why are french doors so expensive
Kristina Davis

A real estate developer will definitely advise you to get the french doors but why are French doors so expensive?  

Although they are going to add more design and shape to your home.

And they come in pairs and are clouded with window panes all over that sum up their thrilling nature and design.

But as you will later learn, they tend to be quite expensive.

Why? We would find out! 

French doors are quite expensive due to the materials used in making them. And also because of the design, shape, and installation costs among a few other reasons. 

How Much Do French Doors Cost?

how much do french doors cost

A good house, home, or commercial place is defined by several things, the type of door inclusive.

The door serves a major purpose, from security to design, and class to elegance. 

French doors are just the type of doors that match well on a modern building.

When you go looking for a door, try this one out. But I must be sincere to tell you, although they do not cost a fortune, they cost a lot.

So, prepare well, and make your budget ready before going out. 

But then, how much do they cost in real figures? It would be a  lie if I said the figure is common.

Prices of french doors vary from place to place, in sizes, and a couple of other features. 

french door styles

Meanwhile, the most common price of a standard French door ranges anywhere between 350$ to 500$.

That is quite expensive as compared to a regular wooden door that would cost you 150$ at most.  

Tip: These are good doors of high quality to invest in.

Why Are French Doors So Expensive?

You are now aware that French doors are quite expensive. But why are they still a good investment?

In this blog post, I will tell you why french doors are that expensive and yet still necessary to invest in.

Below are some reasons why French doors are expensive.

Materials And Quality Of Materials Used

quality of materials

All doors have a well-cut price and as you may know. It starts with how much material is used in making them and the wellness of the quality of the materials.

Nonetheless, the number of materials used is a decisive factor. 

French doors are one of a kind. They are carved from high-quality materials that come at a very high fee.

While French doors can be carved out of any material. 

From the commonest ones to the most expensive ones, they are made from glass panels fitted into wood, PVC frames, and aluminum.

The glass panels used in making these types of doors are quite thick and high density. The woods are carved from hardwood trees and PVC



If you want to know why French doors are so expensive, get a closer look at one.

When you do, you will see how much hardware and what quality has been topped up to it. It is so to ensure that it serves as the best door you can ever bring home. 

Hardware involves all the hinges, locks, and handles. The french door has two handles that meet at the center when the door locks.

The C-shaped handles are located both on the outside and the inside. Several hinges hold the door strongly to the frame. 

French doors are made with all special security hardware that makes it difficult for break-ins.

Nonetheless, the type and quality of materials used to make the door knobs handle, and hinges impact the price of the french door largely. 


If you think door installation does not affect the price of a door, then you have been so wrong all along.

One of the reasons why french doors are quite expensive is attributed to how much it costs to install these doors. 

cost of installation

When buying the french doors, the vendor requests to be the one doing the installation, using their hands-on team.

And because they are the ones with the relevant experience needed in the installation of the french door, you’re left with no choice but to use their services. 

This will be an extra cost that will be added to the cost of the door and all hardware.

In the United  States, installation of the French door alongside all other costs can add up to a whooping 1600$.

The price of installation is determined by the hardware required to mount the door.

Note: It also includes all the labor to be involved, and the time it takes alongside other miscellaneous costs. 

The Size And Style Of The French Door

size and style

The standard size of the french door, which as well doubles as the standard size of a regular American door, sits at this figure, 36” *80” * 2”.

These sizes may vary according to the buyer’s preference and the size of the space the french door is required to fill. 

But the bigger the french door the bigger the money. It is obvious because more time, resources, and supplies will be invested in the making of a larger door.

So, expect that a french door larger than the regular size will end up being quite costly.


French doors are known to have a bigger part of their size, which totals almost 60% of the entire door in glass.

This glass adds to the aesthetic value of the door. It allows for lighting the entire room without using many lighting appliances. 

window costs

These doors are associated with value and glamor. French doors are made to be appealing and attractive.

Because of the windows here, expect to get them at a very expensive amount.

Tip: The price of the french door is higher also as a result of the heaviness and opacity of the windows used.


Looking at the french door, you will notice a lot of finishes involved in their making. There is a lot of art, color, and shape involved.

This mosaic art, decorative paint, and other finishes add to the entire cost of the French door. 

These colorful art and design are passed over to you and the price of it is added to the overall price of the doors.

Tip: Other than the reasons highlighted above, other factors that contribute to making the overall price expensive include security features and shipping costs.


door warranty

Warranties for doors are unheard of.

Either way, for a door, lucrative, beautiful, and worthy as the french door, you will most vendors and companies have attached a warranty on them.

It costs a little more than it would be if the door would be bought without one. The warranty covers future expenses, defects, and improper installations. 

Cost Of French Doors Vs Sliding Doors 

You may also be thinking of going for the sliding doors instead. But before you dive deep into this idea, find out the cost of french doors versus sliding doors.

french doors vs sliding doors

French doors cost up to 500$, together with all miscellaneous and operational costs to the point the door has been installed.

You would spend up to 1600%.

On the other hand, sliding doors together with all costs add up to 2500$.

Tip: Sliding doors are more expensive than french doors.

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In this article, we have answered the question: “why are French doors so expensive?“.

You would realize that, unlike other regular doors, French doors are more expensive because of the attributes associated with them. 

Meanwhile, at 1600$, or whatever market price of the french doors you meet in your locality, they are a good investment.

Add them to your apartment or home and see them transform their outlook to a much more appealing and attractive style.