how to brighten a room without windows
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to brighten a room without windows is a piece of information that would always come in handy.

I once had to move into a windowless room and for the first few months, my life was gloomy. It was so until I discovered a way to brighten up my room.

I’m sure you all have the same problem or something similar, which is precisely why you are here.

This writer would therefore be basing this article on discussing the numerous ways there are to brighten a windowless room.

To brighten a windowless room, there are so many things you can do. For example, you can add extra lights, change the decorations and even add a plant.

How To Brighten A Room Without Windows

brighten room without windows

There are so many ways to brighten a windowless room, and the ones listed above are just snippets. 

We would be discussing the best and easiest options, and here is how to make a room brighter without windows in no particular order:

Alternative #1: Lighting

The first and most realistic way to brighten up a place is to turn on the lights. In a windowless room, you do the same.

But instead of just turning on the lights, you add more lighting to help brighten up the room.

The lights would serve as a replacement for the sunlight the room doesn’t have access to.

The lights should be installed at every corner of the room rather than just having one or two at the center. 


Also, do not be afraid to make use of enough lamps and be creative with it, don’t go with the basic white lamp, mix the colors up. 

With more lighting, it would look like the room has unlimited access to sunlight.

Tip: You have to be careful to make sure the lighting is not too much so the room doesn't look too sterile.

Alternative #2: Decorations

I am a strong believer in the power of decorations and their ability to reform and reinvent.

Decoration goes a long way not just in households, but also in our desserts, dressing, and hair. 

A simple accessory can change a whole narrative. 

room decor

I have been able to pass across the importance of decorating, but how does it affect the brightness of a room without a window? 

Adding bright and vibrant colors to the room would brighten it up, and decorating a room properly just gives it more life. 

You can add some art, a bright vase, a colorful throwing pillow, and even more just to make sure the design in the room is sufficient.

Note: I know we want the room to be bright by all means but we should not lose sight of the beautiful decorations ahead.

Alternative #3: Furniture

The type of furniture you make use of goes a long way in affecting the look of the room, and so does its color.

Make use of furniture with light colors so that it makes the room look bright. 


Also, the furniture should be raised so that light can reflect on them, making the floor space look larger than it actually is. 

You can also make use of floating furniture so as to get a better effect. If the floor looks distant, it gives the light enough space to bounce around.

Note: There shouldn't be too much furniture in the room so it wouldn't be too stuffy, and at the same time, there shouldn't be too little.

Alternative #4: Painting

The color of a room also affects how bright the room would look. I would advise using bright and light colors that give the room a soft tone. 

Colors like white, baby pink, lilac, powder blue etcetera, would make a room without a window look bright. 

There are also colors you should avoid, for example, navy blue, purple, red, and the likes all give a room a dark and stern vibe.


Alternative #5: Sprinkle Colors

This is an extension of the decorations you place in the room, colors go a long way in affecting the look of a room.

With the right color, you can change a narrative. For example, a purely white room looks extremely sterile. 

But with the right splash of colors like red, purple, black, and the like, you can add a little bit of life to the room. 

So in the designs and decoration, let there be a splash of colors that is vibrant and does not contrast with the aesthetics of the room.

Alternative #6: Mirror

A mirror is a good reflector of light and having it in a room makes it look much brighter.

The mirrors should be at the center of a wall, that way, they can reflect light evenly all across the room. 

Aside from reflecting light, a mirror, especially a big one, would create an optical illusion. 

use a mirror

This would make the room seem bigger than it actually is. And a spacious room is a bright room, even if it is just an illusion.

Alternative #7: Fake Window

Sometimes, our mind plays tricks on us, making us see things or feel things that are not there.

In that same regard, because we know a room has no window, our subconscious makes the room look darker than it is. 

By placing a fake window, you are tricking your mind and reprogramming your subconscious into thinking that the room is bright.

Alternative #8: Light Theme

The theme is the general background of the room i.e the color of the walls, floor, ceilings, and most of the substantial furniture. 

light colored theme

The theme of the room should be very light with just a splash of color here and there. 

For example, the walls, floor, and ceiling can be white, the furniture, nude, beige, sky blue, or any other light color. 

The rug can be any color of your choosing as long as it is not too dark or light.

Tip: The splash of colors would be the colorful mundane decorations like your throw pillow, vase, and other designs.

Alternative #9: Add Plants

Nothing screams bright as much as life itself. What better way to add life to a room than adding a plant

The plant can be big or small and be whatever plant of your choice as long as it is bright enough to give the room a pop.

If you do not feel like getting a plant because you are afraid you might not be able to keep it alive. 

add plants

You can always get an artificial one that is environmentally friendly.

Note: You can also defer from the normal traditionally green plants and go for something cool or bright, the choice is yours.

Alternative #10: Avoid Heavy And Stuffy Things

Do you know what else rhymes with bright? Yes, you are right, light. Light is one of the things that makes bright pop and I mean it in every sense of the word. 

We discussed light as an attribute of sights earlier but now we are talking about light in a state of matter. 

If you want to make a room look bright, the room should be as light as possible. This means it should not be stuffed with too many heavy materials. 

The curtains should be light, the rugs should also be light both in sight and in feel. The furniture should be small, cute and not too heavy looking. 

keep room light

All in all, the room should not be too stuffy because a stuffy room casts too much shadow, making the room look less bright.


In conclusion to all that has been said so far, you notice that it doesn’t actually take much to make a room look bright. 

Does it cost a lot of money?

No, because you find all these things at affordable prices online or in stores around you. 

In the process of trying to brighten up a room, don’t lose sight of what the room is meant to stand for. There are even more tips on how to brighten a room without windows than we can cover.

I hope the few that were given were helpful enough and that you put the information to good use.