how to dispose of bed bug infested mattress
Kristina Davis

How to dispose of bed bug infested mattress can eat you up and leave you stuck between options. These household parasites are almost uncontrollable.

They breed fast and when they lay, the young ones hatch themselves out. Totally controlling these bugs from your house could become a nightmare that could leave you worn out.

There is no way you can enjoy your sleep when bed bugs are all over, they strike at an opportune moment when sleep is just setting in.

They suck your blood and their bite is painful.

However, as much as you may try, bedbugs are never moved. In this blog post, we will share useful tips to control bed bugs and how to dispose bed bug mattress.

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To control bedbugs, you could be forced to dispose of your infested mattress,  change beds, do a lot of cleaning and use several pesticides.

Where Do Household Bed Bugs Come From?

where it came from

You may never have had your house infested with bedbugs before and are wondering where they came from. There are several causes of household bedbugs. 

What do you think could be the reason there are bedbugs in your house? Below are some of the main causes of household bedbugs.

It is hard to tell where these pests come from. They can be found almost everywhere. Bedbugs are sly though, and that is how they survive.

They know where to hide. Mostly in places they can’t be seen. They only come out when the time is right to feed.

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As mentioned before, bedbugs can be brought in from anywhere. 

Fact: There is a wide belief that they are carried from motels, restaurants, and lodgings, which is true. 

But then, bedbugs can also be found anywhere, and when you come into contact with their hideout, they crawl into your clothes or bags, and that is how you carry them home.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infested Mattress

signs of bed bug infestation

Waking up with itchy feelings in a few areas of your body is a big sign that you have bed bugs on your mattress.

This often happens if you recently acquired a piece of used furniture or particularly a used mattress.

Below are a few signs that show your mattress is infested with bedbugs:

1. Bloodstains Spotted over Your Sheets

When you see blood stains or spots of bloodstain on your sheets when you get off the bed, oftentimes it shows you have bed bugs.

2. Bedbug Excrement on Your Mattress

You may find rusty or dark spots on your beddings. Check well, it could be bed bug excrements on your mattress.

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These excrements can also be found anywhere in your bedroom including on your couch, walls, and bedclothes.

3. Bedbug Eggshells and Skins on Your Mattress

bedbugs shells

You may find bed bug shed skins, eggshells, or fecal spots on your beddings.

It may interest you to know that these places are a few of the places where bedbugs find it pleasurable to hide.

Note: Make sure to clean them up each time you find such things in your home.

4. Offensive Odor from Bedbugs’ Scent Gland

You may perceive a musty or offensive smell that is known to come out of bugs’ scent glands.

Always remove your beddings and mattresses each time you suspect or smell this scent in your bedroom. Look out for bedbugs or bedbug excrements.

Remove dust covers over the down part of your bed spring. Then you need to carefully examine the seams on your wood frame for bedbugs or their eggs.

5. Checkbooks, Bed Area, and Appliances

checkbooks area

You need to check around your bed area. This includes thoroughly checking inside your old books, radio, telephones, or even the edge of your home carpet.

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You may also consider checking each electrical outlet in your home. It is also a good practice to look closely in your closet for bedbugs.

This is because bedbugs tend to attach to our clothes.

Note: If case you are not familiar with the signs associated with bedbugs, it is advisable you request the services of an exterminator.

Can A Bed Bug Infested Mattress Be Saved?

Generally, it is not necessary to dispose of bedbug-infested mattresses. With adequate treatment, you should be able to restore your beddings and mattresses.

Instead of throwing away your mattress and beddings, we recommend washing them with hot water in a washing machine.

High heat kills bed bugs and bedbug eggs.

bed bug infested mattress ne saved

Every other piece of furniture should be easier to treat.

Yes! if you have a piece of old furniture that needs to be replaced, bed bug infestation would certainly become an ideal excuse.

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You should endeavor to remove your infested mattresses or furniture only after being treated.

How to Dispose of Bed Bug Infested Mattress

How would you dispose of your mattress once it became infested with bedbugs? Mattresses provide a conducive brooding ground for them and a nice hideout.

They come out during the night to suck your blood and retreat to the holes in the mattress once full.

Most times, you may have to dispose of the mattress when controlling them gets out of hand.

However, you have to do it in a manner that doesn’t pass on the bugs to others or one they can find their way back.

Below are ways to dispose of bedbug-infested mattresses

Disposal Method

a disposal method

There are a few methods you can follow in order to dispose of your bed bug-infested mattress. These methods include and are not limited to the ones below.

Method #1: Contact Your Local Junk Disposers

You may need to contact local junk collectors. Most of these firms dispose of everything, they will know what to do with your infested mattress.

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Most times, they tend to dispose of your junk at no cost.

Method #2: Recycle Your Bed Bug-Infested Mattress

Contact any mattress recyclers near you to inquire whether they recycle bed bug-infested mattresses, if they do, then deposit them to them.

Method #3: Take your bed bug-infested mattress to a dump site

Deposit the mattress in a dump in your locality, seal the mattress well and indicate on it that it is bedbug infested.

Outdoor Fire

the outdoor fire

The best and most cost-effective method might be the option of burning your bed bug-infested mattress.

However, this should only be done with your local government’s approval.

In most municipalities and counties, it is forbidden for residents to setting furniture or mattresses ablaze.

When burning your furnishings, endeavour to keep baking soda and a garden hose within your reach, in case there’s an emergency.

Tip: Freeze household items infested with bed bugs you can't launder.

Preventing Your Other Mattresses from Bed Bugs

You may not necessarily have to prevent your other mattresses from bed bugs.

Especially, when you do not have a budget for getting rid of bedbugs when they finally attack.

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Below are six ways to prevent your other mattresses from bedbugs:

Clean All Your Beddings

clean all beddings

On a good day, when the sun is up, you and your family are free, and possibly a weekend.

You can dedicate that day to cleaning and drying your beddings in order to prevent them from bedbug infestation.

Wash all your beddings intensively and other linen in your home that you are suspicious of could be a hiding place for bedbugs.


Vacuum clean your room always. Do the same to the mattress, and all crevices.

Also, vacuum all places you are suspicious that could be the breeding point and the safe haven for bugs.

Do not use a duster or broom. Doing so will hide other bugs in the broom.

Steam the Mattress

If you got a steamer then at 120 degrees or more. Steam your mattress to be sure there are no bed bugs.

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Cover the Mattress in a Casing

cover mattress

To prevent infestation, seal the mattress in a cover that the bed bugs can’t penetrate.


How to dispose of bed bug infested mattress should not worry you.  You have all the options, move with one that is the most suitable for you.

While at it, ensure that you do it in a manner that doesn’t expose your neighbors or other people to the infestation.

Remember that you are dumping the mattress since controlling the bed bugs got out of hand.

Bed Bugs lay so many eggs that hatch in a very short time, controlling them might be futile if you do not have to give in.

The use of pesticides and hot water has helped many people in the war against them. How will you fight them if they infest your house today?

We hope that they never infest your home though.