how to clean Mongolian fur pillow
Kristina Davis

Mongolian fur pillows can be a great addition to your household, and you should therefore know how to clean Mongolian fur pillow.

First things first, washing instructions vary for different pillows, and in this article, you’ll get step-by-step guidelines on how to wash your Mongolian fur pillows.

Most manufacturers go even further and tag your Mongolian fur pillows with detailed instructions on cleaning them.

There are two major methods to clean your Mongolian Fur pillows; machine washing and hand washing. The method you will use depends on the instructions given by the manufacturer.


the pretreatment

Before cleaning the Mongolian fur pillows, they often need to be pre-treated. First, use stain solution to treat stains on Mongolian fur.

Stain Solution is for multiple types of stains.

For tannin and protein type stains like coffee, wine, coffee, blood, ink, or set-in stains like pit stains, wash the material after pre-soaking it in water with a cup of vinegar for half an hour.

How to Clean Mongolian Fur Pillows – Best Methods!

Method 1: Washing Machine

The washing machine is the go-to method to clean Mongolian fur pillows.

Pillows used daily can quickly accumulate dirt, dust, sweat, saliva, and bacteria.

To keep them clean and fresh, they should be laundered at least every few months.

Although they might seem complicated to clean or too small to carry to a sink, washing them with the washing machine is straightforward.

Machine Settings

the machine settings

Set your washing machine on low heat. Run the machine through an extra spin cycle to eliminate dampness as much as possible.

Get a suitable detergent, and you’re good to go.

Most Mongolian fur pillow manufacturers recommend a fragrance-free detergent.

It’s, therefore, best to use the manufacturer’s recommendation and then rinse the detergent out.

The best kind of soap is one with no fragrance. It can be more difficult to remove excess soap that has clumped on the pillow if it is sticky.

Mesh Laundry Bag

To prevent the delicate Mongolian furs from spoiling, you can use a mesh bag and select the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

Fill the machine with cold water and set it to low spin. Pour in the right amount of cashmere Shampoo, and you’re good to go.

Avoid scrubbing them too much because it might undo the Mongolian fur.

Note: For optimal clean and fresher Mongolian fur, avoid mixing with other items in the washing machine and opt for mild detergent.

Method 2: Washing by Hand

handwash it

It’s perfectly okay and normal to wash Mongolian fur pillows by hand.

If you’d like to wash your pillows by hand, then use lukewarm or cold water and only a mild soap designed for hand washing.

This way, the Mongolian fur pillow will retain its texture and shape. You can clean your Mongolian pillows with a mild detergent and soak the spots that need attending.

Fabric Softener and Shampoo Cleaner

Add fabric softener to make the fur fluffier and avoid fibers from sticking together.

The less agitation Mongolian fur gets, the better. Apply with a towel to absorb any water on the fur.

Wash Mongolian fur by hand in cold water, and add Wool and shampoo cleaner to the water.

Let it soak for 30 minutes before wiping it off with a lint-free towel. Wash the fabric in cold water after turning it inside out and absorbing the soapy water.

Note: Unlike other types of fabric, hand-washing Mongolian fur pillows can be difficult. Wash with products made for Mongolian fur. Launder the pillow carefully by following the instructions on the tag.


rinse the pillow

Most people get the rinsing part very wrong, especially with pillows.

After hand-washing, check your Mongolian fur pillows for soap and clean them by rinsing them in cold water with a detergent until all soap is gone.

Rinse them until the odor is gone, too.

By cleaning your pillows this way, you can prevent shedding and keep them looking great for longer.

Tip: If you clean your pillow regularly, it will not harbor dirt and bacteria. Manufacturers recommend different ways to clean pillows.

Maintenance After Washing

After you’ve cleaned the Mongolian fur, shake it to fluff up the surface and remove excess water.

Then wrap and press it against a thick towel to remove any additional excess water.

Drying your Mongolian fur pillows will make them fluffy and ready to put back on your bed in minutes.

Drying Mongolian Fur Pillows

drying fur pillow

Air dry your pillows naturally by leaving them outside or adding a fan to give them a boost. If the weather is terrible, you can use a well-ventilated indoor space.

Hanging Bags

All techniques are based on textile science, but not all clothes react as science would predict.

Manufacturers recommend using a breathable cotton hanging garment bag to protect from bugs.

Keeping items in plastic can cause yellowing and increase the chance of mildew, which attracts insects.

Drying Rack

use drying racks

If you don’t have hanging bags to dry your Mongolian fur, you should lay it flat and let it dry on a drying rack.

Stretch any folds as best you can with a wide-tooth brush or comb and detangle any knots. To remove wrinkles, use your steamer to create the best finish.

To dry your Mongolian fur pillows more quickly, use a pet care brush to brush them.

It should have widely spaced metal bristles, and you should be gentle when brushing the fur so as not to damage it.

Note: If you have Mongolian fur pillows, don't put them in the dryer. Low heat from an electric dryer can make the fibers melt and mat together forever.

Method 3: Scrubbing for Stain Removal

Scrubbing is an ideal method on how to clean Mongolian fur cushions, especially if you’re dealing with stains.

the scrubbing

Mongolian fur is a luxurious fabric, so it’s no surprise that pillows made from Mongolian fur are seen as elegant.

When washing your pillowcases, deal with any stains or spots before moving on to other cleaning steps.

Always use a bleach-free cleaner designed for Mongolian fur if the pillow has a stain.

Clean the surface by scrubbing it with a suitable cleaner, letting it sit for a specified time, then rinse it thoroughly before patting it dry.

Let the area dry flat or line-dry but avoid indirect sunlight and excess heat.

Note: Never scrub or brush pillowcases with wire wool brushes. They can usually be spot-cleaned, but most manufacturers recommend using a suede brush as a softer alternative.

Method 4: Removing Odor

Baking soda is considered of the top traditional odor neutralizers because it masks bad smells, but it also eliminates those sources of odor.

Your pillow won’t smell bad for long.

Here’s how to remove bad odor from your Mongolian fur pillow:

  • Sprinkle some baking soda over your pillow.
  • Leave for 30 minutes.
  • Vacuum off any excess powders
  • Spray vinegar on the pillow’s surface, wiping it with a white cloth.
To make your pillow smell fresh, leave it out for a day, and it will be good as new.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning Mongolian Fur

what you need to know
  1. For the best results in deep-cleaning and dry-cleaning pillows, wash and dry two at a time. Not enough water or space for a pillow will lead to poor outcomes.
  2. If you decide to spot clean the Mongolian fur, avoid using heat or harsh soaps. To thoroughly clean it, always refer to our instructions for dry cleaning.
  3. You can wash Mongolian fur pillow covers by hand or in a washing machine in fairly warm water.
  4. Use a soft brush to gently brush the fur pillow covers after drying them.
  5. It would help if you did not dry your pillows in the sun because the heat will damage them.
  6. Instead, you should find a protected place for your pillows to dry until the water evaporates.

Final Thought

You should know how to clean Mongolian fur pillow if you have them. Stains and dirt on Mongolian pillows are common and can be attributed to daily lives.

You should always dry your Mongolian fur pillows entirely because if there is any dampness, you could reintroduce mildew, bacteria, and mites that can cause allergies.

The four methods above will undoubtedly restore your pillow to freshness.

To dry your pillows quickly, put them in the dryer on a low-heat setting and check them every 20 minutes to ensure they are completely dried.

You can also add dryer balls or a tennis ball in a sock to fluff up the pillow even more.