how long to let primer dry before spray painting
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Painting jobs can be indeed tiring, but in this modern world, using spray paints have been a life-saving hack.

However, one question many individuals have about this tactic is “How long to let primer dry before spray painting?

Applying primers is one of the steps that need to be done to achieve a smooth outcome.

This product ensures your paint effectively gets absorb by the surface you’re painting on and helps give that flatter and softer effect.

In this article, we will show you how long you need to let your primer dry before spray-painting, so read on below to know more!

Knowing The Drying Time of Primer Before Spray Painting

Spray paints have been taking over the market for quite a while now. Not only is this type of paint easy to use, but it’s pretty convenient as well.

But the thing about spray paints is it works differently than standard paint, especially when it comes to primers.

Spray paints are more sensitive to humidity, temperature, and wind, so the primer must be completely dry before applying it to your surfaces.

Whether you’re planning to paint on wood, plastic, metal, or walls, here are the things you need to know:

How Long to Let Primer Dry Before Spray Painting Wooden Surfaces?

wood surfaces

Spray-painting wood can surely give you outstanding results, but you must make sure that the primer is dry before applying paint.

When painting wood, the product needs at least 1 hour to completely dry out before you can apply your color of choice on top of it because this type of surface is highly absorbent and damp.

Spray-painting wood is easy and won’t require any complicated steps. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Step #1: Start by cleaning your wood surface with a dry rag or cloth. Make sure that you remove any dirt, dust, and grease on the surface before applying primer.

Step #2: Once done, use steel wool to buff out any knots in the wood, but make sure not to leave marks during this process since it will be harder to cover them up later when painting.

Step #3: Once you have cleaned the surface of your wood, you need to wait for an hour before applying paint. This will make sure that the primer has enough time to dry up and won’t affect the final product’s finish.

Step #4: After waiting, apply your chosen color on top of the primed area using a spray paint of your choice.

Step #5: Once finished, let the painted area dry thoroughly, and you’re done!

Section Summary

We learned in this section that after applying primer, you must wait an hour before painting your wood surface since wooden surfaces tend to be damp and absorbent, making them prone to bubbling and peeling paint.

How Long to Let Primer Dry Before Spray Painting Plastic?

plastic surfaces

If you’re planning to paint on plastic surfaces, then you must have considered opting for spray paints since these types of paints are easier to use, especially if you’re working on a large surface.

When working on a large plastic surface, it’s advisable to apply a primer-sealer coat (which takes about 15 minutes to dry) before applying your color, as this will keep the paint from chipping later.

In comparison to standard primers, the primer-sealer safeguards your plastic surface and prevents it from being scratched in any way.

Take note of these steps:

  • Start by cleaning your plastics with a dry rag to remove dirt.
  • Next, apply the sealer and wait for 15 minutes before spray-painting.
  • Allow the paint to dry overnight before applying additional layers.

New Understanding

Spray painting plastic can be a tough job, which is why patience and skills are needed to complete the task.

So far, we’ve taught you that 15 minutes is the appropriate amount of time that you need to wait before painting on plastic surfaces.

You may also want to use a sealant primer for your project, which will make sure that the paint won’t scratch or peel off easily.

The primer is best applied in layers so as not to place too much pressure on it because this can result in peeling or bubbling.

How Long Should Primer Dry Before Painting Metal Items?

metal surfaces

A new trend has been going on for quite some time now, and that’s spray-painting electronics and appliances!

First, however, you must take note that metal is always considered to be one of those surfaces where you need to apply primer because it’s prone to rust if not treated properly.

Generally, 24 hours is needed because metal surfaces aren’t as absorbent and damp as wooden ones are, which means that your paint won’t be able to effectively stick to the surface if your primed coat did not dry well.

Luckily, spray-painting metal surfaces are surprisingly easy to do, and here’s how to perform it:

  1. Start by removing the appliance’s existing finish with sandpaper.
  2. Next, cover your appliance with primer.
  3. After 24 hours, you may now proceed with spray-painting.
  4. Don’t paint the same area more than once to avoid uneven layers.
  5. Once done, let the paint dry before using the appliance again.

Life-Hack of The Day

With our world constantly improving, it’s great to find a hack to enhance our appliances so we can enjoy them to the fullest.

In this section, you’ve understood 24 hours is needed for drying of primers when used on metal surfaces because they are less absorbent and may even rust.

How Long to Dry off Primer Before Painting Walls?

walls primer

This may come as a surprise to some, but spray paints can actually be used for wall painting because of how versatile they are.

In addition, spray paint can be used as an alternative to traditional home painting because it’s quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than other methods.

When painting walls, allow the primer to dry for 30-60 minutes. It’s crucial that you follow this given time frame to ensure your primer dries properly because your walls will be prone to peeling and bubbling if you don’t.

To spray paint walls, follow the steps below:

  • Apply your primer on the area of your wall that needs the touch-up,
  • Wait for it to dry for 30-60 minutes.
  • Once the time has passed, you may now paint over a layer of spray paint.

Not only is this easy, but it’s even cheaper than using paintbrushes and rollers because you’ll only need to buy a can of primer or spray paints!

What to Take Note Of

For the last section, we have shown you that spray paints can also be used for wall painting.

This is a great way to save time and money on touch-ups, and all you have to do is wait 30-60 minutes to let your primer dry when painting walls.

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The Final Sayings

Whether you’re painting a deck, repairing the exterior of your home, or just sprucing up an old fence to sell on a Facebook Marketplace, there is some important information you need to take note of, and that’s how long to let the primer dry before spray painting.

Now that we’ve answered all your questions and concerns, we’re sure you’re ready to get started with your next painting project with no difficulties!