where does the spring go on a recliner
Kristina Davis

To discover where does the spring go on a recliner, you will have to flip the chair and locate the frame.

Do you know that the entire tension of the recliner relies upon spring? It should be strong and durable. 

Therefore, realizing the exact location will be helpful when it needs to be replaced, especially when it’s damaged or broken.

This can lead you to ask; where does the spring go on a recliner? How about we find out?

If you flip your chair, you would see that the spring on a recliner is in the framework of the chair. If you can’t locate them, it is possible that they were free and tumbled off without anyone noticing.

Types Of Springs For A Recliner

types of spring recliner

Each recliner utilizes mainly two kinds of recliner springs.

The one that is referred to as the recoil spring absorbs the greater part of the shock of any recliner chair. 

The other kind of spring attached to a recliner is the zigzag spring. The type of recliner is dependent on the location of the spring. 

Both can be seen on the same recliner since frequently they function together to follow through with a role.

Therefore, before we can answer the question: “where does the tension spring go on a recliner?”, let’s first find out more about the different types of springs.

Recoiling Spring

recoiling springs

This spring keeps the recliner’s tension and so when it is damaged, it won’t offer sufficient help.

Soon enough, the recliner chair will sag somewhat in a direction.

It has two snares on either end. Also, at the focal point of the body, the spring’s metal is twisted in firmly shut circles without space in between.

When it encounters additional force on each end, those circles begin to separate as the recoil string loosens up. 

Its responsibility is to function under tension and ensure that the recliner chair isn’t leaning back something over the top or excessively little.

Based on this, you can easily tell when the force spring needs to be replaced.

Tip: When you sit on your recliner chair, and there isn't sufficient resistance and the leg rest is moving outwards, it’s probably time to fix the recoil spring.

Zig-Zag/Sinuous Spring

zigzag spring

Like its name, this thing has several small projections that are transverse and wave-like. The major function includes keeping the chair from dropping excessively. 

This means that the sinuous spring assists with keeping the recliner backrest in an upstanding position.

Your sinuous spring needs replacement if the sofa is slipping or drooping down too much when you lean back on it.

If happens, then it’s probably time to get it fixed as well.  

Where Does the Spring go on a Recliner? How To Replace It?

replace recliner spring

After talking about the kinds of springs available, if any of them is faulty you might be wondering how you might replace them.

Assuming you’re actually confused about the above and you might also ask about the footrest, where does the spring go on a recliner?

Below are step-by-step guidelines on how you can achieve that:

For A Recoil Spring

To fix a recoil spring and find out its location, you should put on eye goggles.

This is because it can hop around a great deal, so you don’t want to harm your vision.

Follow through the following steps to find out more.

Flip/Turn It

Flip around your chair to be able to see the framework clearly.

There’s a probability that there may be a sheet or a board under the recliner chair. You should eliminate that first before continuing.

locate the recoil spring

Locate The Recoil Spring

If you want to know where the tension spring goes on a recliner, investigate the frame of the recliner chair to detect the spring.

Assuming the recliner springs are damaged or old, they will, in any case, be there. 

Notwithstanding, if you can’t locate them, it is possible that they were free and tumbled off without anyone noticing.

If that is the case, don’t worry about this step, move to the next stage.

Remove The Recoil Spring

Perchance that you see the damaged spring, use forceps or pliers to remove them.

Place the forceps at the region where the recoil spring attaches to the recliner and then contort it till it is free. 

Note: Wear goggles while working because the spring is under a great deal of tension, so it could jump out. 

Get A Substitute

substitute spring

Find a durable substitute before eliminating the damaged spring.

If you don’t have any idea where you could get them, contact a retailer or manufacturer. Either of them would know. 

When you finally get new springs, stretch the recoil springs from one finish to another with the assistance of screwdrivers.

Put a coin among them and let it be for some time. Let this process be repeated for the mid-portion as well.

Install The Substitute

By locking the forceps, fixate the recoil springs. This is so every end is at the legitimate position that it stays on the chair frame.

You should tie down the pincers to diminish any dangers of a mishap happening.

Ensure that you are exceptionally careful while you are doing this so the springs won’t get lost while you are adjusting them.

Now, the last thing you should do is to eliminate the coin(s) that you used for stretching the strings. 

Tip: After the installation is completed, just set up all the separated parts back, including the panel.

For A Zig-Zag Spring

for a zigzag spring

We cannot fully answer the question, “where does the tension spring go on a recliner?” until we have discovered the location of the sinuous spring.

Are you having difficulty with fixing your recliner chair? 

Do you want to know where the tension spring goes on a recliner? Then continue reading.

You will find out more as we have explained the steps below:

Flip The Recliner

The absolute first thing you can do is to focus on the heart of the matter is to reveal the frame of the recliner.

This is achieved by flipping the chair around with the goal that its backside faces upwards.

Furthermore, with the assistance of a screwdriver, carefully dispose of the staples located behind the furniture. 

flip the recliner

Do not mishandle the pieces since they will be required when you are finished with the task and you want to close up the recliner.

After completing this step, you can continue toward the subsequent stage.

Locate The Zig-Zag Spring

The following thing you ought to do is to move the sofa’s fabric and cushion away. After that, finding out the exact location of the zig-zag spring ought to be simple. 

Look at the back of the recliner chair. A zigzag-shaped curl that is large will be apparent. That’s the zig-zag spring.

At this point, follow through with the next step

Eliminate The Coil

eliminate the coil

Begin by carefully pulling the top of the recliner spring. Generally speaking, it is a messed-up area.

It will come free after a couple of attempts. In any case, be certain that you can utilize your hands when doing this. 

This is because it just requires a touch of pushing by you to track down the upper part of the zig-zag spring from the start. 

Note: Once successful, you can continue to remove the lower half of the spring from the clamp as you hold the spring.

Acquire The Substitute

Be certain that you got one that will accurately uphold the recliner so that everything goes well.

If you don’t know where you could get one, contact the store you bought it from or the producer of the recliner.

substitute the spring

Bring the new zig-zag spring inside the recliner by fastening the first half first.

Then continue to attach the lower aspect of the zig-zag spring, then get the clamp on top of it. 

The work is almost done here. You have effectively found out where your spring is located and you have fixed it.

Polish Things 

To finish up, set up all the separated parts back. Drape your covers and secure them in place. You can use a stapler to staple it.

Now, flip or turn the recliner again to set it to its usual position.


Recliner springs are very important for your recliners. It adds support to the recliner.

Therefore, it requires appropriate maintenance and when it is faulty, it needs to be maintained as fast as possible. 

If yours is faulty you would probably wish to fix it. Then you must have asked the question “where does the spring go on a recliner?” 

Hopefully, this article has answered that question. This blog also includes information on how you can use the types of springs and how you can change a damaged or old one.

If you follow through with the steps, you will be able to enjoy your seat better.