what to do with furniture when getting new flooring
Kristina Davis

Are you getting new floors for your home and are wondering what to do with furniture when getting new flooring?

This article is just for you.

Getting new flooring for your beautiful home is quite the big deal as it could completely redefine your living space.

Maybe you plan on:

  • Getting a new carpet for your living room
  • Changing the hardwood in the kitchen area,
  • You might be planning on changing the entire flooring in the house.

Whatever it is, if you really plan on taking this leap, I must congratulate you, because you’re brave.

But if that’s the case, what do you do with all that furniture in your home? Well before deciding on that, there are some questions you need to answer to better aid your decisions. and these are;

You could always consider moving your furniture to a separate room in the house when installing new flooring, but this has its drawbacks.

What Exactly is Your Flooring Plan?            


Of Course, this should be the first question you might need to answer. What exactly is your flooring plan?

Do you plan on changing or redecorating the flooring of a single room or small space?

Or are you planning something grander like redecorating or changing the floorings of all rooms in the house? Whatever it is, you have to have a specific answer to this question.

Well for a small room or space you might consider moving the furniture to another room, but if it’s the flooring for your entire house?

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For How Long Would the New Floor Installations Last For?

how long would installations last

Another question you would definitely need answers to is just how long the installations would take.

You might be running on a very tight deadline and would be needing your furniture quickly.

Also, you definitely need to consider how quickly you can get all furniture and other valuables out of your house before the installation starts.

Can You Do the Heavy Lifting Yourself?

Moving the furniture to another space might be the most efficient start when getting new floors, but can you do the heavy lifting yourself?

Would you need to hire movers? Or better still, do flooring companies move furniture? Now the answer to that last part isn’t a definite YES.

Some Flooring companies do add furniture transport when giving you their bill while some don’t help with moving furniture.

In the end, it all depends on the company you choose to work with.

Tip:  It is advisable you get rid of personal items before letting hired help move your furniture.

Just How Large is Your Home?

large home

Yes! Another important question you definitely need to answer is how big your whole house is. Does your house have spare rooms for which to store your furniture?

If so, then this is good as it does present you with lots of options when getting new floors. But if your house or living space is small, it might pose a challenge.

I personally advise you to get a storage unit for your furniture or maybe constantly move the furniture from room to room while the installation process is on, but that could be tiring

Tip: If you are getting a storage unit, try getting a climate-controlled unit to help preserve your furniture.

How Much is Your Entire Budget?

check your budget

Now before opting to hire movers for your furniture or even renting a storage space from a storage facility, you definitely need an answer to this question.

Just how much is your budget? How much do you plan on spending? 

Getting new floors for the entire home could be quite expensive as it is, would you still be able to afford the extra expenses that come with moving your furniture?

If the answer to that last question is No!, then you might consider renewing your gym membership, because I see a lot of heavy lifting in your near future.

Tip: Consider keeping track of your progress with each spending you do while installing your flooring.

What to Do with Furniture When Getting New Flooring

what to do with furniture

So, now you’ve got answers to those important questions, what next? Well, nothing.

You just have to decide what strategies to use in moving your furniture when installing new floors.

As usual, because I’m a nice and generally good person, I’ll help you with that.

These are a few helpful tips and strategies that could help you in deciding what to do with your furniture when installing new floors.

1. Consider Moving Your Furniture Regularly During Installation

This is a good tip, but it does have a downside (maybe multiple downsides).

It involves constantly moving your furniture from one to the next while the new floors are being installed.

It works great when you only have to change or redecorate a few floors in the house and works better when you have multiple rooms to work within the house.

The downside to this method comes when you have to change or decorate all floors in the house. If that's the case, you won't be left with room to move your furniture into.

Another downside to this method is the stress that comes with it. You would need to do some real heavy lifting, just try not to throw your back out in the process.

But it isn’t all bad, there are advantages to this method. For one it is quite cheap, so if you are on a tight budget I recommend this method.

Another benefit is you don’t get to move any of your furniture out of your home.

2. If You Have a Shed Storage or a Garage, Use It

shed storage room

A great and convenient alternative when moving your furniture during the installation of new floors is to use a garage or shed storage.

These could be very helpful especially when you are on a tight budget and you don’t have enough rooms in your house to try the first strategy.

But the downside to this is that for those with shed storage, you might need to move your furniture out of the house.

Tip: To avoid damage to your furniture ensure the shed storage or garage is well secured and waterproof.

3. Consider Getting a Storage Unit

Now if your budget is a bit free this would be the perfect strategy for you.

Renting a storage unit from a storage facility to be used for a short time period.

get a storage unit

It is quite convenient and makes life easy for you because you can store your furniture for a quite long time. This is best when your house or living space is quite small. 

And also when you need to change or redecorate more than one room or floor at the same time.

The benefits don’t stop there as storage facilities are usually very safe and secure. This saves you the stress of worrying about your furniture getting lost.

You might need to hire movers though, as the storage facility could be far from your home. So hiring someone could help make it easier.

Tip: Try picking a storage unit closer to your home or living space.

4. Search for a Flooring Company that also Moves Furniture

As I stated earlier, it is not common for flooring companies to move furniture, but there are some that offer such services to help make it easy for you, the client.

flooring company

Now whether you choose to go with such a flooring installer or not is all up to you.

But do be prepared to pay a higher cost for installing your new floors as the moving cost is usually added to the quote.

But they might be worth considering, especially if the stress added to moving furniture might be too much for you.

They also save you the stress of renting a storage unit from a storage facility.

Now I know this method is secure, but I still advise you to remove all personal items and any other items of value, just to be extra cautious


There you have it! Now you know what to do with furniture when getting new flooring. Do ensure you check out other articles, you might learn something new.

As I stated earlier, getting a new floor is a great deal. Nothing beats the satisfaction, joy, and sense of accomplishment you get from installing that flooring you’ve always wanted.

But regardless of the furniture removal option you choose, remember to be kind to your furniture and yourself.

Pick a clean and climate-controlled storage unit, and remember to always work with your budget.

For now, stay safe.