how to soften black furniture
Kristina Davis

You may be wondering how to soften black furniture. Many sorts of furniture can harden. Chairs, tables, dressers, and couches are examples. 

Furniture such as this can be hard from the moment you buy it or may become harder than it was originally after years of wear and tear. 

This is most evident in areas that are exposed to intense heat.

There are a few simple ways to soften black furniture (no matter the type) if they become hardened and brittle.

You can use microfiber towels to soften black furniture and beeswax to polish black wood furniture without leaving streaks. Neither of these methods will harm the furniture and won’t expose your wood to harmful chemicals (unlike commercial polishes).

Why Do You Need To Soften Furniture?

why soften a furniture

Do you find yourself constantly replacing the furniture in your home? Maybe the couch is too hard and the bed is too soft. 

Or maybe the table is too wobbly, but you don’t want to buy a new one because they’re so expensive.

If this sounds like you, then you need to learn how to soften furniture!

Softening furniture can be a simple process. But it’s not as simple as just buying some spray or powder and applying it to your favorite piece of furniture. 

You have to first understand why softening furniture is important. Then make sure also that you’re using the right products for the job.

Here are a few importance of softening furniture:

Reason #1: To Make It More Comfortable

Many people think that softening furniture means making it more comfortable—that’s true in some cases.

But there are plenty of other reasons why you’d want to soften up your furniture. 

more comfortable

For example, if you’ve got kids who love climbing on everything (including tables), then making those tables softer can prevent them from getting hurt when they fall off!

Note: If your pets love jumping on couches and chairs then a little bit of flea powder will make their lives easier by reducing the damage they cause!

Reason #2: It Makes Cleaning A Whole Lot Easier

Softer furniture also makes cleaning easier: when surfaces are soft, they’re easier to wipe off and clean up.

And it’s not just for the comfort of your pets and children; softer furniture can make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable for guests as well. 

So how do you soften up your furniture?

There are lots of different ways, from using a spray bottle with water to rubbing down surfaces with a damp cloth or even painting them.

How To Prevent Furniture From Hardening

prevent furniture hardening

We all know that furniture can be expensive, and the last thing you want is to have to replace it because it got hard.

There are a few different ways to prevent your furniture from getting hard.

Method #1: Use The Right Kind Of Oil

The first thing you should do is make sure that you’re using the right kind of oil.

There are three main types of oil: linseed, tung, and walnut. 

Linseed oil is best for outdoor use, while tung oil works well indoors or out.

Walnut oil works well as both an indoor and outdoor finish but is more expensive than linseed or tung.

Method #2: Apply Sufficient Coats Of Oil

You should also make sure that you’re applying enough coats of oil.

If you’re putting on just one coat and letting it dry overnight, then that might not be enough protection for your piece of furniture. 

apply sufficient oils

In fact, many experts recommend applying at least three coats of finish before letting it dry overnight between each coat.

This ensures that they have time to soak into the wood before being smoothed over with another coat. 

Also, ensure that you wait until your piece has completely dried before using it again.

Tip: Apply two coats of oil if you're using linseed oil.

Here are some other simple tips for preventing furniture hardening

Furniture hardening is a common problem for people who own wooden furniture. It’s not something to be ashamed of, but it can be frustrating to deal with.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to prevent furniture hardening. Here are just a few:

Step #1: Keep Your Furniture Clean

clean furnitures

Dusting and vacuuming regularly will keep the wood from becoming coated with dust and grime, which can lead to hardening over time.

Step #2: Use The Right Wood Polish

Make sure you’re using the right kind of wood polish on your furniture.

Some polishes contain chemicals that can actually cause softening or hardening of the wood over time.

So make sure you read labels carefully before using any products on your furniture!

Tip: Try using one of those microfiber cloths on your wood instead of a sponge or rag, they're gentler on the finish than traditional cleaning tools!

How To Soften Black Furniture?

soften black furniture

Black is a color that has the ability to add style to any room. Black furniture is popular due to its elegance and simplicity.

It can be used in any room and perfectly suits any kind of interior design. 

However, the black color tends to look dull over time because it absorbs light and does not reflect it. 

This can make your black furniture look old and worn out.

If you want to keep your black furniture looking new, here are some tips on how to soften black furniture:

Step #1: Clean Regularly

Cleaning your furniture regularly will help remove dust and dirt from the surface of your furniture.

This will also prevent any stains or marks from forming on it. 

clean your furniture regularly

You should clean your furniture once a week using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a cleaning solution that has been diluted with water at least 50%.

To avoid scratching paint or finish, wipe off excess moisture with another dry cloth or paper towel after cleaning your furniture.

There may be some type of protective coating on these surfaces.

Step #2: Use A Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning black furniture because they remove dirt without scratching the surface. 

They’re also great if you want to clean something in a hurry, microfibers don’t leave streaks or lint behind as paper towels do.

Step #3: Polish With Beeswax 

Beeswax is an old-fashioned way to polish your black wooden furniture without leaving streaks behind. 

use beeswax

It’s also natural, so it won’t leave any harmful chemicals on your wood surface (unlike commercial polishes).

Simply rub a small amount of beeswax over your furniture with a soft cloth until it shines!

Step #4: Use Furniture Polish 

Furniture polish can be used to clean up fingerprints or other marks that have appeared on your black wood surfaces since the last time you polished them with beeswax or another cleaner (see #2 above).

Simply apply!

Can You Soften Black Bedroom Furniture?

soften bedroom furniture

Knowing how to soften black bedroom furniture is a great way to make your home feel more welcoming, especially if you have a lot of hard surfaces.

Here are some simple ways to soften black bedroom furniture:

Here are some tips for making your black bedroom furniture look as good as new:

Step #1: Clean The Surface With A Dry Cloth

Clean the surface of your furniture with a dry microfiber cloth or a damp rag and warm water.

Don’t use soap or harsh cleaners on the surface of your furniture, it will only cause damage over time.

Step #2: Apply Polish To Keep Your Furniture Looking Shiny

Once a year, apply polish to keep your furniture looking shiny. You can find polishes specifically designed for this purpose at most hardware stores. 

After applying polish, wipe off any excess with a clean rag or microfiber cloth. 

You may have trouble removing all the polish from your furniture’s surface after applying it.

apply furniture polish

What to do is try using an old toothbrush to scrub away any residue left behind by the product’s application process. 

Don’t worry, the toothbrush won’t scratch anything.

Note: Make sure you follow up with another cleaning step using warm water and a microfiber cloth (or another soft material like cotton).

Step #3: Use A Black Crayon To Rub The Scratches Out

If there are any scratches in your black bedroom furniture’s finish (many times, they’ll appear as small white spots). Use a black crayon to rub them out. 

The crayon should easily cover up the scratches and leave you with a clean black surface again.

If you have a piece of furniture that’s been damaged by water (such as a table leg or chair leg), try using wood glue to fix it back together again.

Tip: Just be sure to allow for proper drying time before using the furniture again.

Step #4: Clean With Dry Solvent Like Acetone

use an acetone

If your black bedroom furniture has a stain on it, try using a dry cleaning solvent like acetone to remove it.

Just be sure to use this substance in a well-ventilated area and wear protective gloves while applying it to avoid skin irritation or burns.


Hope everything above solves your problem of how to soften hard furniture. 

Finally, if everything else fails and your piece still looks faded or dull no matter what kind of cleaning and polishing you do, consider getting it professionally refinished by someone who knows how to work with black finishes! 

This will ensure that your piece will stay looking as perfect as possible for years to come!