ashley furniture power recliner usb not working
Kristina Davis

If you find your Ashley Furniture power recliner USB not working, what do you do?

Having new furniture is awesome but experiencing discrepancies with it is never good.

So, in this guide, I will be detailing some of the reasons why the USB port on your Ashley Furniture recliner isn’t working.

Moreover, I will also give you some tips to solve and straighten the problem.

The USB ports on your Ashley Furniture power recliner are faulty because the recliner is unplugged, the USB port is physically damaged, or there are problems with the solder joint of the port.

Ashley Furniture Power Recliner USB Not Working? Here’s Why

ashley furniture power recliner not working

After scurrying around the internet, I’ve found, out of the myriad of reasons why your Ashley Furniture USB port not working.

The following are the reasons considered the worst and most common.

Reason #1: Your Recliner is Unplugged

It might sound obvious, but a lot of people often forget to plug their recliners into power, and this is the 1st reason.

The only way for your recliner to be able to put in power to other devices via its USB port is if it’s plugged in.

So, ensure that your power recliner is plugged in on an outlet that is working.

Reason #2: Physical Damage to the USB Port

We can’t deny that USB ports can be faulty at times, and that is one of the major reasons why your power recliner’s USB port is not working.

damage in usb port

Physical damage can be anything from dents, scratches, misalignment, and even the removal of some of the contacts of the USB port.

You can inspect this yourself by checking the condition of your USB port from the outside.

Reason #3: The Solder Joint of the Port is Detached/Damaged

Yes, USB ports are independent components, but they actually rely on other components surrounding them for functionality.

And what’s connecting it to the board? – the soldering joint.

The soldering joint is the component that connects and links the port to the board, which gives way for electricity to be brought in and out through the port.

Seeing damage on this component would not automatically translate to a broken USB port.

Earlier symptoms include:

  • Slower charging than the usual
  • Undetectability of the device

Reason #4: The USB Port Isn’t Connected to the Pin Connector

usb port not connected to pin

Last, and probably the most technical of all would involve your port not being connected to the pin connector or to the component bringing electricity and power to your recliner.

Most Ashley Furniture power recliners, or other brands in this context, have pin connectors that are connected to the motor, the main power line, and of course, the USB ports.

This connection is usually “pinned,” which means it can be taken off and unplugged.

You’ll find the pin connector when you dismantle the front or the exterior of the power recliner. It’s like a stem of cables connected to different ports and outlets.

Now that we know the reasons why your power recliner’s USB ports do not work, let me go ahead and discuss with you the comprehensive method of fixing it.

How Do You Fix Ashley Furniture USB Ports?

how to fix

You will find many different approaches to fixing and solving your issue with your USB port.

But here’s a method I found online, and it is what I consider the complete take on fixing your power recliner.

Step #1: Check Your Manual For Instructions and Solutions

The very first step you need to do is to locate your power recliner’s manual.

This should be your go-to action because most manuals would have everything from descriptions, and instructions to troubleshooting steps for some of the most common questions and problems that could arise.

In my case, I didn’t find specific instructions for solving this problem. However, some models will have tutorials and guides that point to this.

So, be sure to look for the manual of your power recliner!

If your manual is nowhere to be found, check the Ashley Furniture website and input the exact model number/model of your power recliner.

Step #2: Plug Your Power Recliner Into a Different Outlet

plug to different outlet

The first thing you want to do is to try plugging your power recliner into a different outlet.

Doing so will help you narrow your options and choices down, and it can help you identify whether the problem is with the USB port or the outlet.

NOTE: If you have a surge protector or an extension cord, use it to connect it to an outlet that’s not in the same area where you had it plugged in recently.

Step #3: Perform a Complete Ashley Furniture Recliner Reset

After that, the next thing you want to do is to reset your Ashley Furniture power recliner.

Now, whether your recliner has a reset button or not will depend on the model of your USB-equipped power recliner.

Resetting Ashley Furniture Power Recliner via Reset Button

reset via reset button

If it has a reset button (you can see it in the manual), press and hold the button. You might need a paperclip to reach it and to be able to do so.

In some cases and models, you’ll need to take the front or exterior area apart so you could reach the reset button.

Resetting Ashley Furniture Power Recliner w/o a Reset Button

But what if your recliner does not have a reset button?

If this is the situation, what you want to do is unplug the cable in the harness for about 30 to 45 seconds, and then plug it back in again.

Wait for the power recliner to run back up again before you check and test.

NOTE: I usually do this at least two times just to be sure that it has been reset.

Step #4: Clear the Port of Dust, Dirt, and Debris

After resetting, the next best thing to do is to check the USB port itself and check if there has been a buildup of dirt, dust, crumbs, or other types of debris.

clean the port

Over time, the bits of dust and dirt can accumulate, resulting in a large blockage or clog that can possibly tamper with the functionality of the USB port.

The easiest way to clean this is by dabbing a small-sized cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and then gently wiping it on the USB port.

This should fit into both the upper and lower parts of the port.

For the interior, a cotton swab will do. Gather up all remaining dust and debris to free the port of any discrepancy or blockage.

Step #5: Check the Pin Cables/Connectors

The next step is to check if the pin connectors aren’t loose.

Loose pin connectors are part of the few most common reasons for the malfunctioning of power recliners’ USB ports.

Here’s what you can do to check if the pin cables and connectors are the ones at fault:

  1. Locate where these pin connectors and cables are.
  2. Once done, trace the cord/cable back to its connection to power.
  3. While you’re at it, also check if it’s connected to the board of the USB port correctly.
  4. Unplug and plug the connector’s connections back again.
Take extra precautionary measures when doing this because the pin connectors are the recliner’s gateway to power and energy. One wrong move and you could be grounded.

Step #6: Pull Out the Board/Circuitry

circuitry board

What I mean by pulling the board or the circuitry out is removing the port from it.

You want it to be completely unplugged from power without the port because it can be dangerous.

The port itself is soldered into the board, so you want to remove the solder to be able to detach the port from it.

When done, it’s time to solder the contact points so that the board’s connection to the circuitry is reinforced.

Step #7: Solder the Contact Joints

solder contact joints

The joints of your board are those that link it to other ports; hence, it will be the inlet and outlet (USB port and power port).

You want to solder them both completely to ensure that their contact with each other is smooth.

Once done, solder the USB port and the power cable back, and then reassemble it to the power recliner.

That is how you fix the USB ports on your Ashley Furniture!

Regardless of the type of USB port you have or wherever it’s positioned, following these steps will be all that you need!

Final Words

So, is your Ashley Furniture power recliner USB not working and you’re not entirely sure what caused it or how you can fix it?

With this guide, you have everything you need! Working on your power recliners isn’t