How to make a nightstand taller
Kristina Davis

How to make a nightstand taller, is what everyone with a short nightstand beside his bed wishes to find.  

Yea, having a short nightstand could bother you, eat you up, or make you strain. All this could just be simple with a nightstand of the right height.

This article brings an end to your fantasies about how you would make your nightstand taller. 

We have the how, in a couple of ways and will show them to you pleasantly.

Knowing how to raise a nightstand is vital. You can start by placing something on top of it or getting a carpenter to add furniture below it.

The Nightstand Defined 

nightstand definition

We all know what the nightstand is. What we may not know is why whoever invented it came up with the idea of terming it as a nightstand.

Nightstands have been there for centuries, for as long as we can tell. In palaces and homes, they were common furniture. 

The nightstand is a small piece of furniture. At times it is large, but it is a table-like one placed opposite the bed.

It usually comes with a drawer or more that functions as a holder. It used to hold items such as phones, clocks, and any other items you might want to add to it.  

These could include a bunch of flowers or any other decorative items.

Simple, right?

It adds value to your bedroom and speaks fashion and elegance into it. Leaving you with a superb, lavish, and lovely room.

One that offers you the ambiance to relax, cool off and sleep like a baby. 

Tip: It is referred to as a nightstand due to its function, which is to hold things opposite the bed that might be essential overnight. 

How Tall Should A Nightstand Be? 

nightstand height

How tall is your nightstand? Am sure it isn’t tall enough, probably why you want it made taller.

Nevertheless, the nightstand shouldn’t be taller than it is supposed to be. 

And so most people are left wondering what the right height of a nightstand should be.

The right height of a nightstand should be one you do not strain while placing and taking objects from it while in your bed.

So then, how tall should the nightstand be?

It is common and a rule of the thumb, that your nightstand should go as high as the top of your mattress.

That is to say, the top base of the mattress should be in line and level with the top of the mattress. 

It, therefore, might be difficult to maintain these heights when both the bed, the mattress, and the nightstand are built differently. 

It is thus up to you to figure out how you will make your nightstand taller.

Fortunately for you, you’ve found the right place that will tell you how and in very simple and sure ways. 

How To Make A Nightstand Taller

make nightstand taller

Now that you figured out that your nightstand is to be on the same level as your mattress, how would you make it taller if it was shorter?

Any ideas?

Of course, you have got some, the basics. And I will shine more light on them. 

How to make a nightstand higher can be done as a DIY thing, in very little time. Below are ways to make the nightstand taller in a matter of just a little time. 

Place Something On Top Of The Nightstand

place on top

Placing something on top of your nightstand is one of the most practical ways of adding height to your nightstand without much straining. 

You could add things such as big books. However, most people have shown reluctance to add items to nightstands capable of raising their heights.

This is due to several reasons. Most claim that doing so affects the shine and outlook of the nightstand. 

Therefore, while adding items to your nightstands that could raise their heights, ensure that they match well with the nightstand color.

And also that they match the other colors in your bedroom. 

Tip: Other than adding decorative books to your nightstand, you could as well place on top of it, a single drawer or a glass pane. 

Place The Nightstand On Top Of Other Furniture

place nightstand on top of other

You can also place something below the nightstand to help elevate it to your desirable heights.

This height should be leveled with the mattress, a few inches shorter or taller. 

Placing something below the nightstand is a lucrative idea that works best in raising it. 

However, you need to look out for the right material that can withstand its weight. A shoe rack, a drawer, or a book rack can work well with it. 

However, chances are high that adding most of these elements might undermine the style of your room by clashing the colors.

Therefore, while at it, ensure that you place only items that match well with the nightstand below it. Or rather have them painted to resemble it. 

Tip: You can also reach out to a carpenter to construct some furniture that will help raise the nightstand. 

Get A Carpenter To Fix The Nightstand


A carpenter comes in handy in raising your nightstand to the level of your mattress.

They have the necessary skills and expertise to fix your nightstand professionally and in a very short time. 

So, reaching out to a carpenter to help you raise your nightstand is a great idea.

The carpenter shall use their skills to slightly adjust or replace the legs of your nightstand. It will be adjusted until it is where you desire, although at a fee. 

Tip: The option of a carpenter is the best one. They will fix it while maintaining the shine and aesthetics of your nightstand. 

Add To It Bun Feet

bun feet

Do you know about bun feet? These are amazing tricks to raise your nightstand when it is too short and you want to do it real quick. 

Bun feet are dressed in the legs of pieces of furniture to protect the floor, raise furniture and improve the aesthetics of your room. 

Therefore, you can hit the jackpot by purchasing them for your nightstand. Ensure they fit in well.

And do much in adjusting the nightstand to the required heights. 

Other common ways of raising the nightstand are as follows:

  1. Installing small wooden blocks or bricks beneath it.
  2. Use of a tapering leg jig.
  3. Installing a caster.
  4. Mount it to the wall

What Can Be Used In Place Of The Nightstand? 

alternatives for nightstand

Nightstands have been there since the olden days. They have been a sleep companion and a decorative aspect. 

However, they could turn out to be too short for your liking and none of the methods of elevation can help much to raise them.

Several other options can replace it. Nightstands also tend to be a little more expensive. 

And to save on your funds, here are other alternatives to it. 

  • End tables
  • Side tables
  • Desks 
  • Chairs
  • Suitcases
  • Hanging Shelves


The nightstand is an inspirational piece of furniture in your bedroom. Like the sofa table, it adds value and glamour to your room.

It is necessary when you have objects you want closer to you during the night. 

Like your mobile phone, a bible, a mirror, decorative items, and so forth. 

However, as much as it is lovely, it might become a bother when you strain a lot to reach out for what you need from it. 

Strain no more, this article has equipped you with how to make a nightstand taller. Make yours taller asap.