How To Whiten Terrazzo Floors
Kristina Davis

Do you want to know how to whiten terrazzo floors?

Well, it is important because terrazzo floor is one of the inexpensive, dependable, and widely available flooring options.

There are many types of floors, this terrazzo is just one of them. Made from a combination of cement and sand, this terrazzo floor is somewhat more durable than ceramic floors.

If you are interested in a classic residence, then this terrazzo floor is the right choice.

Even though it's currently popular for use, you can still get terrazzo floors as a cheap alternative for families. 

Understanding how to keep your terrazzo floor is a great drive to keep your terrazzo floor beautiful and shiny for many years no matter what it’s subjected to.

To whiten terrazzo floors, you need to avoid leaving dust for too long on the terrazzo floor. You also need to mop your floor regularly, and always perform terrazzo floor polishing.

Why Is The Terrazzo Floor Exceptional?

terrazzo floors

The terrazzo floor is one type of floor that can be used for various types of buildings.

We all desire a home that is relaxable and fascinating in every angle and decoration.

But everything we crave inevitably requires effort, and one good example is floor decoration. 

This time we will talk about the one-floor type known as Terrazzo, which is an outstanding floor and enhances the aesthetic appearance of your house.

Terrazzo is one example of a floor type that has a pattern. It’s often an alternative flooring in offices, schools, homes, and other structures.

This is so simply because the terrazzo floor has a way of creating the desired style for the identity of each structure.

Best Guide On How To Whiten Terrazzo Floors

terrazzo floor best guide

For this activity, you’ll be needing the following:

  • Neutral cleaner
  • Floor wax (not recommended)
  • Broom or a soft brush
  • Mop
  • Bucket of water 

Now let’s discuss how best to whiten your Terrazzo floor.

Self-whitening Your Terrazzo Floor

Cleaning your terrazzo floor by yourself is something attainable since its cleaning is simple and straightforward.

This content will take you through the best approach to it. Read on!

Terrazzo floors are simple to clean with the below simple steps:

Step #1. Avoid Too Long Dust on the Terrazzo Floor

sweeping floor

The first way to clean the terrazzo floor is to clean the dust that sticks to the terrazzo floor.

First, remove dirt and sand particles that are on the floor surface, and try not to leave any residue.

Step #2. Then Proceed with Mopping the Floor

Get a dry mop and wet the entire floor using ordinary water or a neutral cleaner.

For cleaning fluids, you can use a floor cleaner that contains a neutral pH, as this can affect the quality of the tiles. 

This terrazzo floor is known to be very sensitive when exposed to liquids with a low pH, such as acid.

You can do this stain cleaning by mopping once every 1 week (at least). So you can avoid stubborn stains on the terrazzo floor of your home.

Let the plain water or neutral cleaner sit on the floor for some minutes so as to soften the dirt.

Ensure that the entire surface remains wet to avoid loose dirt drying back to the floor.

Tip. Soak the floor in water and a neutral washing detergent minutes before mopping. 

Step #3. Rinse & Polish the Floor

rinse and polish floor

Rinse the floor entirely with clean water, or you can use a wet vacuum cleaner to dry out the dirty water. 

It’s advised that you give it one more rinse for a thorough cleaning that will give you back the bright look of your terrazzo floor.

You can decide to further polish your terrazzo floor to keep it shiny and welcoming. Polishing is also a way to clean the terrazzo floor from fullness.

Note: It is very vital for you to use a cleanser that is built for the floor itself when cleaning your terrazzo floor.

Using The Help Of A Professional

expert on floors

What if your terrazzo floor has lost its brightness and has stains that seem impossible to remove using simple cleaning?

If this is your plight, then it’s advised you use the help of an experienced floor restoration expert. Using such help will not only help remove the stains off the floor.

But will also leave your floor surface radiating and restored to its original luster state using their commercial equipment.

This approach is best if you aren’t competent with different floor cleaning approaches, contracting an expert is a safe way of ensuring that your floor is well maintained to always look its best.

Tip: Using an all-purpose cleaner that might be acidic can ruin the beauty of your floor by either discoloring it or removing its shine.

Basic Ways Of Taking Care of Your Terrazzo Floor

basic ways of caring terrazzo

1. Avoid the use of oil cleanser, stain remover, or abrasive products to clean your terrazzo floor.

2. Even if you purchase a commercial cleaning product specifically conveyed as terrazzo floor cleaner, first, test it in a hidden area to examine for discoloration.

3. Keep floor mats and rugs in areas where there is high traffic, and also near cookstoves or refrigerators to avoid getting your floor stained.

4. Also, wipe spills off instantly.

5. Lastly, appoint periodic cleaning rosters to prevent building up resistant dirt over a long time.

Steady cleaning will help keep your terrazzo floor ever new!

Mistakes People Commonly Make While Whitening Their Terrazzo Floor

mistakes while whitening terrazzo floors

There are some huge mistakes that people make while whitening their terrazzo floor which you must avoid.

You must always remember that terrazzo isn’t granite, even though one can be confused for the other.

Terrazzo is much softer than granite and that makes them more prone to wear when exposed to harsh cleaning products, and they are more likely to stain from foot traffic.

Below are common mistakes people make that you must avoid!

Don’t Ever Use Vinegar To Clean Your Terrazzo Floor

Vinegar cleaner is more like the handiest and most good-to-go cleaning product by various people, especially because it is not a toxic cleaner. 

Vinegar is a great cleaning product for other flooring options.

It is not advised to be used on your terrazzo flooring as its acidic properties can ruin your floor surface.

Never Use Abrasive Materials To Wipe Your Terrazzo Floor

avoid abrasive materials

Using harsh brushing pads, rough wool, or abrasive types of equipment to clean resistant stains can only add to the damage to the terrazzo floor.

Always use a soft pliable material that will enhance its dryness also.

Terrazzo flooring is an attractive and inexpensive flooring option and it can be adopted to establish patterns and diagrams that will give your house an amazing look.

I’m sure reading this content was very helpful to you!

Now that your confusion about knowing how to whiten terrazzo floors has been answered and you now know how best to take care of your terrazzo floor, keep that floor clean and shiny.

Tip. Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners on the floors. 


terrazzo frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to use chlorine bleach on my terrazzo floors?

No! Don’t use chlorine bleach, acid, vinegar, ammonia, or any other abrasive cleaning product to wipe out stains, dust, or dirt from your terrazzo floor to avoid discoloration, luster loss, or scratches.

Can I buff my terrazzo floor with wax?

We know you want to give your house that extra shiny look.

But it is not advisable to do wax polishing to your terrazzo floor because it makes it all slippery and thus poses a great danger to its users.

It is enough to clean your terrazzo floor using neutral cleaner and water.

Regular cleaning will still leave your floor shiny without necessarily wax buffing it.

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If you have terrazzo as your preferred flooring solution, then you nailed it. It is a cheap but durable and luxurious flooring solution.

It will add value and decor to your home that is unmatched.

But to get the best out of it, cleaning and maintenance are prerequisites.

Terrazzo floors are meant to be sparkling white and shiny, and in this article, we have shown you how to whiten terrazzo floors. 

It is a DIY thing that shouldn’t eat you up. The time is now, move in and do the whitening.