door handle keeps falling off
Kristina Davis

Why does my door handle keeps falling off? Sometimes back, my door’s handle kept falling and that became so disgusting.

I mean, in the night when I am supposed to lock my door to sleep, then the handle would choose to drop.

Or I got guests in my room, and from nowhere, the handle makes that the opportune moment for it to fall. That used to be so frustrating and sickening.

I was visiting my high school friend in his apartment recently and I noticed he too was having it rough with his door handle.

My friend is one of those people who don’t care at all. Brian, I won’t say it’s you. And Brian told me he had given up on his door knob.

Falling door handles can be due to a number of reasons, either there is dirt on the doorknob, frequent usage, or the door handle is inferior, etc.

How Do You Feel When the Door Handle Keeps Coming Off?

how do you feel

Most of all these door handles are fitted to the doors with unrivaled craftsmanship.

You can even hardly spot the markings that show the handle was fitted into the outdoors.

But then, because of one or more reasons, your door handle may begin to keep falling off.

That becomes annoying, awful, and undesirable. However, it is upon you to decide whether you want to keep getting annoyed or if you are going to fix that handle.

Why Does My Door Handle Keep Falling Off?

why keep falling off

Does your door handle keep falling off? But before you fix that, you must figure out what causes it.

All that falling off could be a result of anyone, two or more of the following reasons.

Missing or Loose Screws

Door handles are held into their position with screws.

When these screws become weak, they start getting out of their place hence making the door handle start moving.

When one, two, or more of these screws fall off, then your handle can move freely and fall off if there is no one strong screw left to hold it in its place.


door handle overuse

Time can take a toll on the door handles. If they are used for a long time without checking and replacement, screws, and handles start to wear off.

They become loose and begin falling off regularly.


In the event dirt has built up and accumulated in the door handle, it starts to affect the functioning of the handle, by eating into the door.

The holes within which the screws were driven into become larger by day. The handle becomes weak, they might start falling off before you notice.

These are the key reasons that may result in your door handle to keep falling off.

Tip: Be on the lookout for which is the cause before you devise repair mechanisms.l

How To Fix Door Handle That Fell Off

how to fix handle

Ultimately, you are going to fix the door handle that keeps falling off.

The door handle heightens security in your house and you can’t do without it for long.

You may or may not need to bring in a locksmith depending on the choices you make.

But since fixing the doorknob may be a simple and quick affair, you may want to save the few dollars you would spend on getting someone to fix it for you.

This is how you are going to fix the door handle in a few easy steps:

Step #1: Figure Out the Handle Type

You must identify the type, size, and shape of the door handle if you will be replacing it with another.

All door handles are not the same. They come in different sizes and shapes. Identifying your door handle makes the work much easier.

Step #2: Check Handle Position

check position

Figure out the position with which the door handle is fitted to the doorknob. This will save you some time.

Mastering the position your door handle is fitted into will make the coupling of the door handle easier.

Step #3: Unscrew the Handle

Remove the handle using a screwdriver. Definitely, you can not fix a door handle without first dismantling it.

It’s an easy process that requires no technician.

Step #4: Refit the Handle

Refit the handle into its fitting posture then tighten the knobs.

Usually, the door handle keeps falling off as a result of weak or misplaced screws.

In 9 out of 10 situations, the screws are the ones that are loose. All you have to do is refit them and tighten them.

Note: For holes where the screws can’t be found, you will have to replace them with new ones, and to any that are worn out too.

Does a Doorknob & Keyhole Fall Off like a Door Handle?

doorknob and keyhole

Both the knob and keyhole are handles, so they can always fall off. That simple. They are both used to opening the door.

The difference is that the door handle is some sought of the lever that must be moved while opening or closing the door.

The doorknob is circular with space for inserting the key.

Occasionally, in doorknobs, the key has to be turned to open the door. The doorknob doesn’t fall off except it’s assembled.

Tip: The keyhole is that obvious. It is the space in the doorknob where the key is inserted to unlock the door.

How to Open a Door With a Fallen Handle.

open door without handle

If it is the first time your door handle fell off, opening your door might become a disturbing and boring affair.

You may take up to an hour trying to get through your door to no avail.

Although fixing the handle is the most reliable and immediate way to restore your door to normalcy, you may not have the tools to fix it at once.

Therefore, you need to get through the door using other ways, especially if it is locked.

Thankfully for you, we compiled amazing ways to get through your door in case a fallen handle is the reason you are trapped from either side of the door.

Method #1: Use a Knife

use knife

The knife comes in as a handy tool for opening a door with a fallen handle.

If the handle fell and left the door locked, then you may be in for a fight with your door if you do not know where to start.

Fortunately, we are telling you today that you can use a knife. The knife should be able to penetrate the space left by the fallen handle.

So, using the knife, locate where your door latches, usually between the door and strike plate.

Try as much and as long as you can until you strike the bolt out of the door.

Method #2: Remove Screws

If the handle has fallen then you may temporarily remove the screws from the spindle hole that bolts the door.

Removing these screws exposes the locked padlock making it easier for you to pull it out with your hands with just little strength.

Method #3: Apply force

apply force

If you have completely run out of options, then using some little force may be the last and best you’ve got. That should be in the event there is an urgency.

Remember to apply limited and controlled force so as not to spoil other parts of the door.

And as soon as you get through, get a locksmith to fix the door and the handle.

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Why does my door handle keep falling off? Unlike my friend, I managed to refit my door handles when they became loose.

You do not need to shoulder the falling off of the handle forever. You have the capacity to replace or refit the handle in a very short moment.

Most door handles and knobs are fixed together and they are a security protocol in your room. 

You do not have to leave them hanging. This shouldn’t take you long to fix with a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Do not be like my old friend Brian.