is listening to music in the shower bad
Kristina Davis

Remembering the first time I was struck with the question; is listening to music in the shower bad?

Well, this question came because I’m a fan of listening to music while in the bathroom. Certain things are best health practices. No one would mention to you they are.

I have, since childhood, been singing in the shower, and it has gotten into my head.

I can’t help but always sing whenever I lock myself in; being a country Music lover, I will hum away a Don Williams or Allan Jackson song, which makes me so happy.

Listening to music in the shower room has its benefits and perhaps some shortcomings too. 

To evaluate whether listening to music in the shower room is a bad habit or not, this article looks into this matter deeply.

You do not want to miss the facts that we conclude at the end of this blog. So, book your seat and read along.

It will be brief but engaging and, in the end, we will reach our verdict.

Why Do People Listen To Music In The Shower Room?

why people listen music in shower

Listening to music while showering doesn’t just happen. Of course, there are reasons behind everything humans do.

And in singing, especially while in the shower, there are facts accompanying this intrinsic behavior.

So, Why Sing in the Shower?

It Is Completely Satisfying

There are things we do, things we didn’t plan to, they happen involuntarily, and we have no power to act against them. Things that become an addiction and we can’t do without.

Singing in the shower room is one of these involuntary human actions.

Once you get in the shower room, absolutely nothing in your understanding triggers you to start singing even before you are out of your clothes.

You will sing throughout the bath time, and while at it, you sound like Alan Walker.

Therefore, one of the biggest reasons we sing in the shower is that we sing in the shower. 

Does that confuse you? We sing because we can’t avoid it, and some sought supernatural power beyond our control that drives us to do it.

The Sounds Are Better in the Shower Room

sound better in shower room

I don’t know whether this just happens to me, but sincerely speaking, in real life, I can be anything but a musician.

Music calls for innate talent, with the voice of the angels that sing Hosanna to The Highest. That is not the voice I possess, not that my voice is rough, but it just isn’t the best for a song.

But when singing In The Last Ten Years By Don Williams in the shower room, I feel like I could give him a run for his money if he lived today.

The shower room is a natural studio. Unfortunately, it would be the weirdest thing in the 21st century to record a song in the shower room.

But singing in the shower adds some effects to your sound that are just amazing.

Tip: The small shower area enhances your voice, adds sound effects, and does bass tricks owing to the vacuum. That feels good.


When my daughter got a response letter from a college she had asked to join, letting her know that her proposal had been accepted, the party was taken to the shower room.

because of happiness

She sang all the way to the bathroom and out.

Sometimes, when we are extremely happy, we can’t help but share our happiness with the bathroom, which is super amazing.

So you get me or anyone else grabbing the showerhead, singing out loud, it just could be that we have won the jackpot or something amazing came our way.

Stress Relief

When stressed, I get myself singing. And the music they say is food to the soul.

Listening to music and singing along to it while in the shower room works miracles in stress reprieve.

In fact, clinical officers have approved this as one way of calming off and easing oneself from undesirable stress.

So, Is Listening to Music in The Shower Bad?

is listening in shower bad

Listening to music in the shower room can’t be bad. It works miracles and wonders.

The sound of water, its relaxing effect, and the soothing sound of a good song will transform your life into a hub of joy and happiness.

Although no research supports this, people who listen to music and sing in the shower room are perceived to lead happy lives and consequently live even longer.

No matter the songs you choose to listen to, so long it is the genre that flows well with you. It is even best when you can sing along.

Tip: Listening to music in the shower room is good and fulfilling.

How to Listen to Music in the Shower

Now, listening to music and singing in the shower is good, but there are practices that guide it.

How you listen to music in the shower matters a lot for security concerns and for safety purposes.

how to listen music in shower

See, anyone could creep into your room while playing loud music and make away with your items.

Since music systems are electrical, coming into contact with water can either spoil them or electrocute you.

So if you are to listen to music in the shower room, this is how you have to go about it.

Below are the tips you have to observe while listening to music in the shower:

Buy Waterproof Music systems

If you are going to have that music somewhere in the shower room, then the waterproof option serves you best.

Since there is a running shower, you are splashing water, and the temperatures within the shower room are humid, a waterproof system is the best option.

Waterproof music systems are meant to protect themselves against water totally, but that doesn’t mean they are immersible.

Note: You also have to be cautious with where you place them so that they do not drop into a basin or bucket of water.
waterproof music system

Play in Low Sounds

Also, you do not have to be so loud; the best music for the shower room is that which is serene and lulling.

Playing in high volumes is unnecessary and may not have the effect you wish to get from listening to music while showering.

So, keep it low.

Also, you should be able to listen to any movements in your room while in the shower room.

Stories are told of people whose homes have been burgled while in the shower room, most probably because they were listening to very high volumes.

Beware of Electric Cables

When electricity and water join forces, then listening to music while showering may well become regrettable.

electric cables

That is why we advise that before you fully get started, always ensure that all electric cables, both those that supply power to your shower system and the music system, are well-sealed and protected with copper.

They should not be within reach of water and must be checked regularly. Nobody wants to die in the shower room.

Tip: While listening to music, take care of power cables, repair faulty ones in time and keep them away from the reach of the water.

What Type of Music Should You Listen to In the Shower Room?

The song to listen to and sing to in the shower might be your option to make. We all have our tastes.

what type of music

I am a country folk and will sing the best of Alan Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, or Don Williams.

Whatever the genre, whoever the musician, as long as the music doesn’t make you sadistic, listen to it and sing in the shower.

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Is listening to music in the shower bad for you? It should not be. Listening to music works magic in cooling off oneself and relieving us from stress.

In the shower room, we are all rock stars and must harness the moment.