will latex mattress soften over time
Kristina Davis

Will latex mattress soften over time is one of the most common questions I got during my time as a salesperson for a mattress and furniture store.  

Latex mattresses are by far the most durable type of mattress due to the nature of their make.

But it goes beyond that, in this article I will be explaining the expected shelf life of a latex mattress before it begins to sag.

A latex mattress has a breakeven time from 30-60 days of constant sleeping on it. 

What Is A Latex Mattress?

latex mattress definition

As a mattress sales expert, I like to give my clients a brief explanation of what a latex mattress is.

It is important to understand all that there is to know about a latex mattress.

This would definitely aid you in selecting or knowing if the mattress was right for you.

A latex mattress is a mattress that comprises latex foam.

This is an organic-based rubber material that is gotten from a tree known as Hevea brasiliensis tree (popularly known as rubber tree). 

Latex foam can also be gotten from a synthetic-based material known as Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR).

It could also be gotten from a combination of both organic and synthetic materials. And that is the one we shall be referring to in this article. 

Note: The most popular and widely accepted latex material is the one obtained from rubber trees

Methods Of Producing Latex Mattress

latex production methods

It is important to know the methods of how latex is produced and how they affect the break-in time.

There are two ways by which latex mattresses are produced.

However, a latex mattress has layers and is a combination of foam from both methods.

The two methods are listed below: 

1. The Dunlop Method

The first method is known as the Dunlop method. This is the originating and simpler method of producing latex mattresses.

This method produces a solid and firm layer and surface. Foams made using this method take a longer time to reach break-in.

Note: Latex foam from this method is used as the core layer for a latex mattress.

2. The Talalay Method

The second method is known as the Talalay method. This is a more complicated and advanced way of producing latex foam. 

This requires more steps to achieve. Foam from this type of method has a softer but still firm layer and surface as compared to the Dunlop method. 

Tip: Foam from this method is used for the top layer of a latex mattress and mattress toppers.

Will Latex Mattress Soften Over Time?

latex mattress soften over time

When you eventually purchase a latex mattress, the first few nights might seem uncomfortable. And you might even begin to wonder- do latex mattresses soften over time?

Latex materials have a lot of benefits, which are a result of the texture and feel of the latex foam.

That is a hard and solid feel, which feels really uncomfortable at first. But with constant use will begin to be the user’s delight. 

Unlike every other mattress, a latex mattress has a break-in period of 30-60 days of continual sleeping.

This might seem like a lot of period at first but in reality, it only shows the durable nature of latex mattresses. 

How Long Does It Take To Soften?

mattress soften period

After the 30-60 days period is over, a standard and properly produced latex material will soften by a few inches.

Accommodating the body and weight of the user. Which will therefore be convenient and accommodating to the user.

The break-in doesn’t mean the mattress will get entirely soft and begin to sag.

Rather the break-in means the mattress will get a little softer, accommodating your body by expanding a little when you lie on it and retracting when you stand up from the bed.

However like every mattress latex mattress will begin to get soft but only after a long period of years.

Note: A latex mattress can last up to 20-25 years of constant use before it begins to lose firmness and sag.

Factors That Affect How Long A Latex Mattress Will Soften 

There are certain factors that affect how long it takes a latex mattress to soften.

These factors differ depending on the overall property of the foam.

Type Of Latex

latex type

The type of latex foam as well as the method of production determines how long it will take a latex foam to soften.

In most cases, organically produced latex foam is far off better than synthetic and hybrid-produced latex foams.

A  fully organic latex foam softens more easily than synthetic foam. And it still lasts longer and is way more comfortable and healthier.

Also, a Talalay-produced latex mattress will take less time to soften than a Dunlop-produced foam.

Tip: When buying a latex mattress, ensure to check out for authentication badges such as Eco-Institut, Global Organic Latex Standard, or Global Organic Textile Standard.

Thickness Of The Layer

Latex mattresses come in numerous layers, usually ranging from 2 to 4 or more layers.

Each layer with a thickness of 1 to 4 inches or more, depending on the manufacturer’s design.

Generally, a mattress with more layers and thicker layers will take more time to soften than one with fewer layers and thickness. 

Tip: Ask the salesperson for the level of thickness they think is best for you, depending on your sleeping position or body infirmity. 


foam density

The density of a latex mattress involves how much latex was used in the production of the foam.

The more latex, the denser the mattress, and hence, the more time it would take for the mattress to soften.


The weight of the user also affects how quickly the mattress will soften.

Generally, people who weigh more will have their latex mattress softer in a shorter period. 

What Can Be Done To Hasten Latex Mattress Break-in 

After purchasing your latex mattress, it doesn’t soften immediately.

There are a few things that can be done to hasten the process of your mattress break-in.

Wait For 72 Hours

sit for 72 hours

After purchasing a latex mattress, especially when it comes in a box, allow for it to sit.

It will sit and expand for a total of 72 hours before you begin to use it.

Apply Pressure

The next thing to do is to apply all forms of pressure to your latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are very strong and will not succumb to pressure. 

But if done in all forms and ways it will surely break in. Examples of pressures that can be applied are pushing down on the mattress, and rolling on the mattress. 

You can try kneeling, massaging, and walking, and you can call your kids to jump on the mattress.

This will make the mattress soften a little bit. 

Tip: Each exercise should be done for 30 mins per session.

Sleep On It For 60 Nights

sleep on 60 days

As expected, after purchasing your latex mattress, you are to sleep on it for a minimum of 60 days.

By the end of that period, the mattress is expected to have adjusted and given in to the constant pressure of your body and weight. 

Obtain Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are thin sheets of mattress covers about 2-3 inches thick.

They are used as top support for mattresses that are either too hard or uneven.

They are made with the Talalay method of making latex foam. Hence they are not as hard as regular latex mattresses.

Note: This is very helpful for your latex mattress that may be too hard and hasn't softened yet.

Contact The Manufacturer Or Store

contact manufacturer or store

If after trying out all the above-stated options, you do not get a softer latex mattress, what do you do?

Feel free to contact the manufacturers or the store it was purchased from.

Latex mattresses usually have a limited warranty of up to 20 years.


Will A Latex Mattress Topper Soften Up Over Time?

Yes, latex mattress toppers will soften up over time. 

They are not as thick and hard as regular latex mattress covers. Hence they will soften faster than regular mattresses. 

Just ensure to get original organic toppers.

Tip: Latex Toppers can be used for any type of mattress.


So will a latex mattress soften over time? Yes most definitely, all mattresses including latex will soften as time goes on with constant usage.

However, latex mattresses take a longer time to soften and are much more durable and effective for a good night’s sleep. 

Purchasing a latex mattress is a 25 to 30 years investment in good sleep. But they don’t come at a cheap cost.