can you throw furniture in a dumpster
Kristina Davis

A friend of mine asked; can you throw furniture in a dumpster? I knew he had this old rugged furniture he wanted to dispose of.

Although he had the option of refurbishing it, he opted to dump it away and get new ones.

So, he came to me to ask whether the furniture can be thrown in a dumpster. I sorted him out, and I am here to help you today.

A dumpster is a very large container for rubbish. Larger than you can imagine. Larger to accommodate even the heaviest trash. 

It can be found almost everywhere, outside buildings, streets, and wherever dirt is dumped. Brawl your furniture to it and take the dump.

Can you Throw Furniture in a Dumpster? This question should eat you up no more; you can throw furniture in a dumpster. Yes, you can.

Disposing of Your Furniture

disposing furniture

Many people with eyesore furniture in their living rooms get at crossroads when it comes to choosing where they can dump their furniture.

Like my friend, he opted to burn it away but that wasn’t the best option.

Note: The very best way to take care of your old furniture, no matter the size, is to deposit them in a dumpster. It is widely accepted and nobody will ask you questions about taking this move.

Your old wooden chairs, cabinets, tables, shelves, everything, as long as they are wooden, can end up in the dumpster.

Nothing should stop you from getting rid of them.

Can I Throw My Couch in the Dumpster?

I started off by telling you how my friend was confused about where to dump his furniture.

What I did not however mention is the furniture that was bothering him.

throw couch in dumpster

He had this big couch, over twenty years old, eaten up by rats, the timber used to make it had worn out, the paint washed away, and the covers and throw pillows were not in good condition anymore.

Refurbishing it and getting a brand new couch was almost at equal prices. To cut the long story short, that couch ended up in the Dumpster.

Now to all of you asking, can you put furniture in a dumpster? That is where you find your answer.

Yes, you can. But then you shouldn’t stop reading because we are just getting started.

There is so much for you to know before taking this step. And this article will be your ultimate guide.

What Kinds of Furniture Can I And Can I Not Dump in The Dumpster?

Friends, while most wooden furniture is widely accepted to be thrown into the dumpster, there are several rules governing this activity.

And also, not all furniture you think you should do away with can end up in the dumpster.

what kind of furniture to throw

There are regulations. I believe these regulations vary from place to place and you should find out which ones are applicable to your zone.

But before you get to that, below is a list of furniture acceptable and not acceptable in the dumpster in most places.

Widely accepted furniture dumpable in the dumpster:

  • Wooden chairs.
  • Wooden tables.
  • Cabinets
  • Couches
  • Shelves
  • Desks
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Beds
  • Coffee tables.

Widely Unacceptable Furniture in the Dumpster

Told you not all furniture can be dumped into the dumpster.

There is furniture that is widely unwanted in the Dumpster for reasons we will, later on, come to know.

unacceptable furniture in the dumpster

There is so much to learn here. So, the furniture you can’t just dump in the wake of your desire in the Dumpster includes.

Upholstered Furniture

In the simplest of terms, upholstered furniture is that which has been well made from timber but fitted and stuffed with any material to make it good looking.

It is the upgrading of furniture with seats, paddings, springs, webbings, leather covers, throw pillows and fabric.

Unfortunately, upholstered furniture you can’t take to the dumpster in your local dumpsite. Be it couches, armchairs, or tables.

We have however learned that in the recent past, some localities allow upholstered furniture to be deposited in the dumpsters. 

They do it at a higher service fee or with the upholstery material fully unclothed from the furniture.

Whom to Consult

This blog post gives you a summary and a general guideline on whether you can throw your furniture in the dumpster.

to consult

It answers those of you who have persistently wished to know whether they can dump their couches in it too.

But, we may not know the legislations that govern the dumping of furniture in your area of residence.

What we provide here is what has been generally and widely accepted.

Note: Each jurisdiction plays by its own books and makes its own rules and we wouldn’t love to see our esteemed readers fail to abide or go against the set canons.

That is why, for the benefit of the doubt, we refer you to whom you may consult to be fully equipped with the knowledge of what to dump in the dumpster and where.

  1. Ask your local area municipality for directives.
  2.  Check with the federal state’s guidelines on waste disposal.
  3.  Ask from the local government office.
  4.  Contact a state representative of the Environmental protection agency. EPA.
  5.  Donate the furniture instead of getting bothered about where to dump them.

So, we advise you to obey your local authority guidelines, the sources above will guide you through.

Choosing a Dumpster for your Furniture

You have figured out that it is okay to trash your furniture in the dumpster near you.

choosing dumpster

Now again, it is time to choose which dumpster you will leave in the furniture. While choosing what dumpster is best for your trash, consider the following.

The Size

You are surely going to find the right dumpster size for your furniture. It should be one that the furniture will fit in well.

It should have the capacity to harbor the weight of the furniture and its design.

Consult with a Professional

There are professionals in waste disposal all over.

Find one whether a freelancer or website from the internet and ask the local authorities for advice on which dumpsters to drop in your furniture.

In the long run, ensure that you have dumped your furniture or the couches away safely, effectively, and responsibly.

When It Is Illegal to Throw Away Furniture in a Dumpster

when it is illegal

We call upon you to stay on the safe side of the law while dumping your furniture in a dumpster.

It is so easy to find yourself violating guidelines during the process.

First, unless agreed upon, do not throw your furniture in someone else’s dumpster without his or her permission.

If the dumpster belongs to the local authority, seek permission to have you deposit the furniture in it.

Can You Leave the Furniture by the Dumpsite?

You may be tempted to throw your furniture in the dumpster. Friend, that is a serious violation of law and if found, of course, you will be, you may face a penalty or court case.

Do not leave furniture at the dumpsite, because it is too big, or you found the dumpster full. No matter what the reason is, do not.

Find a contingency way to dump the couch or wait until there is space. You should not litter the environment.

The Cost of a Dumpster

cost of dumpster

Getting your own dumpster will save you a lot of energy and stress. In fact, we advise that you find your own.

After all, you will not be glued to only dumping furniture into it but an array of all other household items you wish to get rid of.

Other than purchasing one, you can as well rent it.  Renting a dumpster ranges between 40 to 80 dollars per dumpster.

Click on  to learn about these costs.

So, Can You Throw Furniture in a Dumpster Now?

This article has highlighted key information about “can you throw furniture in a dumpster“ you must take into consideration while choosing how to dump your furniture.

You can throw your couch in the dumpster or that furniture you no longer need.

But before you come to that, take this information herein seriously.

Find out whether it is okay in your locality, do not dump in someone else’s, and distinguish between public and private dumpsters.

When you establish you can, take the throw and when it is impossible, then donate it, or reupholster it. You can never run out of options.