how much is furniture marked up
Kristina Davis

Before procuring the furniture you want, it is imperative that you realize how much is furniture marked up by the retailer or manufacturer.

It would help if you also were cautious with other supplementary charges that might be meted on the furniture.

Other than the purchasing price, you will incur other costs such as Markedup, carriage costs, fitting costs, and maintenance costs. These prices could get you afraid and worried in your bid to purchase furniture.

However, most furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are willing to renegotiate their selling prices with you—the more resilient your brokering power, the better.

So it would be best if you did so to earn you a better deal. Also, you may get better prices if you buy several furniture.

Buying plenty allows you to enjoy discounts and other services such as free shipping costs you might well receive.

The markup on furniture should range between 200 and 400 percent. The markup calculator will help you to calculate how much is furniture marked up. To make use of this tool, you need to find out the markup charged on it.

What is Markup on Furniture?

the mark up on furniture

Markup is a pricing strategy by furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers. The furniture price is spread between the cost of manufacturing them, and the cost of sold.

In other words, Markup on furniture is the amount added to their total production costs to make up for overheads and profits.

Production costs in furniture manufacture include those met for the purchase of timber, transportation, labor costs, dressing of the furniture, and installation of cushions until they are ready for consumer use.

The amount of Markup allowed to the retailer by the furniture manufacturer determines the money he makes from selling every furniture.

Therefore the higher the Markup, the greater the costs you are to incur while purchasing the furniture, and the bigger the money the retailer gets as commission.

Since you may fall victim to retailers who want to fleece you when you purchase their furniture, you must get conversant on how Markup on furniture is determined.

Note: We will train you on what standard markup prices should be and the subsequent total ownership costs for furniture.

What Is the Retail Markup on Furniture?

retail mark up price

The furniture industry unanimously agrees to reward its salespeople with a commission of between 15 and 20 percent on the total cost of the furniture.

Many of this industry’s Marked up sales are achieved by manipulating the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, abbreviated as MSRP.

The markups on furniture range between 200 and 400 percent. The salespeople, especially retailers, get their commission marked between 15 and 20 percent.

Looking at this data, it is evident that the furniture industry exceedingly manipulates its Markup as compared to the other industries.

Markup isn’t always revenue to furniture manufacturers, though. Remember, they are making up for other expenses they incur.

Note: These are shipping costs, staff salaries, building the furniture, and other akin expenses that come out of Markup.

Calculating Markup

calculating the markup

There is a tool that has been widely accepted to calculate Markup. You, the buyer, and the retailer can use it to ensure you are not being fleeced. This tool is known as the Markup calculator.

It is good for us to compute the selling price of the furniture. To use this tool, you need to know the Markup Charged on it.

You will then fill in the information, and the price the retailer should charge you on the furniture shall be computed straightaway.

Use of Formula

You can also calculate Markup by using a formula. The formula requires you to be conversant with three other figures.

use a formula

These are Profit, Cost, and the one hundred percentages. With that, you can use your calculator to find Markup by multiplying the cost by a hundred percent and dividing the result by the profit earned.

You realize that everything about obtaining furniture appears to be messed up, from abnormal prices and unfavorable markups to shrewd retailers and wholesalers.

Tip: You need to be so vigilant while obtaining furniture, whether directly from the manufacturers or from the dealers.


Your instincts should serve you right. When you feel like you are walking into a trap and you could get the furniture at a price you feel is over and above any regular price, avoid the retailer like a bad plaque.

You do not, and you must not open your wallet until you are satisfied with the costs.

You should always try to haggle even beyond the reduced price.

the prices

However, don’t expect a retailer to agree to a reduced price there and then; the most significant discounts on Markedup furniture might take hours to negotiate.

Consumers who buy with cash sometimes have more bargaining power, and the highest haggling discounts are frequently found in your local furniture retail stores.

Because the person on the sales floor is usually an owner who does not need to obtain permission to discount. Hold on to the barcode number of the furniture you intend to buy with no giving in.

If the retailer does not yield to your nagging, then you may be able to move on and find other furniture retail stores selling the same item at a  relatively lower price.

Tip: Make proper negotiation and always compare the quality before settling for any one.

Market Prices

You may not know what the market price is since the manufacturers, their distributors, and retailers seem not to disclose anything price-related.

But you may know when the price is right or wrong.

price in the markert

Ask any retailer around the Markup price on their furniture and notice how startled they become.

Either there is no way they will disclose that to anyone, even with a gun pointed to their head, or they do not care to know.

They use their pricing strategies that may well not be favorable for us all. But if you insist on knowing the Markup price, you can walk around a few furniture retail stores inquiring.

Some good ones will be open and frank to you and disclose that.

Tip: You can also use the internet to figure out the existing Markup on furniture.

The best places to buy your furniture with friendly markup prices. Since you need the best prices, there are other internet platforms that retail furniture at market-friendly prices.

These are,

  • Facebook marketplace
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Home Depot
  • Hayneedle.

Check out the above online stores in the furniture section for affordable furniture options.

A Few Guiding Tips

a few guiding tips

Here are some tips that will keep you conscious while browsing the retail stores for your home or office furniture.

You may or may not know how much Markup is on the furniture different retailers offer, but you may know the standard.

To keep you a foot ahead of them, here are the tips you should hold at your fingertips while sourcing your furniture.


  • Compare retail shops to identify their different Markup on selling prices. Settle for the most favorable.
  • Do your research.
  • Walk away when your instincts advise you to do so.
  • Be firm and stern.
  • Ask the right people.
  • Don’t fear sounding awkward because you asked. It is your money.

How Much Is Furniture Marked Up Conclusion

So how much is furniture markup? The most preferential markup on furniture should range between 200 and 400 percent.

The Markup on furniture by retailers varies from one to another. You should aim to obtain your furniture at friendly retail prices, and one way to do so is to identify the retailers with favorable Markups.

Some retailers aim to make abnormal profits by fleecing their customers with abnormal prices.

Be smart. Know their Markup and compute the selling price before buying from any of them.

Some entirely resist telling you the markup they charge on their furniture or will still lie. Since you are smart, you will discern and do the most honorable thing, walk away.