sorry to break it to you, but your powers may not necessarily be needed whilst cleaning.

Generally, we use the wet suction function of your cleaner in trying to do away with soap and dirt.

While doing so, you need to go as slow as possible to pick up every single molecule of dirt and soap water.

Note: Also, don't be in too much of a hurry while cleaning, ensure that the cleaning soap or solution covers the carpet properly.

You Miss The Spots

miss spots in carpets

Being meticulous will save you a lot, not just in cleaning carpets but in life generally.

While you don’t want to clean your carpet hurriedly, it is advised that you ensure to work the cleaner into every spot of the carpet.

Do so, especially in the corners, nooks, and crannies. I’d also advise that you should ditch cleaning in a straight line as it is not as effective. 

I will recommend diagonal patterns as you run the carpet cleaner instead.

Excess Foam

excess cleaning foam

You may want to be generous with the cleaning solution but too much of it will cause more damage than good.

This is so particularly when due diligence is not done during cleaning to properly clean up the excess foam.

Too much cleaning solution will result in excess foaming. And excess foaming when it is not properly cleaned up will make cleaning water dirty.

The foam contains dirt particles from the carpet.

Note: You’ll eventually need to make multiple runs with the cleaner to eventually get clear water. This is after getting rid of excess foam and moisture

How Many Times Should The Carpet Be Rinsed?

rinsing carpet often

Remember I mentioned that excess foam can be caused by too much cleaning solution.

This, in turn, causes cleaning water to stay dirty even after cleaning because it contains dirt particles.

For how long do you think you need to rinse a carpet to get rid of dirty water from carpet cleaning?

I’d say keep rinsing until water collected by your cleaner becomes clear.

This means you ought to do a good job of ensuring that excess foam and dirt are removed.

Note: When you are rinsing your carpet, bear in mind that excess moisture will do no good to your carpet. 

How To Know When My Carpet Is Too Dirty And Needs Cleaning

This will be the ABC of carpet cleaning, I’ll show you the rudiments to identifying a dirty carpet. This way, you don’t go cleaning amiss.

  • Visibly seen grime or dirt
  • Smell
  • Allergies may be an indicator

Visibly Seen Grime Or Dirt

dirty carpets

This is one of the go-to and topmost indicators of identifying a dirty carpet in need of cleaning.

When you begin to see the discoloration in your carpet caused by a build-up of dirt.

This grime is usually caused by spills, human as well as animal activities tracking in dirt from outside.

Always inspect hidden areas as well. Around the AC vents are one such place, in between couches, etc. 

Be on the lookout for signs of mold. Remember that your eyes are the main tool here.


When your carpet begins to give off a bad smell then it is time to bring in the carpet cleaners.

Mind you, you do not have to wait until it begins to ooze strongly before cleaning.

You can always try to smell the carpet even when it looks clean and does not give off any offensive odor.

Note: The smell may be mild and may only be noticed through close inspection.

Human day-to-day foot traffic, bodily fluids, etc, being transferred to the carpet fibers are some of the few causes of the bad smell in carpets.


woman with allergies

Peradventure, you may have an allergy and you notice it kicking in with bouts of sneezing and sniffling.

This means there’s a fair share of dust and other unwanted particles already lodged in the carpet. This is the time to do the needful.

Correct Cleaning Methods

I have mentioned some of the more salient points within the article that will ensure that dirty water from carpet cleaning eventually becomes clear.

Here are some of the methods to get the best off your cleaner:

Plan To Clean

plan cleaning

If there’s anything you should pick from this article then it is the fact that cleaning demands you give it ample time.

It shouldn’t be done at the last minute or hurriedly. If you intend to clean, then I advise that you plan your cleaning time.

Create Room Or Space When Cleaning

This may require that you move furniture around just to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted cleaning process.

Cleaning Method

Your cleaning method is just as important as the cleaning itself. You need to take note of the following:

  • Clean slowly
  • Do not overuse the cleaning solution.
  • Run the multi-direction approach when using the cleaner; this means that you go North-South and East-West.
Note: Getting in the professionals is always better. It is advised that once a year, you let the professionals treat your carpet.


I sure hope that this article has helped you answer your question: do you keep cleaning carpet until water is clear

If you heed the instructions here, your carpet will forever be grateful to you. Don’t forget to avoid much moisture on your carpet.

This will take a longer time to dry, then dampness sets in and breeds mold, which will ruin the carpet’s padding.

Well, Ms. Kleen Article writer saves the day, again. See you around.