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If you are looking for a fabric option for your new sofa, you may have already started searching for velvet sofa pros and cons.

πŸ‘ I was not that interested in using upholstery velvet until I saw a beautiful little couch at my friend’s place.

It was simply outstanding, and I couldn’t ignore how clean it looked.

This set me on a research expedition to find the answer to “are velvet sofas durable?”

And should I get a velvet couch or not? Luckily, it did not prove to be as challenging as I thought initially.

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The silky texture and rich appearance are two key advantages, and its major drawback is its propensity to wear out quickly and be difficult to clean. 

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Sofa

choose the right fabric

There are a few crucial factors to consider before finalizing your buying decision while shopping for new upholstery.

βœ… It is essential to consider how you will use the fabric, how well it fits in with the room’s aesthetic, and if it would be a pain to clean.

Upholstery velvet on sofas, chairs, and other seats may provide a luxurious look and feel, but only if it is well-maintained. 

Going With the Velvet Sofa for Your Home

go with the velvet sofa

Most people opt for this fabric mainly because of its soft, welcoming feel.

Typically soft to the touch, it complements a variety of design motifs. This velvet is offered in a selection of patterned and solid hues.

Additionally, it is double-woven, which adds to its opulent appearance.

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This fabric could be an excellent option for someone who places a premium on a luxurious hand feel.

Note: Velvet is awesome, but you should utilize it cautiously because too much can make a room look and feel ostentatious. 

Velvet Sofa Pros and Cons To Make a Decision

cons and pros decision

No matter what fabric you decide to use for your couches, it is essential to consider how it will survive the test of time. 

βœ… The same holds for upholstery velvet, and you should consider reasons to choose it and any reasons to avoid it. 

Why Should You Consider Going With a Velvet Sofa?

consider using velvet

With its plush texture and elegant appearance, a velvet sofa appears and feels the best choice.

Velvet has a softness that is unmatched by any other material, making it a stylish need for the home.

We recognize, however, that choosing a velvet sofa may initially appear daunting. 

Here are a few reasons why you should have a velvet sofa:

the luxurious feel

the luxurious feel

We cannot stress it enough, can we? Velvet is incredible because it has such a luxurious feel!

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Who could resist running their fingers along this luxurious fabric?

Because of this, premium velvet sofas and furnishings have the potential to create an innately warm and inviting atmosphere.

Velvet also comes in various colors, making it even simpler to coordinate with your existing decor or create the space of your dreams! 

Embrace the Practicality

embracing the practicality

πŸ€” Velvet sofas are stunning to behold, but can they withstand regular use?

When we think of velvet, we generally think of a fragile fabric that is difficult to care for.

Undoubtedly, velvet was once reserved for the most opulent and refined interiors because of its delicate nature and subsequent high maintenance requirements.

But we’re here to dispel that myth for good!

Synthetic velvet, like that produced from premium polyester, is more durable.

You may enjoy velvet’s luxurious look and feel without needing added protection. 

Quick Cleaning Made Easier

cleaning made easier

While some might say velvet sofas are high maintenance, it is not the case if you simply clean them regularly.

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If you get a velvet sofa and forget about it, you will end up causing severe damage to it.

If you are worried about keeping your velvet couch clean, do not be.

do not worry

It is best to get to cleaning as soon as possible once a spill or stain appears.

If you catch a stain on velvet quickly, you can easily remove it without damaging the underlying fabric.

Tip: You usually need a cloth soaked in soapy water to remove any stains, and be sure to let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer to get the job done. 

Enjoy the Durability

enjoy the durability

Are velvet couches durable? Of course, they are!

When deciding on a sofa for your house, it is important to balance functionality and longevity.

Velvet is one interesting choice, especially if you pay attention to its quality first.

Because velvet lacks loose threads and elevated weaves, the fabric is much less vulnerable to snagging by zippers or buttons.

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Light stains from dirt or food can be easily removed from many polyester velvets; all you need to do is brush them off.

Note: Ideally, you should opt for a sofa with 100% polyester short-pile velvet, and ensure that the manufacturer has rub tested your velvet sofa to 40,000 rubs.

Witness the Style

Witness the Style

A velvet sofa is the best option if you want to modernize the look of your living room.

Velvet, by its characteristics, quickly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Moreover, the color of a velvet couch has a lot more depth compared to a flat fabric like linen or cotton.

Due to its nap, velvet captures and reflects light across forms and folds, making the color look vibrant and seductive.

captures and reflects light

If you are looking for one perfect piece of furniture to uplift the existing dΓ©cor quickly, just put your money on a velvet settee and place it in a small corner of your room.

It efficiently bounces light around the room rather than absorbing it, so a velvet sofa is perfect for placing it against a dark wall or in a cramped corner. 

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Are There Any Cons of Using Velvet Sofa?

cons of velvet sofa

Ultimately, it all depends on the quality of the upholstery velvet you choose. 

But you must understand that you can enjoy velvet furniture when you properly maintain it. 

Dealing With Velvet Sofa Maintenance

Dealing With Velvet Sofa Maintenance

The difficulty in maintaining upholstery velvet is something you just cannot ignore.

Velvet is a sumptuous fabric, loved for its softness and acclaimed for its sophisticated appearance.

The downside is that it has a bad name for being challenging to keep clean and requiring a lot of upkeep, so many people refrain from using it for couches in their homes.

When the fabric has been stained, cleaning it properly is challenging.

Most velvet clothing is best cleaned by dry cleaning, but velvet used for upholstery cannot be cleaned in this way.

But, still, you do not have to simply ditch the idea of using upholstery velvet.

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the idea of upholstery

The advancements in cleaning products have made it easier to maintain them.

In recent years, fabric production and pretreatment advances have altered velvet’s response to heavier use, making it suitable for upholstery like sofas and armchairs.

Tip: Frequent vacuuming is a great choice to remove surface grime, and stains can be removed with a steam carpet cleaner.

How Do You Clean Your Velvet Sofa?

cleaning of velvet

When the only real con of using a velvet sofa is its high maintenance, you can overcome it by learning how to clean it properly.

Keeping your velvet couch neat does not have to be a chore. It is not any different than caring for a sofa made of any other material. 

Consider Regular Vacuuming
consider regular vacuumingthe sofa

Regular vacuuming using the right attachments can help keep your velvet sofa clear of dust and dirt.

It is also essential to take special care when you are up against stains from beverages like red wine and coffee. 

Consider Steaming
Consider Steaming

Accidents happen no matter how cautious you are, and your sofa will almost certainly end up damaged and marred at some point.

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But if you really need to clean it, try steaming it.

Velvet can be cleaned softly and effectively via steaming in this situation.

It works because it avoids the fabric compression that can result from vigorous scrubbing.

this is very effective

The steam function of your iron can also be used to correct any creased areas.

Note: You should only use your steam iron on a low setting and place a cloth between the iron and the velvet to avoid any damage.


Knowing velvet sofa pros and cons certainly helps you decide whether you should buy it or not. The truth is that the pros of upholstery velvet outweigh its cons.

In fact, the only real downside is velvet’s high maintenance. But the truth is that there are guidelines to follow when caring for a velvet couch.

Just follow them, making taking care of your velvet couch a breeze.