what kind of flooring can you put over carpet
Kristina Davis

Have you been in a situation where you are left with just an option to ask a friend “what kind of flooring can you put over carpet?”.

If this seems to be your case, then this article is for you.

One of the most crucial and fundamental parts of any space is flooring, as the right flooring type not only enhances the beauty of your space but also influences the feel of your space.

This is especially if you are like me that likes to sprawl across the floor when watching my favorite TV series.

As a homeowner, I have realized that the interior design of a person’s home can tell a lot about the person’s personality.

My nephews love to come over to my place because we always engage in different games on the floor of my living room. 

And as we know it, flooring is a very important part of the design of any room or space.

The kind of flooring you can put over carpet includes laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, interlocking carpet tiles, ez portable dance floor and bump top plastic tiles.

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home and Workspace

choosing flooring

While a number of people would prefer the comfy feeling of carpets, others might enjoy the more solid texture of hardwood, and others the cold feeling of tiles.

And maybe just like me, you want a feel of carpet but also the beauty of other flooring styles or you want a different look and feel to your space aside from your carpet.

Also, you don’t wish to throw away the carpet or cause any troubles with your house owner if the space is rented.

Therefore, you might be looking for the best flooring to use over the carpet that will be cost-effective, temporary, good-looking, and won’t cause any major damage.

Flooring and the Types of Flooring

types of flooring

Flooring is a fundamental part of the design of any space, home, office, school, church, or workspace.

When selecting the right flooring for any space, there are certain factors to be considered;

  • What is the purpose of the space (is it for housing, school, workspace, playground, gym, or hall).
  • Who will be the main users of the space (adults or kids).
  • The location of the building(a moisture-prone area or not).
  • The cost(installation and maintenance) and
  • The climate of your location.

These factors among others will aid you in selecting the right flooring for your space.

What Kind of Flooring Can You Put over Carpet: Different Types

what flooring to choose

There are many reasons as to what kind of flooring you can put over the carpet.

One of the reasons is because people always want to install flooring over their carpets, might be for a party, for the kids at home, renting an apartment which you choose to change the look but want temporary or setting up a home gym.

Whatever the reason, getting the right flooring to cover your carpets is very important.

Although we have various types of flooring, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing mostly on temporary flooring that you can install over a carpet.

Below is a brief list of flooring types that can be installed over a carpet;

  • Bump Top Plastic Tiles    
  • Interlocking Carpet Tiles
  • Laminate Flooring
  • EZ Portable Dance Floor
  • Vinyl Planks
  • Modular Square Carpet Tiles

We will be discussing briefly the above-listed flooring types, their features, and their advantages in order to aid you in selecting the right option suitable for your flooring.

Vinyl Planks

use a vinyl planks

You might be asking, can you put temporary flooring over the carpet? Vinyl flooring is the most popular of the temporary flooring types listed above.

Vinyl planks are a type of flooring with a polymer core made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) combined with wood and can also be called WPC.

Vinyl planks are designed to look like hardwood and come with a variety of hardwood designs, they are easy to install and are known to be very durable.

Vinyl planks are also known for being water-resistant and some are even known to be waterproof, so you are sure of moisture not getting to your carpet beneath.

Tip: Vinyl planks are more suitable if you desire a new look in your space and more long-term use.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring shares similarities with vinyl and is also quite a popular option for hardwood.

It is a synthetic floor type that has designs very similar to actual wood. Laminate flooring designs can look very much like wood until you take an up-close look at it.

Although laminate is not water-resistant but with proper laying, it prevents moisture from getting through to your carpets.

They are easy to install, durable, very attractive, and stylish. Laminate is also easy to clean as they are stain and scratch-resistant.

Tip: Laminate flooring is a good option if you have kids and pets.

Modular Square Carpet Tiles

square tiles

Modular square carpet tiles or square carpet tiles are very similar to regular carpets but differ such that modular tiles are cut in square shapes and can be fitted together to cover a room.

Modular tiles are ideal for carpet lovers who desire to have a more versatile carpet design but aren’t allowed to do away with their underlying carpet. As they are known to be easy to install, remove and replace.

Due to the nature of square tiles, they are open to as much design as the patterns can take.

The tiles are made mostly from recyclable materials, while some carpet tiles are made of adhesive backing.

Tip: Modular square carpet tiles should always be done with utmost care

Interlocking Carpet Tiles

If you prefer Interlocking carpet tiles I will say you are quite lucky because of a unique DIY flooring option that is both cost-effective and easy to install as they do not require any professional help.

This basic flooring system can be installed in a matter of minutes, making it an excellent solution for a number of rooms in the house. Although quite similar to most modular carpets.

It requires no adhesive to be installed over other surfaces, and this makes them ideal for covering your regular carpet. Interlockings are known to come in numerous designs such as wood and grass.

They are perfect to be installed where spills, leaks, or other accidents may occur, as it is stain and water-resistant.

Tip: Interlocking carpet tiles are easy to clean, odor-proof, and they provide comfortable insulation/anti-fatigue values that are similar to the regular plush carpet rolls.

Ez Portable Dance Floor

ez dance floor

For some people that love to dance either to cool off stress or burn some calories, Ez portable dance floor is what you need.

Just as the name suggests, portable dance floors are temporary, easy to install floor tiles majorly for the purpose of dancing.

EZ tiles are mostly set up in halls and banquets, for events and parties. They can also be installed for indoor activities either for dance practices or workouts.

They are plastic-based but strong and durable enough to withstand most forms of footwear when dancing including high heels.

Tip: Ez portable dance floors are water resistant and can last for as much as 10-15 years.

Bump Top Plastic Tiles

plastic tiles

Bump-top plastic tiles are ideal for yoga spaces, gyms, and playgrounds for kids.

It is a combination of plastic surface and foam which makes it a good fit for gyms as it helps prevent slipping and falling during workout routines.

This product is as durable as rubber, but it has a gentler cushion that feels like solid foam.


This sounds like a must-have, Bump top plastic tile is made of durable and flexible PVC and may be laid over the carpet or other smooth surfaces such as concrete and other smooth subfloors without the use of any special underlayment.

The design ensures a snug, nearly seamless fit that won’t separate accidentally. This product is waterproof and acid and grease resistant.

Tip: Bump top plastic tiles provide great cushion and support for any degree and intensity, including aerobic workouts, whether employed in a fitness or gym setting.


Even if you’re renting, there’s no reason to put up with flooring you don’t like.

Hopefully, this article has given you some wonderful ideas for how to update that dingy carpet, and as well cured the obvious question which is “what kind of flooring can you put over the carpet?”. 

Interlocking, vinyl flooring, interlocking, comfy foam squares, and laminate carpet squares are considered excellent temporary flooring solutions.

It should be noted that not each of the abovementioned flooring types can be used individually and can be laid on different surfaces aside from carpets.