why is kilz not recommended for flooring
Kristina Davis

Ever been faced with the question; Why is KILZ not recommended for flooring? well, knowing this is pertinent because this is a revered product with a myriad of uses for homeowners.

It is used to face off and resolve a couple of problems at home or in the office.

It has a stunning reputation revolving around its endurance to tough conditions, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of use.

Although, people have tried to use it for flooring but have instead complained and shunned it completely.

Kilz if used on the flooring may fail to give the required results. This is because that is not what it was meant for.

Kilz is not recommended as a flooring option. It does not yield the required properties to be walked on, and if used, it can be ruined in a matter of days.

Is KILZ Useful in Flooring?

useful in flooring

As a product of the recent age, Kilz has multiple uses, as mentioned before. It is cheap, effective, and durable.

But before we get to establish why it doesn’t make a good flooring option, it is essential that we figure out what it is best for.

Below, are some of the top uses of Kilz. it serves better than any other competitor products.


If you are looking for a surface sealant then get to stop by Kilz. you will be sure then that you made just the right and best pick.

Kilz is famed for its sealant abilities. While painting and you become fussy and afraid that the paint may peel off in no time, just get a Kilz container.

Then follow the instructions labeled on the container for sealing whatever surface you are painting.

use in sealing

Using it assures that your painting will stay intact, for much longer than you ever expected.

Nevertheless, as a sealant, Kitz gives the painting a professional, lovely, and stunning impression.

Note: It is important to note that although Kilz does not make a good flooring option, it serves better than any other competitor product.

Kiltz Promotes Adhesion

Kilz is a fabulous adhesion promoter. While painting and you wish the paint to stick better and last longer, then get Kitz. 

Its primer known as Kitz primer is the best bet for adhesion.

You may not always have to use sanding as an option for adhesion strengthening when Kilz works best and effectively.

Kilz is hence known for its indisputable reputation as a strong adhesion promoter over all other primers.

Stop Odors

No one likes a bad odor. Bad odors can spoil your day, mess around your appetite and make you uncomfortable.

can stop odors

When there is a bird or dog poop, or any other products such as milk spilled onto a surface, you will need to stop the odor.

Stopping the odor at once and cleaning off the surface might get very cumbersome. Using Kilz on the surface will stop the odor at once.

Tip: The surface with the odor has to be cleaned beforehand. It has to be cleansed, rinsed, and left to dry before applying the Kilz to ward off the lingering smell.

For Blocking Stains

Stains tend to be quite disheartening. They mess with the alluring sight of the wood or wall and must be gotten rid of.

Unfortunately, painting over stains might not be a reliable solution to seal off the stain, when it can still be seen through the paint.

However, Kilz assures you of totally subduing and blocking off the stains completely.

Best At Hiding Any Previous Color On A Surface

Are looking to replace the white on your living room wall with a different color?

Or wherever place with whatever different color? Then it may become disturbing how you will do away with the older color.

Painting the fresh and new color over the top may still show traces of the older one.

hiding previous color

And this could mess up with the attractive vicinity the new color should have offered.

But with Kilz, then you are covered. Mere applying Kilz before painting the new color over the old locks it out completely.

Why Is KILZ Not Recommended For Flooring?

Why do you think Kilz has been ruled out as a flooring option? Kilz has several uses and outstanding qualities behind it, but its use as a flooring option hasn’t paid off well.

The manufacturer of this product as well knows that it is not good for flooring. But he has one brand that is.

However, the basic and original product isn’t worth the flooring moment. Kiltz does not hold the Qualities that qualify for a flooring product.

With all its niceties, from durability to cost-effectiveness, still Kilz doesn't match up the qualities required of a flooring option.

Is Kilz Durable?

It is irrefutable and indispensable that Kilz is durable and strong. But it looks a lot like these features were meant for the soft life.

is durable

For a product to qualify as a flooring product, it must be able to stand up to traffic, dirt, and stains.

Visibly, Kilz can not withstand the tough life. It can’t stand foot traffic for a long time,  in less than two weeks of flooring, nothing shall be left of it.

So, even though Kilz has the properties of a good flooring product, they do not measure up completely to what would be expected of one.

Hence, you shouldn’t even think of using it as a flooring option.

Note: In other words, Kilz wasn't meant for flooring unless the brand you go for indicates that it was. Instead, it is a sealant and an adhesion promoter.

So, using it as a flooring product is at your own peril.

Why Is Kilz Not Recommended for Flooring?

In this article, we have thrown to the wind the idea of using Kilz as a flooring product.

not recommended for flooring

However, you need to know that there might be exceptions.

You have probably heard or seen somewhere that Kilz can be used for flooring, especially on concrete and masonry.

Yes, that was true. Following our discussion closely, you notice that there is something we have been regularly terming as a primer.

This one unlike the traditional Kilz that is at the forefront of this blog post, can be used for flooring.

In other words, Kilz traditional primer can not and should not be used for flooring. 

Whereas the Kilz masonry and concrete primer can be used for flooring. You can notice the difference that sits between both.

So, while placing an order or sourcing for it from a dealer, specify. If you intend to have it for flooring, then tag it along with the Concrete and Masonry primer.

But if you just need a sealant, then go the traditional Kilz way.

How Long does KILZ Smell?

It is interesting that even though Kilz can help to relieve very strong odors, it itself has a bad odor too.

how long will smell

In fact, its unpleasant smell contributes largely to why most people dislike it.

Someone with breathing complications or asthma can hardly stand the smell that emanates from this product.

Yea, Kilz can be used to erode bad smells, but it calls for patience since it has one bad odor too.

The awful smell can take up to 3 days, or less with proper ventilation. You can speed up its drying by increasing the temperatures in the room it has been used.

Also, make sure to wear protective gear while handling it to protect yourself from the strong smell.

Note: The bad smell is a result of the complexities behind it. For, it is an adhesive, a sealant, and partly a paint all-inclusive.


Hopefully, this blog post has painted a clearer picture behind the reason Why is Kilz not recommended for flooring product.

It has even presented to you the multiple uses of Kilz and what it is best for. We have also discussed its effectiveness for concrete and masonry flooring and how long Kilz smells.

Therefore, do not be tempted to ask ‘Why is Kilz not recommended for flooring?’ because we are confident you know the answers now.

Do not use Kilz as a flooring option when it isn’t meant for it. If you do so, it will be washed away in no time.